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Adversary (Hive Mind 5) is running horrendously late, so the current plan is to post the first chapter of Sol 2781 on my website to give people something to read on Christmas Day. Sol 2781 is the sequel story to Hera 2781, so you may want to read/reread Hera 2781 first.

Sol 2781 is set eight years before the Earth Girl trilogy. It features Drago Tell Dramis as a newly qualified fighter pilot who still has a lot to learn about many things, especially his own relatives. The story starts directly after the events in Hera 2781.

I’m hoping to publish the full novella of Sol 2781 in ebook around the end of January, but these days the entire world is subject to change without notice. I definitely want to publish Sol 2781 before the planned second Earth Girl Aftermath Collection since it clarifies the background history for some of those stories.

Cover Design by The Cover Collection © Janet Edwards 2020



Ebook Est Release:- Given the way 2021 is starting out, I’d better be realistic and change this estimate to April 2021 at the earliest.

All outstanding paperbacks will be released as soon as the situation allows.

The global pandemic has affected everyone’s plans for 2020. My apologies that illness and bereavement have left me way behind schedule all year, and Adversary is turning out to be another long book, so the release has to slip into 2021.

The first draft of Adversary is still in progress, so I daren’t give a book description at this point, but the following cover description should give a strong hint.

Cover depicts Adversary Aura of Hive Genex.

Cover Design by The Cover Collection © Janet Edwards 2020

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EARTH PRIME (The Earth Girl Aftermath Stories 1)

Earth Prime is the first of two collections of scenes and stories set after Earth Flight and during the preparations for the expedition to Fortuna. The Earth Girl trilogy was told solely from the narrow viewpoint of Jarra. These collections include stories told from the viewpoints of various other characters in the Earth Girl trilogy, and reveal personal details and information that Jarra didn’t know. This first collection focuses on Jarra, Fian, and the other archaeologists.

Full details here

BORDERLINE (Hive Mind 4)


Being a telepath means your greatest strength can also be your greatest weakness. While preparing to celebrate the New Year festival of family, Amber’s team have to deal with a case where the stakes grow increasingly personal and face multiple challenges. The help of Amber’s borderline telepath counsellor, Buzz, becomes crucial.

Full details here

SCAVENGER BLOOD (Scavenger Exodus 2)


Blaze must adjust to being deputy leader of the alliance, and help her father deal with the twin threats of a fugitive Cage hiding somewhere in the area, and his old supporters causing trouble. When a hunting party fails to return, the situation starts spiralling out of control, and the alliance’s off-worlder guests have a key part to play.

Full details here

HURRICANE (Hive Mind 3)

HIVE MIND 3 - HURRICANE COMPLETEBeing a telepath means there is always a new challenge. Amber’s job is hunting down criminals before they commit their crimes, but this time a simple case leads on to something far bigger. Amber’s team have to face the unknown and break all the rules they usually follow, while Amber has extra burdens she can’t share with anyone. She has a personal mystery to solve, and questions she wants answered, but curiosity is a dangerous trait in a telepath.

                              Full details here

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  1. ANDARIAL says:

    😀 😀 😀
    Great news 🙂
    Looking forward to the new Hive novel
    Looking like a gr8 Christmas for me


  2. Kris Y. says:

    I’m super excited for this release!!

    I also have a Hive Mind world question: approximately how long in our measurements is a “cor”? Apologies if this has been answered before.


    • Hi Kris, Good to hear that you are looking forward to the next Hive book. Cor is an abbreviation for corridor and sometimes used in a similar way to when someone in the USA talks about blocks. When Amber says they walked two cors to an apartment, she means they walked along two corridors. When she locates a target and says the person is about six cors away, she’s talking about how far away the person is in a straight-line distance. Cor is a vague term rather than a precise measurement and most people in the Hive will think of it as being somewhere between 100 and 150 metres. Amber often uses it when she’s looking at the world with her telepathic view to emphasize the fact that she can only roughly estimate distances.


  3. Rachel G says:

    I’m so excited for this!


  4. Karen Berglund says:

    I can’t wait, I love the Hive Mind series. Do you have a definite date yet for me to look forward to?


