Planets in the Portal Future

List of planets mentioned in the Portal future stories

Collated by Lily Acevedo

Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Kappa Zeta
Academy Aether Alcestis Fenrir Galahad Brunhild Fortuna
Adonis Artemis Asgard Hathor Miranda Maia  Gateway
Ajax Atalanta Beowulf Heimdall Percival Merlin
Apollo Aurora Fianna Hercules Sobek
Cassandra Hephaestus Jason Isis Zhurong
Cronus Janus Loki Osiris
Danae Pyrrhus Persephone
Demeter Romulus Tethys









Capital Planets

Marked in bold.

Specialist Planets

Marked in italics.

Sector Neutral

Concordia (Diplomatically neutral home of the Parliament of Planets.)

Sector unspecified








59 Responses to Planets in the Portal Future

  1. Lily Acevedo says:

    Bolded words are the capital planets of the sector. (Minus the name of the sector itself)


  2. Rachel says:

    This is so cool. You should add a Zeta sector because Fortuna and Gateway are planets that we know of.


    • Good point:) Zeta sector has been added.

      Don’t get misled by the fast response there. It can take me months to update my website, but I was just changing that page to move Hera from unknown into Alpha sector.


  3. Rachel says:

    You mention Titania and Oberon in Frontier, when Inessa Jain is talking about why they called the planet Miranda, but they are not on this list.


  4. Lily Acevedo says:

    I have a few new additions that I’ve noticed:
    Thor is a planet that should be in the Sector Unspecified category and Fianna is in Gamma Sector .


  5. Rachel says:

    In your new story about General Marshal Renton Mai you mention Ferir in Delta Sector.
    You should do something like this for the Game future.


    • Very true. I’ve added Fenrir now. You are also right that I should eventually add a list of Game worlds, possibly with their central theme, such as Coral having merfolk. I’ll have to think about the best way to add pages in for that.


  6. says:

    Earth should be on the list somewhere.


  7. says:

    Add Pyrrhus to Beta. Mentioned in “”Scavenger alliance”.


  8. Jerrell Johnson says:

    I note that you have Osiris both in Delta and unspecified.


  9. Jerrell Johnson says:

    In Frontier the Jain’s were one First Ten for the planet Percival. I do not find it in your list of planets. I am guessing that it should be in Epsilon sector.

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  10. Good point. I’ve just got round to double checking the dates on this one. Colonization of Epsilon sector began in 2698, so yes the Jains previous Colony Ten experience would have been in Epsilon sector too. I shall update the Epsilon list to add Percival.


  11. Star says:

    This is a great list, I had gotten most of them. In the story “The Wolf, The Goat and the Cabbage”, I got the impression that Hestia was in Alpha Sector, it didn’t come out and say that, but I don’t think another sector would allow a peace keeping mission from another sector to come to one of their planets, it’s possible, but I didn’t think it was likely?


    • Interesting point. At this moment, I don’t think there’s anything published that definitively states what sector has the misfortune to own Hestia. Given the length of time that the conflict on Hestia has been going on, it can only be in Alpha, Beta, or Gamma sector.

      While it’s unusual for one sector to stick its nose into the politics of another, Alpha sector often annoys the others with its attitude of being the guardians of human civilization, so is always going to be the one to do something like offering to send peace missions. Think of Alpha sector as being the interfering relative that goes round offering unwanted advice to everyone else.

      For historical reasons, Beta sector would tell an Alpha sector peace mission to nuke off, while Gamma sector would happily welcome them and try to use the situation as political leverage to get Alpha sector to agree to something they want.


  12. Jerrell Johnson says:

    Earth Flight says that Parliament of Planets is on Concordia. I do not see Concordia listed as one of the known planets. It does not say which sector it is in but, I would guess it is in Alpha Sector.


    • Concordia is an interesting case. There are several planets, like Winter and Academy that technically aren’t colony worlds, and don’t have representatives in Parliament of Planets. I’ve listed them under their geographical sectors.

      Concordia is one of these worlds too. It’s the diplomatically neutral home of the Parliament of Planets, dates back to the days when there were only Alpha, Beta, and Gamma sectors, and was deliberately chosen from among the ‘near miss’ worlds to be as close as possible to a meeting point of those three sectors.

      (A near miss world is one that would have made a very nice colony world but for a problem like having very little land area.)

      So I’m not sure how to list Concordia. Possibly I should just put it on the end of the list of worlds without a specified sector, with its own special note.


  13. The Wolf, The Goat, and the Cabbage is an oddity. It’s a rather unrelated short story set in the Portal Future in 2773, which is included in an anthology of stories by assorted writers, and eventually may get included in one of my collections. The anthology is called Crisis and Conflicts.


