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37 Responses to Newsletter

  1. Linda Eisikowitz says:

    I loved all 3 books! Will there be a book about Jarra and Fian on Fortuna? I hope so. Thanks for creating your books, and sharing such an interesting future for Earth and the galaxy.


    • I’m delighted you’ve enjoyed the Earth Girl trilogy. A book about Fortuna is one of my potential future projects, but won’t happen for a while because logically I should write about the earlier Chimera wars first. Tellon Blaze!


      • Gail Tomlinson says:

        Oh wow! Just what I wanted! I wanted to know more about the whole Thetis events – how the planet was found and cleared and how the chimera avoided detection long enough to cause an event that the horror vids are still making films about so long after the event (although I imagine the fear of finding another planet with similar horrors contributes to that too.) I’d also love to read about how he’s granted his own clan and how it comes to be so important still so many years on from the Thetis incident.

        Another subject I would love to see covered in some way is how the whole Exodus began and got so out of control that humanity nearly hit a new dark age. About how the data banks went down. How the other worlds coped and dealt with what must have lot like being cut off from everyone around. I’d also be excited to see a story about the Betans and their Second Roman Empire (which you outlined about the Artemis horror in the first book, but would love to know more) maybe from someone who saw but survived the event? How would they cope? What would they do? How did they react (personally, not as a population). And of course I am interested in the further adventures of Fian and Jarra. I shall, be awaiting any book releases with bated breath.

        Oh, and as a matter of interest, what would be the nearest 20th/21st century equivalent to cheese fluffle, because it sounds delicious! I’m a bit of a cheese fanatic, and please make it vegetarian so I could eat it?

        Sorry for such a long message, and for so many things I’d like to see about, I mustn’t get greedy.




      • I may not cover everything on your list, Gail, but you should get a lot of your answers. Hopefully, there’ll be an Exodus book, or possibly two, coming out in 2017, and I then carry on forward in time with the Chimera wars.

        If you look earlier in this comment thread then you will see a bit more about cheese fluffle!


      • Xochitl Gomez says:

        Any hope to have an audiobook of the Earth Girl trilogy? Also, the idea of a Tellon Blaze story is great!!


      • I’d love there to be generally available audiobooks of the Earth Girl trilogy, but the publishers have the audiobook rights so whether it ever happens is their decisions. The Library of Congress NLS is doing audiobooks of the trilogy, but access to those is limited to readers with documented disabilities.

        Yes, the Tellon Blaze story will be fun:)


  2. Alyssa says:

    This series was wonderful! I loved reading them and I hope to hear more about Jarra and Fian’s future adventures on Fortuna and any other adventures they get caught up in! I noticed that you said you plan on writing about Tellon Blaze first, which I’d also love to read, of course, but I think I’d primarily prefer more Jarra stories! 🙂 I feel so caught up in her story and world that I hate having to leave it since I finished reading the trilogy. I look forward to your future books! I love the future that you have created.


    • It’s wonderful to hear you enjoyed the trilogy so much. If it helps your withdrawal symptoms at all, there is a prequel Jarra novella to come soon, and I’m not ruling out doing other short pieces while I’m working on my longer projects. It all depends what orders I get from the creative side of my brain.


  3. Jennifer says:

    I totally love to read the trilogy again and again! Even my brother reads them. 😉
    Because i don`t wanted to wait till volume 3 is out in german in germany i have bought the english one. Now i would like to know: do you know, if (and when) it will come out in german? My brother prefers it to read in german (and i want to read it in german too).
    You plan writing a story about Tellon Blaze? Wow, i will wait patiently for it. 😉
    A prequel Jarra novella? Can`t wait to read it. All other here i have read. ^^
    I would love to read more about Jaxon and Gemelle too. :3 And of course of Fortuna and all otezhrs.
    It is not easy for me to find a series, which i really love to read again and again. But with Earth Girl you have done that! Since i read Volume 1, i read it every month once or more. 😀
    Small question: is frizz something like freeze? I read it but that was all i could think off.


    • Ah, it’s a real compliment that you’ve reread the books so much. I have books like that too, where I love them so much I read them over and over again.

      I’m afraid I don’t have any news of volume 3 being translated into German, so I’m very glad that you’ve been able to read it in English.

      This will sound strange, but I’m not totally sure about frizz either. When I’m writing, I hear Jarra’s voice in my head telling me the story, and she was confused by the slang word frizz too. It was a new one that she hadn’t heard before. Her impression was that don’t frizz meant don’t panic. You could be right that it comes from freeze, as in don’t freeze in fear.


  4. Beth says:

    I just finished reading Earth Flight the other day, after re-reading the first two books. It’s a fantastic trilogy and my friend (who introduced me to the series) has been throwing the books at all our other friends so they can be part of our excited discussions about the series. 😀 Our only hindrance is that Earth Flight STILL hasn’t come out in the US, so we’ve had to lend out our one UK copy. I know that’s the publisher’s fault and not yours, but I hope they release any future books quicker in the US!

