Frontier is now available in paperback.

Frontier Paperback

There’s good news for those of you who’ve been eagerly asking for physical books as well as ebooks of the new stories. Frontier is now available as a 182 page paperback.





The paperback is now listed on Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble, and will slowly filter on to some other outlets as well.

Full details and links are here.

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Defying Doomsday

The Defying Doomsday anthology has just been published by Twelfth Planet Press and includes my very own doomsday story!

Defying Doomsday is an anthology of apocalypse fiction featuring disabled and chronically ill protagonists, proving it’s not always the “fittest” who survive – it’s the most tenacious, stubborn, enduring and innovative characters who have the best chance of adapting when everything is lost.

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A Glimpse of Things to Come!


Those who’ve been requesting paperbacks of the extras in the Earth Girl series will be glad to know I’m currently working on a paperback of Frontier. With luck that will be available next month, and then I’ll be gradually catching up with the others.

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Hera 2781 is now available in other ebook formats.

HERA 2781 EBOOK COMPLETEIf anyone has been waiting for Hera 2781 to appear on iTunes, Kobo, or Nook, it’s there now!

Full details and links here.

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FRONTIER: An Epsilon Sector Novella is now available worldwide on Kindle

Frontier, the first novella featuring Amalie and her life on the frontier colony world Miranda, is now available as an ebook in a variety of formats.



Also:- KoboNookScribd – InkteraHugendubel – Bücher


FRONTIER is the first novella in the Epsilon Sector Novella sequence featuring Amalie.

June 2788. Amalie’s the last unmarried girl in Jain’s Ford settlement.

Life on a frontier farming planet in the twenty-eighth century has a few complications. The imported Earth animals and plants don’t always interact well with the local ecology, and there’s a shortage of doctors and teachers. The biggest problem though is the fact there are always more male than female colonists arriving from other worlds. Single men outnumber single women by ten to one, and girls are expected to marry at seventeen.

Amalie turned seventeen six months ago, and she’s had nineteen perfectly respectable offers of marriage. Everyone is pressuring her to choose a husband, or possibly two of them. When Amalie’s given an unexpected chance of a totally different future, she’s tempted to take it, but then she gets her twentieth offer of marriage and it’s one she can’t possibly refuse.

Note that most of the first two chapters of FRONTIER have appeared as the story Epsilon Sector 2788 in the EARTH 2788 short story collection. The other eighteen chapters are entirely new.

Cover art (C) Janet Edwards 2015, Cover Design by The Cover Collection.

You can get sign up here to get email updates when there’s a new release by Janet Edwards.


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Why I write Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Today I’ve got a post over on the Author Allsorts blog, talking about why I write Science Fiction and Fantasy. The answer is that it’s etched in my bones.

I also did an extra interview for Litpick during the pre-Christmas chaos.

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Happy New Year, and a new free story on my website.

Earth Flight USA2015 has had some low points, particularly breaking my ankle in the spring and catching a nasty virus during the pre-Christmas preparations.

There have been a lot of high points too though. The big one was that the finalEarth 2788-1600x2400 book in the Earth Girl trilogy, Earth Flight, came out in the USA. I’ve also published three ebook extras in the series. Earth 2788: The Earth Girl Short Stories, Earth and Fire: An Earth Girl Novella, and (sneaking out just before Christmas)  Hera 2781: A Military Short Story.

Earth and Fire 3000x4500Thank you to everyone who has been reading my stories in 2015. Your reviews, ratings, personal messages, and just the knowledge that you were reading the stories created a plethora of other high points for me during the year.

I’ve a host of plans for 2016. Top of the list is not to break any bones, butHERA 2781 EBOOK COMPLETE a lot of book related things should be happening too. You can sign up here if you’d like to get email updates when I release something new, as well as get advance information on what’s happening next.

This year starts with a new free story on my website, featuring Lecturer Playdon just before Jarra arrives in his class. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this and other stories from me during 2016.  Happy New Year!




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HERA 2781: A Military Short Story is now available worldwide on Kindle

I wanted to release something new before Christmas, but the Frontier novella was running late even before I got a nasty winter virus. The best solution seemed to be take a bit of time out to finish a short story, and sneak that out on Kindle ahead of Frontier. Although I’m describing Hera 2781 as a short story, it’s rather long, technically verging on novella length.

Hera 2781 is only available on Kindle at the moment, but I’m planning to add more ebook formats in future.


Hera 2781

The year is 2781. Lieutenant Drago Tell Dramis is a newly trained fighter pilot heading out on his first mission. This is the moment he’s dreamed of for years, but his dream is turning into a nightmare. Drago’s team leader hates him, and it’s hard to focus on a routine mission when the whole team is anxiously waiting for news of something far more important. A comet is on a collision course with one of humanity’s oldest colony worlds. Today is the last chance to save the planet Hera from total destruction.

Cover Design by The Cover Collection © Janet Edwards 2015


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Spotlight on Amalie and the new novella Frontier!

FrontierToday I’m over on the Author Allsorts blog, putting the spotlight on a minor character from the EARTH GIRL trilogy. Amalie! She’s the centre of a new novella, FRONTIER, coming out in a month or so.

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Coming next is another prequel novella:- Frontier

FrontierComing next is another prequel novella, this one featuring Amalie on her frontier home world in Epsilon Sector. As with EARTH AND FIRE, I finished a short story for the EARTH 2788 collection but the ideas kept coming and I ended up expanding it to be a novella.

FRONTIER will initially be available in a range of ebook formats. Read full details here.

The estimated release date of FRONTIER is Dec 2015/Jan 2016. Obviously I’ll try to get it out before Christmas if possible. If you’d like to get an email alert when FRONTIER is available then please sign up for my newsletter.

A small confession. I had an awful lot of ideas about Amalie, so FRONTIER will be the first novella in the Epsilon Sector Novella sequence.

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