    • Hi Karen, I’m glad you’re enjoying the Hive Mind series. I’m afraid I don’t have an absolutely definite date for Hurricane. I’m hoping it will be out in ebook by the middle of December 2018, but it has to get relayed to websites around the world, so there can be delays in the run up to Christmas. The paperback should be out in February 2019. Anyone who would like an email alert when I publish a new book, can click on the newsletter tab to sign up.


  5. Monique says:

    I can’t wait – I like having the phyiscal copies so even a longer one for me.


    • Sorry about the extra wait. 😦 I’m afraid I just can’t cope with doing both at once because there’s a completely different set of jobs producing the paperback. It has very different formatting, a cover with back and spine, and physical copies have to be checked. I really need to find a way to clone myself!


  6. ANDARIAL says:

    Happy Xmas and New Year
    Not got around to reading it yet after i got the book for my Kindle,but hopefully sometime in the next week or so 😀


  7. I hope you enjoy reading Hurricane, and happy New Year!


  8. None says:

    I fell in love with your Earth Girl series and can’t wait to read more. I’m also really hoping you’ll continue Jarra’s story with another triology.

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  9. I do plan to do that None. Hopefully something will be happening with Jarra next year (2020), but I can’t be sure of dates yet because books take a variable time to write. If you’d like to be kept informed of new releases and what’s happening next, then you can sign up to my newsletter.


  10. Camille says:

    Looking forward to read Borderline !!! I love the Hive Mind series.
    I have a question. You already wrote Earth & Fire and Earth & Air. Do you know when the next one will be out ?

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    • Hi Camille. I’m glad you’re loving the Hive Mind series. The final Jarra novella in the set will be Earth and Water, but I don’t know when that will be out. Borderline is currently a bit behind schedule, and I can’t make solid plans for next year’s releases until I know if that will be out in December or January. I am hoping there’ll be something involving Jarra next year though.


  11. Star says:

    I’m always up for a new Hive Mind book and looking forward to it … but do you have any idea when the next Scavenger book will be available? I am getting anxious 😉 about how it ends.. I have an idea (actually two, both were mentioned in Earth Girl series) that I want to see if I am right and of course I want to see the alliance settled in their new lives. Oh and then there is Jarra! 🙂
    If we seem annoying it is your own fault for writing such interesting characters and situations .. Good Job!!!!!!

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    • Well it’s certainly a lot better than readers not caring what happens next in the stories. 😀

      The next Scavenger Exodus book is half written, and fighting it out with another partly written book to be next in the release queue after Hive Mind 4. Frankly, I can’t predict the outcome of that fight. I’m merely the author, cowering on the sidelines, waiting to see which set of characters start yelling their story at me.


      • Star says:

        LOL … yes, I’ve started series before and gave up because I no longer carried about the characters or what happened to them next. I’ll be rooting for Blaze to win that battle. I’m actually surprised by my deep interest in the outcome because I wasn’t wildly crazy about the first one until I reread it. I’m especially surprised because I’m not really a fan of dystopia and don’t read much in that genre and except for yours never finished a dystopian series.
        Btw, is there only one more book in the Scavenger Exodus series? Just wondering.

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      • The third book is called Scavenger Exodus. The title is possibly a bit of a clue to what happens in that one. There is potentially a fourth book about their new future which ties everything up.


  12. Summer says:

    I love the Hive Mind Future series. I’m looking forward to reading Borderline and adding it to the others on my tablet. Thanks for writing about such an interesting world and characters.

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  13. ANDARIAL says:

    Looking forward to the new Hive novel 🙂

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  14. Margo says:

    Will there be more of the earth girl trilogy? I enjoyed them very luch

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  15. Linda Eisikowitz says:

    I Love your books💕💕💕I am looking forward to your new Hive book.📖 Thanks for letting the world 🌎 escape into your books of fantastic futures.
    A huge fan, Linda E

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    • Your comment appeared just when I’d had a hard day beating a scene into submission, and needed a bit of encouragement. Thank you for sharing my characters’ adventures, and I hope you enjoy all the future books just as much.


