Fandom Wikis, TV Tropes, and Forums

There are currently two active wikis that are gradually building up information on my books, as well as three fascinating TV Tropes pages.

I have to give a spoiler warning for clicking on the following links. I don’t control the content, and anything that includes a lot of information is bound to include some spoilers anyway. The fact there are separate wikis for the Portal Future and the Hive Future, and different TV Tropes pages for the different series, helps limit the spoiler problem though.

Portal Future

The Portal Future Wiki covers all series in that future universe.

The TV Tropes page for the Earth Girl Trilogy also covers some of the related shorter pieces.

The TV Tropes page for the Scavenger Exodus series.

Hive Future

The Janet Edwards Wiki covers the Hive Mind series.

The TV Tropes page for the Hive Mind series.


Everyone is welcome to continue posting comments on my website. I love getting feedback on the books, and am happy to answer questions. In some cases, my answers have to be limited because of potential spoilers for future books, while in others I can ramble on at length.

If you want to have a very detailed discussion with other readers, and think those discussions might get too spoiler-packed for other visitors to my website, then both wikis have new forums just waiting for you to post.