    • Doranwen says:

      Aww, wish I could read it – but I can’t even find any information about the anthology online – so I hope it does get included in one of your collections! I really love the Portal Future world and frequently re-read the books and stories (which is a big deal for me, there’s not a lot of books I re-read), so I’d very much love to read that one.

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      • I’ve now decided to include the few Portal Future stories that had only appeared on my website, as well as “The Wolf, the Goat, and the Cabbage’ as bonus extras in the Earth Girl Aftermath collections. The plan is to include ‘The Wolf, the Goat, and the Cabbage’ as an extra at the end of the second collection.


  14. Jerrell zJohnson says:

    Add Galahad to Epsilon sectot


  15. Jerrell Johnson says:

    My error, it is already there


  16. Jerrell Johnson says:

    Add Brunhild to Kappa and Nagual to Alpha

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  17. Jerrell Johnson says:

    I suggest that special use planets be given a footnote. The footnote says that it is a special use 0lanet. The new handicapped world when available a footnote the says handicapped world.


  18. Jerrell Johnson says:

    Should not Gateway be considered a special use planet or on.y a military base.


    • I’ve included both Gateway and Fortuna in the table because they qualify as planets mentioned in the Portal Future stories, but I’ve decided not to flag them with any more information at this point for multiple reasons. They don’t have officially confirmed names or classifications, their usage is temporary/changing, going into full details would be unnecessarily spoilerish, and I expect to eventually have a separate table on Zeta sector. 🙂


  19. Haunt says:

    It’s not confirmed anywhere that I can find, but from context I’m guessing that the planet Persephone may be in Beta sector? It’s not entirely clear though, and I suspect the other possible location is Alpha sector because it’s mentioned somewhere else that the Cioni’s Apprentices moved on to Persephone and Gymir from Freya. Freya is in Alpha sector, and I get the impression that the Cioni’s Apprentices are unwelcome in Beta sector.

    I think my theory about Persephone being in Beta sector is a spoiler for Array 2781, so I won’t write it here.

    I thought Mextli may be in Delta sector if the scientists who won the Nobel won it for a physics-related reason.

    I’m probably about to read all the books over again, so maybe I’ll pick up on some clues? A lot of the unspecified planets only seem to be mentioned a few times as dig team names and I don’t think enough information is given to determine what sector they may be from.

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  20. Strawberry says:

    Hey! I’m reposting something here that I originally made as a post on the Wiki, Star said you might like to see it. A calculation of the possible total population of humanity as of 2789:

    What we know: Of all newborn babies, about 1 in 1,000, or 0.1%, are born with Immune Syndrome. Over a million babies are born with Immune Syndrome every year. Yes, 10% of babies born to two people with Immune Syndrome and 1% to one person with Immune Syndrome will have it, but I’ll compensate for that by approximating the total Immune Syndrome births to just 1,000,000.

    (1,000,000)(1,000) = 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) total births per year

    The United States’ current birth rate is 11.4 per 1,000 population. The UK’s is 10.2. China’s is only 7.5. Russia’s is 12.1. Australia’s is also 12.1

    I’m going to go with 12 births per 1,000 population for humanity’s birth rate. On the high side, but I am trying to compensate for Epsilon’s ridiculously high birth rate, and the fact that the current lull in modern birth rates is due to environmental and economical stresses that will have been eased by 2789. At the same time, it doesn’t seem like people outside of Epsilon are having that many more kids than people currently do, so I won’t go for a super high estimate.

    1,000,000,000/P = 12/1,000
    12P = 1 x 10^12
    P = 8.33 x 10^10 or 83,300,000,000 aka 83.3 billion.

    Do you have your own figure in mind for the total population of humanity? If so, is this accurate?


    • Hi Strawberry. Yes, I needed to establish basics like population size and the number of colony worlds in the Portal Future from the start. When I was writing Earth Girl, I had a history line of the main events between our time and 2789, and rolled forward through history thinking through the probable impact of those events on the birth rate, death rate, and the expansion to new colony worlds. That gave me the changes in population size and number of colony worlds through the timeline. All the numbers mentioned in the Portal Future, such as the one you quoted about over a million babies being born with Immune Syndrome each year in the 2780s, are based on that.

      If Jarra didn’t just look at the mathematical content of your post and scream, she’d tell you that your birth rate assumptions are far too deeply rooted in 2022, but your final answer isn’t wildly out. The population size of humanity in 2789 is about 105 billion people, and the expert advisors for Parliament of Planets are projecting a population rise of 21.5 per cent over the following hundred years. The actual population rise will obviously be affected by any dramatic events.