  16. ANDARIAL says:

    Good news about the New Hive book 😀
    Still embarrassed to say i have not got around to reading the previous book 3 yet,although i buy your books on my kindle as they are released

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  17. Kristen says:

    I wish it was December already so I could be reading the latest Hive book! My pattern is to continue to check Amazon site daily for Hive book release. Buy the book as soon as it’s released. Read the new book as fast as possible. Reread the book again a little more slowly. Reread the whole series of Hive books and maybe Earth Girl books too. Then come back to your web site looking for the next book release. If only books were written as fast as I can read them! But seriously thanks so much for your wonderful books! I love Amber and the Hive!

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  18. Liz Cohen says:

    I just reread all the hive mind books to get ready for #4. So exciting to get another peek at the hive. You have created such a wonderful unique new world. Many thanks,

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    • Sarah says:

      I’m debating when to begin my reread. If I start now, I just know there will be a wait after I finish … …. but I really don’t want to be in the middle of it when the next book comes out ….

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  19. Jennifer says:

    I am almost finished reading Hive Mind 3: Hurricane. I can not tell you how many times I have read this book in the past year but it has been multiple times. I am looking forward to reading Hive Mind 4. Curious to know if it will be a Christmas gift to myself or a nice start to my New Year. Any hints you can give on the time line of the ebook release?

    Liked by 1 person

  20. I’ve been keeping quiet about release dates because Hive Mind 4 has been running late. That meant the ebook was teetering on the cliff edge of missing the pre-Christmas release deadlines. I’ve now caught up a bit, so the ebook will hopefully be out before Christmas.

    Please don’t look for Borderline until at least a week into December. If you’d like to get an email alert when it releases then sign up for my newsletter.

    One reason that Borderline was running late was that the story came out even longer than Hurricane. When reading it, please remember to eat, drink, and sleep when necessary. 😀

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  21. Kris Y. says:

    “Ebook is now publishing, and will be appearing on sales outlets over the next few days.”

    I just screamed very loudly! 😀

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  22. I would advise reading Hurricane first. 😁


  23. Star says:

    High Up!

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  24. ANDARIAL says:

    Finally got around to Hurricane .Finished it yesterday evening 😀
    Well worth it.Took me a while didn`t it?:D 😀 😀
    Onward to Borderline

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  25. Kristen says:

    Borderline was wonderful! I have just re-read it for the 4th time. I love the new characters introduced (would love to know more about CeCe). I also really enjoyed the storyline with the problems from within the unit (don’t want to give to much away). I’m now so eager to here more and will try to wait patiently for the next Hive book. Thanks so much for the wonderful books Janet❣️

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  26. Dan says:

    Borderline was great! Now waiting for Hive 5 …

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  27. Becky says:

    What’s the next book you are working on? All have been amazing so far !

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you think the books are amazing. At the moment, I’m mostly working on the Jarra story I’m posting on the website, which should eventually become part of a new collection of stories. 🙂


  28. Katharine says:

    Hi! I was wondering, will there be a full length book on Jarra and her adventures as a xenoarcheologist? Or will the collection be the end of her story? Because another series on Jarra would be totally zan! After I finished the series, I kept daydreaming about what might happen on Fortuna. Whatever happens I’ll continue to be a huge fan of your work, thank you for all that you have done for us readers. (sorry if this is a question you’ve had to answer a lot before)


    • Katharine says:

      Sorry, xenoarchaeologist*


      • Hi Katherine. The short answer is that there’s likely to be more Jarra. The long answer is that I’m planning a new series about Fortuna, but I won’t know exactly how that will work out until I write it. I often have the problem that I’m not writing my stories, they’re writing me.

        The way I’m currently picturing the Fortuna books fitting into the general Portal Future is that the Scavenger Exodus series sets up the history that leads into Tellon Blaze and the first part of the Chimera wars. The Fortuna books are effectively the second part of the Chimera wars. Because of the way the Tellon Blaze and Fortuna series will interlink, there may be something weird like the books releasing alternately. Who knows. Frankly, I don’t at this point. 🙂

        Anyway, when I started thinking this through, I realized that there were some aftermath issues from the Earth Girl trilogy that I wanted to tidy up but would be totally out of place in the new series. Hence the forthcoming collection being the Earth Girl Aftermath Stories.

