List of planets mentioned in the Portal future stories

Collated by Lily Acevedo

Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Kappa Zeta
Academy Aether Alcestis Fenrir Miranda Maia Fortuna
Adonis Artemis Asgard Hercules Percival  Gateway
Apollo Atalanta Beowulf Isis Sobek
Cassandra Janus Fianna  Osiris
Danae Pyrrhus Jason
Demeter Romulus Loki
Earth Thetis Tethys
Freya Zeus  Winter

Sector unspecified











21 Responses to Planets

  1. Lily Acevedo says:

    Bolded words are the capital planets of the sector. (Minus the name of the sector itself)


  2. Rachel says:

    This is so cool. You should add a Zeta sector because Fortuna and Gateway are planets that we know of.


    • Good point:) Zeta sector has been added.

      Don’t get misled by the fast response there. It can take me months to update my website, but I was just changing that page to move Hera from unknown into Alpha sector.


  3. Rachel says:

    You mention Titania and Oberon in Frontier, when Inessa Jain is talking about why they called the planet Miranda, but they are not on this list.


  4. Lily Acevedo says:

    I have a few new additions that I’ve noticed:
    Thor is a planet that should be in the Sector Unspecified category and Fianna is in Gamma Sector .


  5. Rachel says:

    In your new story about General Marshal Renton Mai you mention Ferir in Delta Sector.
    You should do something like this for the Game future.


    • Very true. I’ve added Fenrir now. You are also right that I should eventually add a list of Game worlds, possibly with their central theme, such as Coral having merfolk. I’ll have to think about the best way to add pages in for that.


  6. says:

    Earth should be on the list somewhere.


  7. says:

    Add Pyrrhus to Beta. Mentioned in “”Scavenger alliance”.


  8. Jerrell Johnson says:

    I note that you have Osiris both in Delta and unspecified.


  9. Jerrell Johnson says:

    In Frontier the Jain’s were one First Ten for the planet Percival. I do not find it in your list of planets. I am guessing that it should be in Epsilon sector.

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  10. Good point. I’ve just got round to double checking the dates on this one. Colonization of Epsilon sector began in 2698, so yes the Jains previous Colony Ten experience would have been in Epsilon sector too. I shall update the Epsilon list to add Percival.


  11. Star says:

    This is a great list, I had gotten most of them. In the story “The Wolf, The Goat and the Cabbage”, I got the impression that Hestia was in Alpha Sector, it didn’t come out and say that, but I don’t think another sector would allow a peace keeping mission from another sector to come to one of their planets, it’s possible, but I didn’t think it was likely?


    • Interesting point. At this moment, I don’t think there’s anything published that definitively states what sector has the misfortune to own Hestia. Given the length of time that the conflict on Hestia has been going on, it can only be in Alpha, Beta, or Gamma sector.

      While it’s unusual for one sector to stick its nose into the politics of another, Alpha sector often annoys the others with its attitude of being the guardians of human civilization, so is always going to be the one to do something like offering to send peace missions. Think of Alpha sector as being the interfering relative that goes round offering unwanted advice to everyone else.

      For historical reasons, Beta sector would tell an Alpha sector peace mission to nuke off, while Gamma sector would happily welcome them and try to use the situation as political leverage to get Alpha sector to agree to something they want.


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