    I’m really excited to read the short stories now, and looking forward to the novella next month. I’ll be looking forward to read any other novels you write in this universe, too; it’s such a richly-imagined world, I’ve been very impressed by how real it feels. (I also wish I could travel to this universe, because it sounds pretty awesome to live in.) Much as I’d love to read about Jarra and Fian excavating Fortuna, I’m also really intrigued to learn more about Tellon Blaze and just what the chimera look like.

    My one question for you: what exactly do you imagine cheese fluffle to be like? It’s mentioned so often, I’m very curious to know what it is that Jarra loves so much (and I kind of want to try making some myself.) 😀


    • Sorry to be slow replying, the last few days have been taken up with publishing the ebook of the EARTH AND FIRE novella.

      Also sorry that the USA are still waiting for EARTH FLIGHT, but only five weeks to go now! Since I was publishing the EARTH AND FIRE novella and the EARTH 2788 short story collection as ebooks myself, I’ve been able to put them out worldwide simultaneously, but publishers have the complication of having to fit a lot of books from different authors into their schedule.

      Now I’m sure I told someone about cheese fluffle before, but I’ve hunted round and can’t find it. Jarra is passionate about cheese fluffle, but has only ever done camp fire cooking at dig sites. She buys her cheese fluffle ready made in cartons, so I’ve only been able to get vague information from her about the process of making it. Fian is totally useless on this subject, because you only have to say the word cheese fluffle and he throws cushions at you.

      So this is an approximation at best. You bake potatoes until they are really soft inside. Scoop out all the potato from the skins and put it in a bowl. While the potato is still piping hot, add equal amounts of grated hard, strong tasting cheese. Mix thoroughly, reheating as necessary so the cheese melts into the potato, and ‘fluffle’ it thoroughly with a fork. To add the correct extra tang to the taste, you have to wait until the invention of interstellar portals to get the correct seasonings from Alpha sector worlds, so maybe skip that bit.

      Jarra likes eating her cheese fluffle with toasted wafers. 28th century toasted wafers are similar to toasted slices of bread, but quite a dark brown and flat as if they use bread that hasn’t risen properly.


      • Gail Tomlinson says:

        So, a bit like stuffed jacket potatoes without the jacket?

        I make something slightly similar, christened ‘goo’ by the original creator (an ex).

        Cook some rice noodles per instruction until they are soft. Drain them.
        Add a generous amount of powdered instant mash and stir in. Add enough instant mash powder to make the mixture slightly dryer than you’d prefer.

        Add a generous couple of handfuls of your favourite full or half fat cheese, (I use mature cheddar, but I have also used mozzarella for something less strong, for mild cheese lovers. Edam is a lower fat mild cheese that works too.) Add about a cup of hot or boiling water, stir in. Add more water, cheese, or mash until it’s a consistency you enjoy, (I like stiff enough for your fork to stand up in for 5 seconds, but moist enough to stir and pick up on your fork) but be cautious about making too much as the noodles will continue to swell a little in your stomach, it’s easy to overeat and then be too full as a result. Season to taste, or just scarf down as is.

        Not the healthiest of reasonably-fast almost-ready meals, but has to be one of the tastiest. I have to restrict how much I eat because I’m a cheese fanatic, and ended up having my gall bladder removed due to gallstones. Turns out making Stilton soup with more Stilton in it than water was not good for my body. Now I’m warned if I eat too much cheese my common bile duct (ferries enzymes from the pancreas to the stomach, and bile from the liver to the gall bladder if you have one and the stomach if you don’t) might be one just as clogged, which is a very bad situation as we need it.

        I shall this 21st century equivalent of cheese fluffle soon enough, one I buy some potatoes and bake them in the other. My current boyfriend and I can try it together.

        Thank you so much for the information.



      • kairi341 says:

        This came up on my news feed today and my first thought was cheese fluffle.


  5. Lydia says:

    I just finished Earth Flight and omigosh your trilogy is fantastic! These books are absolutely in my top ten science fiction books ever; I can’t believe how well you combined science with political maneuvering, celebrity intrigue, fantastic characters and a fantastic romance! I noticed you referred to yourself as an “Apprentice Dreamer” in the back of Earth Flight which made me laugh because your world building and plot twists are unbelievably amazing. I look forward to reading every novella, short story and book you ever make available!


    • Aww thank you! That’s the sort of comment that encourages me to write even on a day when I’m struggling with a horrible cough. As a child, I read books written by authors I thought of as Expert Dreamers. When I started writing myself, I felt I was an Apprentice Dreamer with a lot to learn. Now I’m not sure I’ll ever decide I’m qualified as an Expert Dreamer, because there’s always more to learn in writing.


  6. Katie-Lauren Finn says:

    I absolutely love your books. So much so that I chose Earth Girl to write about for one of my creative writing modules at university! You have inspired me so much. I cannot wait to read everythig else you publish, please don’t ever stop your wonderful creations! Thank you!