        And I’d probably better do a proper post about this at some point, rather than it just lingering around in the comments.

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  29. kairi341 says:

    Ever since earth flight ended I’ve been hoping you would write a sequel about Fortuna. The short story you’ve been posting over the last few months has made me want it even more. I love Jarras story and hope you will write another trilogy


  30. If there’s enough interest in the Earth Prime collection then I’ll certainly be trying to do that. 🙂

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  31. TH says:


    I just read “The End, and the New Beginning”…. just great! I would love to read more about Fortuna and hope you are writing more Books about Jarra and all her friends on Fortuna… PLEASE!!!

    But i also love the Hive Mind books and would be happy to read more about Amber and her friends.

    It´s great that there are books with female heroes!


  32. I think it’s best if I include the answer to this in the coming next details for Earth Prime so everyone can read it. Please see above!


  33. Olivia Sommers says:

    I am a huge fan of Hive Mind, and I hope there will soon be a movie. Your imagination is so perfectly wild! I am looking forward to the release of Hive Mind 5.


  34. Ulrike R. M. says:

    Hey 🙂

    I just wanted to tell you, that I really love your books and keep rereading them!
    I especially admire the way you´re able to capture details. You always choose just the right words to make characters come alive. It feels like you´re able to sketch minor characters with a few skillfull and well-placed strokes that display just enough of their shape and individual traits to make them stand out and be memorable despite not appearing nearly as much as main characters.

    The Futures the stories take place in are incredible fascinating, always making me compare them to our world and wonder about the possible advantages and disadvantages of some of the changes and whether I would like to live in that kind of world or rather not. I keep wanting to discover more about them either way.

    I first read “Earth Girl” in my teens and keep coming back to this book even after all this time. It´s probably the book I´ve read most often and I seldomly read books more than once. Since I switched to reading in English (since “Earth Flight” didn´t get translated into my native language) I´ve also gotten into the “Hive Mind” and “Scavenger” books and have read them several times already.

    Even if it might take some time to publish the next volumes, I´ll still gladly stay around to read them!
    I´m definitely looking forward to all your future Future books!
    I also hope you stay healthy and have as little stress as possible, especially in the current world situation.

    Best Wishes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m pleased you appreciate the minor characters as well as the major ones. All my characters are real to me – I know their motives and hear their voices speaking in my head – but of course some inevitably only make brief appearances.

      My future worlds have their good and bad points, especially the Hive future Earth, so I’d have mixed feelings about living in them too. As in reality, some people will find those worlds a lot more pleasant than others. For example, it could be wonderful living in Beta sector if you were born into the right clan, but the clanless might find it hard.

      I’m especially glad that you’re enjoying my books despite English not being your native language. I hope you are staying well and stress free too.


      • Ulrike R. M. says:

        The Hive future Earth is probably the one I contemplated the most.

        I started reading the Hive books when I was at the point in my life where I had to choose what to do after finishing school and I was really struggling with that decision. I was unsure what I wanted to do and even when I started to have a vague idea, I wondered if I had the ability to pull it off.

        That´s when I read about Lottery and I seriously considered whether that would be something I would want. I thought taking this kind of test would be really interesting and helpful, though I wouldn´t like it being compulsory. Later (after I read “Hurricane”) I thought handling it like in the case of the Sea Farm people might actually be quite nice.

        Then again even if I chose “wrongly” it likely wouldn´t be the end of the world. Failure is something that teaches a lot and in my opinion it´s also important to think about what you want your life to be like on your own and find ways towards achieving that yourself. So maybe having an easy way out like the test might actually be harmful. Though whether you consider it harmful or not depends on whether you value the results from overcoming stormy seas with your own strength or not.

        Besides Lottery there are also some other aspects of the Hive future Earth that make me ponder, but even after thinking a lot I can´t really give a definite answer to most of the things I wonder about. I really like when stories can make the recipient think like this.

