Reader contributions

Some talented readers of the Earth Girl trilogy have created artwork or music inspired by Jarra’s story. I do all the writing myself of course, but I decided to have a fun page specifically for things other than writing, to feature some of these pieces that particularly impressed me.

Janet Edwards reading from EARTH GIRL. I thought I should contribute something to this myself. Since I’ve limited talent as a musician and my paintings are worse, I’m reading aloud from Earth Girl. I haven’t worked out how to edit recordings yet, so you can look out for the fluffed lines, missing words, and see if you can spot the point when a spider decided to walk across my arm!


A painting of Jarra by Bimpe Alliu  (Click to increase size)

Bimpe Alliu Jarra5


Earth Girl Rising. Music inspired by Jarra. The sadness and loneliness of being trapped on earth (the intro & guitar & cello section), and her inner strength throughout the whole trilogy (the solid and steady drum track). By James Walton.


List of planets mentioned in the History of Humanity future Collated by Lily Acevedo


Spheres of Humanity Square

Illustration (C) Alex Storer

9 Responses to Reader contributions

  1. Star says:

    This music is totally amazing! is it available anywhere?


  2. Star says:

    did you have a Sector map/graph on this page? I saw it once, but now I can’t find it and I think I’ve looked everywhere. where is it? please!


    • The Earth 2788 short stories were on this website for a while before I published them as a collection. I think you must mean the illustration of the sectors I used with them. That vanished when I took the short stories down, but I’ve now reposted it here for anyone that’s interested.


      • Star says:

        Yes! this is the one! Is Zeta right next to Epsilon? it has to be next to Beta too. Would Sigma be on the other side of Kappa? Thanks for reposting it!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, that positioning makes sense. This is a two dimensional diagram representing the three dimensional holo of the three concentric spheres of humanity so it has to be simplistic. The way the sectors border each other is actually much more complicated, like cutting chunks out of a solid ball.


  3. Where is Zeta Sector? It would be good to know where Thetis, Fortuna and the world next door to that, which might be the homeworld of the Chimera are all located.


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