  7. Van H Tubbs says:

    I have read all of your books at least two times. Earth girl four times. I am 85 years old and your series are perfect for me. You come in above all the other books I have read. I read at one a day.
    Thank you, Van


    • Hi Van, I’m always amazed and delighted by the wide range of people who’ve been reading and enjoying my books, and I take it as an especial compliment when people enjoy rereading them multiple times. I hope you enjoy future books just as much.


  8. Yasmina says:

    I just wanted to say that I really like to read your newsletters, I know it sounds funny but I’m so happy every time I can read a new newsletter and not just about the content or the topics (I love to hear about every new release) but about your writing!
    Kind regards from Germany


    • I’m glad you enjoy reading my newsletters. They are basically just intended to let people know when a new book is released, but a few oddments sneak in about my desperate attempts to control the creative side of my brain. 🙂


  9. Jennifer says:

    First of all, Thank You. I have been reading your wonderful story about telepaths, “Hive Mind”, and loved it. Looking forwRd to book three, and I am thinking of delving into what else you have written. Please don’t ever stop writing.👏


    • I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the Hive Mind series. I hope to write several more books in that series, each one focusing on a different case for Amber and the team, as well as showing a different aspect of the Hive future. I’m afraid the next one is still in the stage of letting the ideas develop though, so it won’t be out until the end of 2018/start of 2019. By all means try reading some samples of my books set in the Portal future to see if those are to your taste as well. No telepaths in that future I’m afraid, but there are lots of colony worlds.


  10. ANDARIAL says:

    Just signed up to thank you for creating such a wonderful series in the Earthgirl saga
    Waiting impatiently/patiently 😀 for the next in the series….pretty please 🙂


    • Hi Andarial. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the Earth Girl series so much. If you haven’t discovered them yet, there’s a short story collection and two prequel novellas giving more background about the characters, and there’ll hopefully be another prequel novella about Jarra out in May.

      I’m currently working on the Exodus series set in the same future universe as the Earth Girl series, but a few centuries earlier and centred on one of Jarra’s ancestors. Scavenger Alliance is out now, and Scavenger Blood should be out later this year. I do plan to write a follow on book to the Earth Girl trilogy, about what happens on Fortuna, but I need to let the ideas for that develop more. Since that story builds on past history, writing some of that history in the Exodus series helps a lot.

      I also have my Hive Mind series which is set in a totally unrelated future.


      • ANDARIAL says:

        Just finished Earth and fire this afternoon 😀
        And started the hive mind prequel 😀 😀
        Loving these type of books(Teen/Young Adult..And i am over 50 lol ).Please keep them coming for years to come


      • When I first started writing Earth Girl, I was aiming to write something for both teens and adult readers. I’m constantly delighted by the fact this seems to have worked, because I have readers aged from 9 to over 90. 🙂

        I will be doing my very best to keep the books coming for years. I’ve no choice really, because I have so many different book ideas whirling around in my head!


  11. Kris Y. says:

    Just wanted to say I’ve read all three Telepath books and Reaper so far, and have really enjoyed all of them! I love the world building, especially the small details. : )


    • Kris Y. says:

      I forgot to ask: has Amber’s home Hive been named? I don’t recall ever reading a name.


      • Hi Kris, I have great fun picturing all the details of my worlds, so I’m glad to hear that the worldbuilding is part of the reason you’re enjoying the books.

        The name of Amber’s home Hive hasn’t been explicitly stated so far, because she’d naturally think of it as THE Hive. I don’t want to force the name of it on readers too much anyway. I have readers worldwide, and there are 107 Hive cities scattered around the world in Amber’s future, so I’m perfectly happy for a reader to picture Amber’s Hive as being wherever they like.

        There is, however, at least one reference to England in each book. Something like a Hive entertainment channel showing a thriller about a Hive England Defence team chasing a spy from another Hive. If they wish, people can take that as hint. 🙂


  12. An says:

    I am looking forward to the next book in Scavenger series and Hive Mind 3, do you have tentative release dates yet? I did read your latest newsletter and then deleted it, I think I remember you posting in it that the Hive Mind book would be next? but can’t remember for sure. Should have kept it, sorry! will you be putting the books up for pre-sales? Thank you for many delightful hours in reading and re-reading your books. An


    • It’s great to hear that you’ve been enjoying both reading and re-reading the books. You are right that Hive Mind 3 – Hurricane should be out next, hopefully before Christmas, and the Scavenger series should be continuing Spring/Summer 2019. At the moment, I’m choosing not to do pre-orders because assorted complicating factors mean I can get the books out faster without them. Since you’ve signed up for the newsletter, you should get an email when a new book comes out anyway.


      • An says:

        Thank you for the quick response and the info…… any chance that a new short story or 3 😉 will be available to tied us over? lol


      • I’m afraid my schedule for the next year is pretty overloaded with work on the next three full-length book releases. That means the only real chance of a new short story is at New Year.


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