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  35. Camille says:

    I’m wondering if you have some news about Earth Prime ? Do you know if it’s still coming out in August ?
    I know that right now the situation is difficult but i miss Jarra (and Amber) a lot !!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, the final checks are taking a while because Earth Prime is even longer than Borderline, but it should still be out by the end of August.


      • Camille says:

        Yes !!!! I can’t wait. Thank you for this good news.

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      • Yay! Just bought it! Maybe this needs to go out in the newsletter?

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      • Sadly, the publication process involves fighting my way through a hundred and one jobs, including sending out newsletters. As I write this, some people will be able to find the book for sale on their preferred outlet (though search metadata is still establishing behind the scenes. However, I’ve had to spend a long time solving an unexpected glitch (there’s always at least one) in another route of the publication process. That means the book is only just heading into the pipeline for dozens of outlets, and I’ll still be initializing things for the last couple of outlets tomorrow.

        Think of it like setting up an interstellar portal relay network. At this moment, anyone wanting to portal from Earth to Danae is fine, but if you’re trying to get from Earth to Epsilon sector, you are in big trouble.


  36. Sarath says:

    Love the Hive books! I must have read them 5 times over quarantine. I like to imagine what happens when Amber isn’t there – reactions and thoughts when everyone found out about that new telepath.

    I always know I’ve found a good book when I make up out-takes.

    Looking forward to the next book!

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  37. ANDARIAL says:

    Yup just bought Earth Prime on Amazon 😀

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  38. Mikkel says:

    Finished the book only a few hours after release, and it was as good as ihvertfald. I read the first story on the site, and it was a nice help during quarantine, but even better in combination with the other stories in Earth prime. Keep up the good work, i can`t wait to read more from the portal future, there is so many stories, time periods and POV I want to read or read more of. Looking forward to read see Jarra on Fortuna.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the extra stories in Earth Prime. The Portal Future does have a semi-infinite number of stories to be told, including some that I haven’t even hinted at yet. 🙂


  39. An says:

    Hi Janet, we are having an interesting discussion about the time line of the Hive future. One of your other fans has been bored during social distancing so did some incredible detailed work on figuring it out, but we have some specific questions if and when you have time.
    Is day, weeks and Months the same as real world? or have there been some changes? I doubt if day length would be different, but it could since they live in an artificial bubble, but weeks and months could certainly be organized differently since that is more artificial then day and year is.
    Also, what are the actual dates of the 4 holidays? it seems based on references in Defender and Hurricane they are New Year, Carnival, Valentine, Halloween, are they exactly to the day, 3 months apart? Thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I usually give people the simple answer on festival dates, which is that they are equally spaced through the year on the equivalent of 1st January, 1st April, 1st July, and 1st October. That’s a bit like saying the Hive has 50 working levels at the top, with 100 accommodation levels below it, which gives a broad idea of the layout but omits a few complicating details.

      Since you’re specifically asking about days, weeks, and months as well, I’ll go into some of the complicating details on dates etc. My apologies that this will be incredibly long so I may make an error or bore you to death. Complicated details can be complicated.

      The Hive has a calendar year that it uses for administrative purposes and trading with other Hives. (There is also a Lottery year that pops up in citizen identity codes, and is very important to teens, but that isn’t really relevant to this explanation.) The calendar year starting point and length is like ours including having the equvalent of leap years. The days match ours. After that it gets a bit different.

      If someone wants to refer to a specific date, they talk about the day number. Administration systems usually use the day number in the year, but people will also refer to the day number since the last festival, or the day number before the next festival.

      When someone is being vaguer about time, they will mention weeks or months. A week would mostly refer to a seven day period. In some circumstances, people might use the term week to refer to something like the regular working cycle of something like their manufacturing facility or hydroponics bay, which could be anything between five and ten days long and would include days off. There are no named days of the weeks or fixed weekends.

      Our named month system, with the weirdly varying month lengths has gone entirely. For the Hive population, a month is a term that refers to one third of the time between the start of two successive festivals. That means there are always twelve months in a year, and a month is usually (but not always) about 30 days long.

