TELEPATH (Hive Mind 1)

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ISBN: 1537088025  ISBN-13: 978-1537088020

US Trade Paperback, Size:6″ x 9″

Page Count:354

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Now also available as a case laminate hardcover from limited outlets

ISBN-13: 979-8536916223

Page Count:354

Note that the cover art is printed directly onto the book. There is no separate paper cover. The book is only fractionally larger than the paperback and has a virtually identical interior.

Amazon:- USA  UK  AU DE  FR ES


Set in the Hive Future

Amber is one of over a million eighteen-year-olds in one of the great hive cities of twenty-sixth century Earth. She’s about to enter the Lottery of 2532, which will assess her abilities and decide her hive level, her profession, her whole future life. Amber’s dream is to be level 10 or above, her nightmare is to be a level 99 Sewage Technician.

When Lottery discovers Amber is a rare and precious telepath, she must adapt to a new life protecting the people of the crowded hive city. Her job is hunting down criminals before they commit their crimes, but she doesn’t know that she’s being hunted herself.

Cover depicts Amber, Adika, and Lucas.

Cover art (C) Janet Edwards 2016, Cover Design by The Cover Collection.

Read sample chapters here.

SF crowsnest “Anyone who enjoyed the ‘Earth Girl’ trilogy will love this. Like Jarra, Amber dances across the page with all the hopes and neuroses of any eighteen year-old. A good job well done.” See review

Books In Brogan “This was definitely a five-star book by a five-star author.  Brilliant character development and a plot with a different kind of twist make this a great book for all ages.” See review

Brainfluff “All in all – another cracking read and the start of an exciting series from a writer who continues to produce thought-provoking and entertaining worlds.” See review

Kirkus Reviews “This sci-fi coming-of-age story finds young adults struggling against being complacent workers in a hive society.”  See review 


8 Responses to TELEPATH

  1. Siana says:

    Hi Ms Edwards

    I just wanted to say how much I love your writing. I am 14, and I read Earth Girl three years ago and adored it. I didn’t discover that there were sequels for at least a year afterwards, and once I realised, I devoured Earth Star and Earth Flight. Later I found the novellas as well and they were amazing- exactly the kind of background for the characters that I was craving. For Christmas this year, I got Telepath and I’ve read it about five times already (despite also having lots of other new books to read) as well as Reaper, which I’ve read about three times. I would love to read Earth 2789 and Scavenger Alliance- maybe they will satisfy my hunger for more Earth Girl! The other thing I really would like is the next Hive Mind book. Telepath grabbed me in exactly the same way as Earth Girl and I want to find out want happens to Amber next so badly, nearly as much as I want to know what happens on Fortuna! I was also wondering if Reaper is planned to have a sequel. From your update, it sounds like you are going to be very busy with all your book ideas but might there be one in a couple of years? In the meantime, if you publish any other short stories, I would love to read them. Frankly, I’d read anything you write!

    Thank you for the endless enjoyment your books have given me,
    Siana Thomas Hewett, 14

    PS Lucas reminds me a little of some Earth Girl characters. He and Leveque seem very similar professionally but with Amber, he behaves more like Drago!


    • Hi Siana, I’m impressed that you’ve managed to read Telepath and Reaper so many times already. As you said, I’ve got a lot of book ideas to work on at the moment. I actually find it helps to work on multiple projects because I can swap between them when I get stuck instead of wasting time staring blankly at a computer screen. At the moment, my main priority is tidying up Scavenger Alliance, but I’m also working out the details of what happens to Amber in the next Hive Mind book, and writing a short story involving characters from the Earth Girl trilogy.

      You asked about a sequel to Reaper. Writing more in the Game Future is much further down my priority list, but that doesn’t stop the creative part of my brain from throwing random bright ideas at me. Although I’d expected that the next thing in the Game Future would be a sequel to Reaper, my creative side seems to have gone off at a tangent and wants to write a book about when Hawk first enters the Game, so I’m not sure what will happen there.

      It’s great to hear that you’ve had so much enjoyment from reading my books, and I hope you’ll enjoy future ones just as much.


  2. Sara says:

    Hello. I started reading Earth Girl four years ago impulsively (lets read about the girl chained to the model Earth.) I have since then greatly enjoyed all of your books that I have managed to get my hands on. I especially love Defender; I honestly read it too much. When I first read Telepath, I was mentally matching up characters, and found it very enjoyable to be reading about Leveque/Draco. 🙂 I like Amber, Lucas, Adika, Forge, and most of the other characters.
    I have a few questions about the Hive world. Actually, I have a lot but I won’t bombard you with them at once. So, where is the main Hive, and where is it located? How big is the Hive?
    Thanks, Sara


    • Hi Sara. I’m so pleased that you love Defender. You confused me a little with the Leveque/Draco reference, so I’m wondering if the Draco is a typo. Actually, I’m mostly confused because I do have a character called Draco but I didn’t think he’d been mentioned in anything yet. Draco Tell Dramis is the grandfather of Drago Tell Dramis, and the great-uncle of Jarra.

      I have readers worldwide, and there are 107 Hive cities scattered around the world in Amber’s future, so I’m perfectly happy for a reader to picture Amber’s Hive as being wherever they like. Amber naturally always thinks of it as the Hive rather than giving it a name. You may notice there is at least one reference to England in each book. Something like a Hive entertainment channel showing a thriller about a Hive England Defence team chasing a spy from another Hive. That could be taken as a hint.

      As mentioned in the books, the Hive has about 150 levels. It is a long thin oblong and located at a distance from the coast. Exactly how big an area the Hive covers depends on exactly what you class as being part of the main Hive and that could get a little spoilerish. I tend to think of it as covering the same area as the Isle of Wight, but it obviously owns a lot of surrounding territory and defends its borders fiercely.


      • Sara says:

        Yup Draco was definitely a typo. For some reason when I’m reading silently I may slightly change characters names. Hence Drago -> Draco. I’ve also done Adika -> Akida, though that stopped when I tried pronouncing his name. 🙂


  3. Janet Maxwell says:

    Dear Ms. Edwards,
    I love your writing, and I am a huge fan of the Hive mind series. I have been waiting (not so patiently) for the Adversary novel to be released. I have been following your website closely for news of Adversary. I thought I saw a couple of weeks ago that you had worked out the problems with the plot of Adversary. Now I can’t find that reference on your site, although I could just be looking at the wrong place. Can you clarify the status of Adversary? I just read Telepath for the hundredth time, and the other books in the series as well. You bring great joy to my life as a reader. Thank you for everything.
    -Janet Maxwell (Texas)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Star says:

      Hi Janet Maxwell, you may want to join the other Hive World fans at the Janet Edwards wiki forum, link is above under “Fun Extras”. We’ve recently been chatting about Gregas and what short stories we would like to see about different characters.
      I’m not sure if chatting with other fans makes the wait for the next book better or worse, we should chat about that at the forum some time 😁


  4. Hi Janet. I’m delighted you’ve been enjoying the Hive Mind series so much. I’m very conscious that there’s been a long wait for the next book in the series. The real-life impact of Covid made it extremely hard for me to get anything written in 2020.

    To get the writing flowing properly again this year, I started writing something about Draco Tell Dramis set in the Portal Future, simply because that was what my creative side was ready to write. I intended that to be just a novella, but it has turned into a series that dominated 2021. In 2022, I’ll be making up for that by focusing solidly on the Hive Future.

    So, my deepest apologies that Adversary won’t be out until 2022. The best place to check for progress updates is my Coming Next page.


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