Update on Adversary – Hive Mind 5

Adversary is now at the end of the Beta reading stage. It still needs to go through the final revisions, copyedit, proofreading, and formatting stages before it’s ready for publication. Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder than usual to estimate timescales for those stages.

That isn’t just because Adversary has turned out to be even longer than Borderline, fighting it out neck and neck with Sol 2781 for the title of my longest book. After a year where we’ve effectively moved three times, I’m dealing with one lot of medical stuff that I didn’t expect to happen until August, another lot of medical stuff that was totally unexpected, and a lot of complications from the great boiler disaster.

I am continuing to progress Adversary as quickly as possible, but there are inevitably some days where I feel like I’ve been hit by an especially aggressive express lift. Please bear with me when I’m slow to reply to messages, and keep checking the Coming Next page for updates on Adversary’s progress through the final stages to publication.

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The New Year story, Candidate, is now complete

I’ve now posted the rest of Candidate  on my website. I hope you enjoy it.

You can read Candidate here.


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Another part of Candidate has been posted on the website

I’ve posted the second part of Candidate  on my website now. This was supposed to be the final part, but rather than rush the ending I’ll be posting a third part on 15th January 2023. You can read Candidate here.


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Happy 2023, and a Hive Mind Story here on the website

In 2022, I completed the Drago Tell Dramis sequence, set in the year 2781 of the Portal Future of Earth Girl. The plan is that I’ll be focusing on the Hive Future in 2023. That focus begins with my traditional New Year story being set in the Hive Future this time.

The first part of Candidate is  on my website now, and the second and final part should appear on 8th January 2023. You can read Candidate here.

As always at the New Year, I’d like to  thank my long-suffering Beta readers, and everyone who has supported my writing by buying my books, borrowing them from libraries, rating them, reviewing them, and recommending them to their friends.

Most of all though, I want to everyone for reading my books and sharing the adventures of my characters in their future worlds.

As Amber would say, New Year Fortune to you and your loved ones.

Janet Edwards

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I am now on Mastodon

I’m now on Mastodon.

If you are a Mastodon user then please follow @JanetEdwardsSF@wandering.shop. I’d love to hear which of my books is your favourite.







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Paperback release of Sol 2781

I’ve now released the paperback of Sol 2781, so you can now read the complete Drago Tell Dramis sequence in both ebook and paperback.

Full details here.


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More news on Adversary – Hive Mind 5

While I’d love to get Adversary out in time for Christmas, the real-life complications of the last few months have slowed my writing progress. The good news is that we are now in our new home, which is in a gloriously peaceful place. Finally free from neighbourhood pneumatic drills and hammering, my writing progress should return to normal.

Given the impossibility of hitting Christmas release deadlines, I’ll be putting a short story set in the Hive Future on my website for the New Year, and then releasing Adversary in February 2023.


Adversary (Hive Mind 5) Exp Release date February 2023

Being a telepath means being a warrior.

Eighteen-year-old Amber is the youngest of the five telepaths who protect the hundred million citizens of one of the great hive cities of twenty-sixth century Earth. As her city celebrates the start of a New Year, one of the other telepaths must stop work to have lifesaving surgery.

Amber is already worried how she and her unit will cope with the increased workload, but then she finds herself facing twin enemies as well. Inside her city, Keith takes advantage of his increasingly powerful position as one of only four working telepaths. Outside her city, Hive Genex sends the devious Adversary Aura to lead their defence against charges of attempting to kidnap Amber.

Cover depicts Adversary Aura of Hive Genex.

Cover Design by The Cover Collection © Janet Edwards 2020

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Progress Report on Adversary – Hive Mind 5

As a child, I believed books were written from the beginning to the end. In fact, books can progress in many ways. Forwards, backwards, with periodic standstills, and it’s reported that Harper Lee once threw the manuscript of To Kill A Mockingbird out of the window into the snow.

Adversary originally hit a morass of problems as it neared the halfway point. I took a break to let my thought clarify, and that break turned out to be far longer than intended. Due to long Covid and bereavement, the creative side of my brain couldn’t handle sorting out the issues of Adversary, so I had to let it write the Drago Tell Dramis 2781 series instead.

After the release of Sol 2781 in July, I picked up the partly written Adversary. I’ve now done the initial surgery to solve a plot overload problem, followed by an extensive reworking of the plotlines. The book is now in a healthy state, and progressing in a generally forwards direction, with Amber and her team facing mounting problems from both inside and outside the Hive.

I will be giving another progress report on Adversary in the middle of October. At that point, both the amount of work needed to complete the book, and the likely complications of real life, should be a lot clearer.


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Real life chaos

A quick apology to anyone waiting for replies to emails or for website comments to be authorized.  I am currently juggling several major real life crises, which are making huge demands on my time, and come with the added complication of limited internet access. Please bear with me while I catch up. 🙂


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Ebook Release of Sol 2781, the final book in the Drago Tell Dramis 2781 sequence


The Drago Tell Dramis 2781 sequence is now complete in ebook with the release of Sol 2781. The paperback release is expected in October.

To fully appreciate the series, please read the first three parts of the sequence before starting Sol 2781.

Part 1 –Hera 2781 (novelette-length short story)

Part 2 – Hestia 2781 (novel-length)

Part 3 – Array 2781 (novel-length)

Part 4 – Sol 2781 is an extra-long novel, a bit over 50% longer than Hestia 2781, Array 2781, and the books in the Earth Girl trilogy. Please schedule yourself plenty of time to eat and sleep when reading its 56 chapters!

Major Drago Tell Dramis is celebrating the fact that the saboteur has been caught, and the Earth solar arrays will be safe now. The arrest of a member of the main board of Hospital Earth has consequences though. As Drago hits orbital levels of fury, and declares his own personal war against Hospital Earth, he’s hit by even more unexpected problems.

There’s a joke that says one birth member of the Tell clan attracts trouble, two birth members of the Tell clan invite minor disasters, while three is the critical mass that triggers cataclysmic events. As the danger mounts, the question is whether Drago and his two cousins, Jaxon and Gemelle, can prove an alternative theory. Are three members of the Tell clan really the critical mass that resolves cataclysmic events?

Cover depicts the combination ship.

Cover Design (C) Janet Edwards 2020, Cover Design by The Cover Collection.

Full details of Sol 2781 here.

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