      So, in a perfectly standard Hive year the festivals are about 91 days apart. The first full day of the New Year festival is day 1 of the year (though the celebrations naturally begin the evening before that). Carnival starts on day 92 of the year. Valentine on day 183, and Halloween on day 274. People go to the southbound express belts to await the coming of the New Year on the evening of day 365 (or 366 in a leap year.)

      HOWEVER, there is a crucial fact that can totally mess up the Hive’s neat system. The main Hive Lottery is the week after Carnival, and timed to finish just before the regular annual period of global trading of key personnel between Hives. In virtually all cases candidates will have completed their testing by the end of day 5 of Lottery. At that point, the Lottery systems will send two lists to Hive Trade. One is of the key vacancies that are still missing a suitably highly skilled candidate, and need to be filled by incoming personnel from other Hives. The other list is a lot longer, and includes all the highly skilled Lottery candidates that the Hive is willing to consider offering in exchange for incoming people. Those potential trade candidates have to remain without imprints until the 12 to 15 day period of global trading of key personnel between Hives completes. At that point, the candidates with agreed trades go to their new Hives and the leftover trade candidates get allocated and imprinted for this Hive.

      Now the crucial fact. In most years the system works perfectly, but exceptional circumstances can force Joint Hive Treaty Enforcement to delay the designated period of global trading of key personnel between Hives. (I’m afraid I can’t specify what those exceptional circumstances might be because of potential spoilers.) Delays of two or three days aren’t significant, but anything longer means every Hive globally has to either skip the global trading period or do some frantic rescheduling.

      Amber’s Hive decided on its approach to these delays long ago. Skipping the global trading period would be damaging for the Hive. Having a long gap between Lottery and the global trading period would be massively stressful and damaging for the potential trade candidates stuck in limbo. Having an unexpected long gap between Carnival and Lottery would be massively unsettling for everyone in the Hive.

      Amber’s Hive opted to respond to delays of the global trading period by delaying the entire Carnival/Lottery/trading sequence. This is stressful for the teens nervously awaiting Lottery, but less stressful than messing up the entire pattern of Hive life.

      So, as an example, suppose the global trading period is delayed 60 days. The pre-Carnival pageant sequence is extended, and the start of Carnival itself is delayed to day 152. The start of Halloween remains on day 274. The start of Valentine is rescheduled to be midway between the two, at day 213. (Valentine is deliberately placed between Carnival and Halloween, because it’s for lovers, and relatively easy to reschedule.)

      In this situation, the three months between the New Year festival and Carnival are each about 50 days long. The three months between Carnival and Valentine are each about 20 days long, and the same for the three months between Valentine and Halloween. Then the three months between Halloween and New Year return to the standard 30 days each.

      Good luck making sense of that. 😀


      • An says:

        Wow, amazing! Your explanation is incredibly easy to follow. It is along the lines that we suspected but wasn’t really sure exactly how it worked. and of course had no idea about the delays.
        For our purposes was lottery delayed for Telepath?


      • Ooo, I know that’s bordering on spoilerish, but I think you’d need to get Amber to read my mind to work out why. It might well have been. Once Amber entered Lottery, she obviously had a lot of other things to think about.


      • Sarah says:

        That’s really interesting! Not important to the stories – yet – beyond the high level “four equally spaced holidays” but interesting. I also really like the detail on why Valentines is where it is!
        It’s always interesting to see what the Hive is dealing with when you get into the details. I feel like Amber does about Level 0 😉


      • The Hive always has reasons for what it does. Sometimes some very complicated ones. 🙂


  40. An says:

    Oh No, the dreaded “Spoilerish” warning. 😉 Actually your super fan (not me, too detailed for me to work out) already figured it out as they found some time missing, during Telepath and wanted to make sure it wasn’t just them because English isn’t their first language. 😁 It will be interesting to find out why that happened whenever you write about it.

    Thank you for all of the great insights, you can tell that we are drumming our fingers with inpatients at the wiki, so discussing whatever …. and some fans are making incredible contributions to the wiki while they wait, so all is good! Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • An says:

      Just thought of another question that shouldn’t be a spoiler, I hope! 🤞 How many days in a week for Teen Level? Amber uses “week” to denote passage of time at least at the beginning of Telepath so she would probably still think a week as the same as she did on teen level. 😁 Last question, I don’t want to interrupt your writing any longer and already incredibly thankful for the information on Amber’s world.👍


      • It would probably be seven, but a comment about for example five weeks might not be precisely thirty-five days. There’s be a bit of human approximating going on with Amber. Beckett would be more precise.