  21. Star says:

    Thank you Strawberry and Janet. Janet I did scream when I looked at Strawberry’s formula, lucky for me there was an explanation along with it. 😀 A related question, while we were discussing the population, we also wondered what is the population count per representative in Parliament of Planets?


    • There’s a mathematical formula for it. 😛

      Seriously there’s a mathematical formula depending on the population of the world to ensure low population worlds get at least one representative each in Parliament of Planets.

      Epsilon and Kappa are such low population sectors that you can get the approximate population count per representative for established worlds simply by knocking a small amount off the total population of humanity to get the population of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta sectors combined – call it one hundred billion – and dividing it by the total number of their planetary representatives.

      I await your answers with interest. 😀


      • Star says:

        ah, so it isn’t a set number, but changes every so often depending on the total population. Is there a set time such as yearly, five years, etc that it is reevaluated?
        🤪 Lucky for me that is simple math, no complex formulas needed:
        Total of the four main sector representatives is 4296, with Epsilon 4497. Since we’re approximating only and eliminating the two frontier sectors, the answer is approximately 232,775 per representative as of 2789.


      • There is no set period for reevaluating the formula.

        I think I’ll wait for Strawberry’s answer before commenting further. 😛


  22. Strawberry says:

    Star, I think you left two zeros off your calculation, I got about 23,277,467 per representative.

    As for this elusive mathematical equation, maybe something alone the lines of:

    N = P/K + 1, where N is the number of representatives a planet will get, P is that planet’s population, K is some constant, and the + 1 ensures that if the planet’s population is less than the constant, the will still have one representative.

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  23. Jerrelk I JOHNSON says:

    Add Hathor to deltasector

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  24. Jerrell Johnson says:

    On the population problem. Remember that richer world’s will have a lower birth rate than the poorer world’s. Also frontiers have a higher birth rate per child bearing age woman.


  25. Jerrell I JOHNSON says:

    Deltan Escape mentions a planet Heimdall, since it has an interstellar not intersection exchange with Hercules I am guessing it is inDelta.


    • I’ve added Heimdall. While it’s possible to have an incoming arrival from another sector through an interstellar portal rather than a cross-sector gate if the star systems are close together, in this case I’d intended Heimdall to be in Delta sector.



    Add Hecate presumably in Alpha sector. Interstellar jump from Academy and drop portal to Earth.
    Does Thetis Nova still exsist.


    • Yes, Hecate is in Alpha sector. I’ve added it to the table. As mentioned in the books, Tellon Blaze ordered Thetis Nova, often referred to as simply Thetis, to be nuked to cinders, thereby making nuke into a swear word.


  27. An says:

    Sorry, I forgot to mention Hephaestus, GSA specialist Planets in Beta Sector. Just out of curiosity do all of the GSA worlds also have a cross sector military base and if so, are the bases more important such as sector headquarters or something like that?


    • In an established sector, there would be a sector headquarters Military base on the specialist Military supply world. 🙂


      • An says:

        Janet, sorry the first part of my question must have gone missing, which wouldn’t be the first time with WordPress comments. I don’t really remember what all I typed but was basically asking for confirmation on the planets assigned to a sector in Sol 2781. When Renton Mei was talking to reporters, he was asked about what other planets the illegal portal could have reached and he said something about all of the planets in Alpha Sector, then mentioned several planets including Ajax and Cronus (new), so I took that to mean that they were in Alpha sector? When Ramon was telling his story about traveling through Gamma sector and being sent to Hades Off-world, and that Hades was really Persephone, I took that to mean that Persephone is in Gamma sector?

        I think that was all, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding something. Thank you! An

        On Fri, Jul 29, 2022 at 5:47 AM Janet Edwards Author Site <> wrote:

        Janet Edwards commented: “In an established sector, there would be a > sector headquarters Military base on the specialist Military supply world. > :)” >


      • I was a bit confused by you saying that you’d forgotten to mention something, but a missing first part explains it. I’ve just had a search in spam, and found an earlier comment from you about the Ajax, Cronus, and Persephone. I think the two comments must have gone up so close together that the first got flagged as spam, because I can’t seen anything else wrong with it.

        Anyway, yes, Ajax and Cronus are in Alpha sector, and Persephone is in Gamma sector.


      • An says:

        Thank you! I will remember not to send multiple comments so close together again. 😁 An

        On Sat, Jul 30, 2022 at 8:59 AM Janet Edwards Author Site <> wrote:

        Janet Edwards commented: “I was a bit confused by you saying that you’d > forgotten to mention something, but a missing first part explains it. I’ve > just had a search in spam, and found an earlier comment from you about the > Ajax, Cronus, and Persephone. I think the two comments must” >


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