Reviews of Telepath

HIVE MIND 1 NEW COMPLETE“This sci-fi coming-of-age story finds young adults struggling against being complacent workers in a hive society.” “With vivid prose, Edwards also manages to make the hive spaces seem vast or claustrophobic by turns; along the way, she also offers a thorough analysis of the costs of isolationism—to individuals and to a nation as a whole.” Kirkus Reviews

SF crowsnest “Anyone who enjoyed the ‘Earth Girl’ trilogy will love this. Like Jarra, Amber dances across the page with all the hopes and neuroses of any eighteen year-old. A good job well done.” See review

Books In Brogan “This was definitely a five-star book by a five-star author.  Brilliant character development and a plot with a different kind of twist make this a great book for all ages.” See review

Brainfluff “All in all – another cracking read and the start of an exciting series from a writer who continues to produce thought-provoking and entertaining worlds.” See review