Hive Future Questions

I get a lot of questions about the Hive Mind Future – which is definitely wonderful! – but it’s getting hard to keep up with them. There’s also the problem that I get variations of the same question in comments on different website pages as well as through my contact form.

I thought I’d experiment with a new system, where all the questions are gathered together so everyone can see the answers. If you have a question that’s specifically about details of the Hive Mind Future,  please post it as a comment on this page. Just have one question, or a very closely related group of two or three questions, per comment please. That way if I’m short of time, I can pick out a few of the questions that I think will interest most people.

As always, the answer to many questions will be that it’s a spoiler for future books. In the case where something is a spoiler for an existing published book, I may try giving the book/chapter reference. I’ll just have to experiment to see what works best.

18 Responses to Hive Future Questions

  1. Loren says:

    I have a feeling that the real driver for the existence of the hive cities was environmental catastrophe. Am I close?

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    • In Telepath, Lucas talks about a period of high crime and major pollution-related health issues. In Hurricane, Juniper refers to a long ago period of great storms. There should be a reference in Adversary, but it won’t be very helpful because the Hive is deliberately making it incomprehensible. Basically, environmental issues were a major driving force, and arguably caused some of the other contributing factors.


  2. Kitty says:

    What is the established progression of romantic relationships? It seems that Megan and Adika didn’t have to follow any sort of progression before getting engaged. How is it different with Amber and Lucas?

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    • There’ll be a whole relevant section about relationship progression near the start of the next book, Adversary. Basically, Amber and Lucas are in a very different situation from Megan and Adika because of the age-related expectations and pressures of Hive society.


  3. Elizabeth says:

    From Telepath we know how the Lottery works in 2532. But how much is it different from the first Lottery that took place in the Hive World? For example, I can assume that the recommendation about minimal communication between the Lottery candidates may not have existed initially and was introduced after some unwanted side effects took place after some Lottery (similar to the “telepaths must never meet” rule).
    Moreover, is the Lottery process required to be identical in all hives or hives are allowed to make small changes (such as Lucases idea to allow Sea Farm teens to not accept their lottery results) as long as they do not change the core part of the process? Or it must be identical in all hives, but some hives make changes and hide them from the JHT?
    Also, when the Lottery detects a person with telepathic abilities, the standard sequence of tests is replaced by a special one, designed to destroy the barrier that protects the telepath from the minds of the hive citizens. Is this the only case where the lottery process doesn’t follow the standard path?


    • Ach, this one has been awaiting an answer for a while. Apologies that I’ve had real life stuff as well as preparing a book for publication.

      Lottery has changed extensively since it was first introduced, and is still continually being improved. Part of Lucas’s job is to watch for failures of Lottery and suggest improvements.

      All Hives have some form of Lottery. Joint Hive Treaty doesn’t specify the exact form of that Lottery. There is a rule that anyone being traded between Hives has to have their abilities advertised using a standardized measuring system.

      When Lottery detects a person with telepathic abilities, the standard sequence of tests is replaced by a special one. This can happen for people with other exceptional abilities as well.


  4. Jason says:

    I love the hive books and while I know your super busy on the other series. I am hopeful that maybe a hive book this year. 😊

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  5. Elizabeth says:

    As we know from the books, Hive England has an adoption system for duty children. But what does the Hive do for orphans?
    For example, if the parents of a child from the 20th level die protecting the Hive, or a child lost their parents for some medical reasons, where will they go? Are there some sort of foster families and/or orphanages or is the system more different from the 21st century? I’m sure that the Hive will give them all the psychological help that they need, but what else?


    • There’d be a full assessment of the child and their situation. Teens would normally continue on Teen Level with additional professional support. Younger children would normally go through the equivalent of adoption into a compatible family of the same level as their parents, though exceptions could be made for being adopted by a well-known relative. In occasional cases, what is best for the Hive would outweigh what is best for the child.


  6. Elizabeth says:

    How does Telepathy work when the true telepath is a disabled person? For example, is a true telepath blind from birth able to see something when reading the mind of another person?


    • When a telepath reads another person’s mind, they can share their senses. Seeing the view from their eyes, hearing the sounds they hear, picking up the clues of taste, touch, and scent to work out the person’s location. A telepath who was blind from birth would be able to see the view from another person’s eyes, just as Amber shared Beckett’s sensory overload when she read his mind. Of course a telepath who was blind from birth would need time to learn how to interpret visual images.


  7. Gillian says:

    Is Amber’s hive Hive England? I’ve seen a few wikis, fanfics etc say it is, but in my reading I’d the books it came across as how the old concept of countries worked, and their hive is called something different (ie when they say Hive England does this or that in bookettes, rather than just THE hive, or OUR hive)


    • Amber’s Hive city encourages its citizens to think of it as their whole world, so they normally just refer to it as the Hive. There are tiny flags that it is currently called Hive England. It would have had a different name during the early days before all ten zones were built. There should be more about this in future books.


  8. Gillian says:

    Do you have an idea of whereabouts the Hive is? Presumably near the coast of England, and the name Perran makes me think perhaps Cornwall? Especially so the fishing fleets can access the North Sea etc

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  9. Jason Cole says:

    I always love the Hive Books. I am re-reading the series now that I Upgraded from ebook to paperback.

    I know you are super busy, but is there any chance that the next hive book could still be this year?



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