  41. Camille says:

    Hi, I have a question. If you don’t want to answer it no worries.
    Could you tell us the title of the next hive mind book ?
    I know that with the pandemic everything is complicated but I just wanted to here about something good for once 😉
    I hope you and your family are well. Looking foward to read your next stories.

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  42. An says:

    Please don’t take this as a nag, I’m honestly thrilled with anything that you write on whatever schedule works for you.
    I am just curious if you have any more news about Scavenger Exodus #3?
    That cover of Adversary is not only stunning but intriguing. It almost seems that this story may be a bit darker then the previous ones. Can’t wait for the description 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m still watching for a way to fit Scavenger Exodus 3 into the schedule. When I realized Adversary was running too late for a Christmas release, I considered swapping Scavenger Exodus 3 in ahead of it as a Christmas release, but realistically there was still too much work to be done.

      Frankly, it’s hard to predict anything at the moment, because the world is so unpredictable. The only thing I can be totally sure of is that my characters will misbehave, and the books will come out longer than I expect.


  43. Ulrike R. M. says:

    I´m really looking forward to Hive Mind 5 and I don´t mind at all if books turns out to be somewhat longer than planned since that just means I´ll have more to read :3
    The cover and title of Hive Mind 5 are interesting, but also make me somewhat nervous… my mind is already running wild trying to come up with scenarios of what could possibly happen based on where Hive Mind 4 left off. I also just finished rereading book 1 to 4 in anticipation of book 5 😀

    On another note, I´m very sorry to hear about your illness and bereavement. You don´t need to apologize for being behind on shedule for reasons as serious as that. I hope you can take the time to care for your own mental and physical health and don´t feel too pressured. In the first place I´m already very impressed with the speed at which you currently publish your books! So please go a little easy on yourself. I can wait and I think that many others who also really love your stories feel the same way.

    Best Wishes! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your kind words, Ulrike. I’m glad you’re happy with the speed of the books appearing. I’m always wishing I could write them faster simply because I have so many ideas for books. It’s obviously better to have too many ideas than too few though. 🙂


      • hitek1208 says:

        While we appreciate the speed at which you release books, and always want more, we also realize you can release more books in the long run when you keep yourself happy and healthy. Hope you have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I think pacing yourself and prioritising health and happiness is vital for everyone at the moment. Best wishes to you for the holiday season too. 🙂


  44. Warren says:

    I suspect that my relationship with the Hive Mind series might need to be referred to Buzz or another of her ilk!

    I read Telepath way too many times while trying to get my local library to get the next one in – then the library split and the portion that had Telepath in it was no longer mine to access and when I checked and found that there were now more books I ended up getting them myself.

    So why the evil Simone? Well whenever I am between books I end up reading Perilous through to Borderline again … and then half the time when I finish Borderline I go right back to Perilous and do it again – one time I did that four times in a row.

    One thing that did impress me (while trying to avoid being spoilerish) is how you managed to combine the height of technological complexity and social engineering (was going to name our Hive here and realised that while I know Hive Genex by its name and Hive Futura that our is just ‘the Hive’ which makes sense considering Duty Song #10 and I am sure we are named in other Hives’ records) with an already set in place option for the historically inevitable alternative.

    So of course very much looking forward to Adversary (which in my mind is read using Sean Connery’s accent from The Hunt for Red October) and thank you for many hours of pleasure.

    Re the issues with the publishing etc perhaps you could put in a priority imprinting request for a copywriter and a media organiser for the Lottery of 2021!


    • I’ve never heard of a library splitting before. How horrible that you weren’t allowed to get books from the wrong portion. I’m relieved that you’ve got your own set of Hive Mind books now so you can reread them to your heart’s content.

      I’ve never considered the imprinting solution for my publishing problems before. I’ve always felt that the answer came from my portal future books. I need several clones of myself to help out with the writing. 🙂


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