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Paperback 2

ISBN: 1075952212

ISBN-13: 978-1075952210

US Trade Paperback, Size: 6″ x 9″

Page Count: 391


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Set in the 25th Century Portal Future

2408. Humanity has travelled to the stars through interstellar portals, but the rebels and criminals were left behind on a ruined Earth. Eighteen-year-old Blaze is one of the last seven hundred people scavenging a living in an increasingly lethal New York infested by alien predators. Forced to step into the spotlight to help her father defeat a leadership challenge by her old enemy Cage, she’s now adjusting to being deputy leader of the uneasy alliance between the remnants of the Earth Resistance and the old criminal gangs.

As a child, Blaze escaped the firestorm when the London power grid exploded, and a similar firestorm will soon hit New York. The alliance must leave New York this spring or die, but they’re facing the twin threats of a fugitive Cage hiding somewhere in the area, and his old supporters causing trouble within the alliance. When a hunting party fails to return, the situation starts spiralling out of control, and the alliance’s off-worlder guests have a key part to play.

Scavenger Blood is the second book in the Scavenger Exodus series. This is set in the same future timeline as the Earth Girl trilogy, but takes place several centuries earlier, and features an ancestor of the trilogy’s main character, Jarra.

Books In Brogan “I have enjoyed every minute of this book and will read what ever Janet Edwards wants to write at this point. Her unique and imaginative worlds with their relatable characters will keep your attention from the first sentence.” See review

Brainfluff “This series is highly recommended for science fiction fans who enjoy a well-written dystopian scenario featuring a feisty young female protagonist.” See review

Birmingham Science Fiction Group (Carol Goodwin) “The plot builds to an exciting climax with a nice mixture of thrilling action scenes and political confrontations.”  “All in all, another excellent YA SF book”

Cover art (C) Janet Edwards 2019, Cover Design by The Cover Collection


20 Responses to SCAVENGER BLOOD

  1. Yasmina says:

    Just after receiving the newsletter, searched through my online book stores and was so happy when I find it. 😍
    Thanks for another amazing story in our beloved Portal Future! ❤

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  2. Star says:

    Just finished Scavenger Blood, I ran acrossed it yesterday on Amazon. Sorry it gave you problems while writing it, but it was well worth the wait. It was really excellent, I’m sure I will reread it but I think I need another Jarra fix. Just have a question or two, is this the last of Blaze’s story? or will there be another one? … Also, how is “Earth and Water” coming along? Thank you for writing such good books…


    • I’m glad you enjoyed Scavenger Blood, Star. Yes, there will be another book in the series. In fact, the problem with writing Scavenger Blood was that the creative side of my brain included some of book 3 in Scavenger Blood. I had to surgically remove that bit and do a lot of tidying up of Scavenger Blood. Trust me, it works much better this way.

      I hope you’ll get another Jarra fix in 2020, but everything is very uncertain at the moment. As soon as I’ve finished releasing Scavenger Blood, I’ll be working out my schedule for future books. I should have some semi-definite information to include in the release newsletter for the Scavenger Blood paperback in August.


  3. rowensage says:

    So…. Is the cache of paintings the same one Jarra finds in Earth Girl? Also does anyone feel a ping of sadness when the take historical documents out of stasis boxes to store their food? When I think of what Jarra would do if she knew that ^_^

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    • Yes, the cache of paintings is the same one Jarra finds in Earth Girl. I also pictured Jarra’s thoughts if she ever discovered her ancestor had wantonly destroyed historical documents. They weren’t just tossed out of their stasis boxes, but handed over to the alliance children to draw and write on the back. Sadly, I don’t think anyone in the Scavenger Alliance considered future historians at all.

      My other thought was about future archaeologists breathlessly opening a stasis box only to discover it was full of fish. Something I must try to sneak into a future story.

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  4. rowensage says:

    So… was the cashe of paintings the same one that Jarra found in Earth Girl? Also does anyone has a ping of sadness when they see that they throw historical documents out of stasis boxes Jarra would be so upset!


  5. kairi341 says:

    Given the song Donnel wrote for Blaze’s mom and Tads middle name, is the famous Betan love story with Paul and Helena about Tad and Blaze?

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  6. Harriet says:

    Just wondering when the paperback’s coming out (not really a Kindle girl)? Says August on this page, but no mention on Amazon so I can’t even put it on my list. On tenterhooks here.

    By the way, did you have Exodus planned since writing Earth Girl? Playdon does mention a “massive fire that went on for two months” in New York. Also, does the timing mean we’ll be following these characters until 2409, when I gather Tad is in for a nasty shock?


    • Hi Harriet. Apologies that the paperback of Scavenger Blood isn’t listed on Amazon yet. I don’t put books up for pre-order at the moment for multiple reasons that are a bit long to explain here, but people who sign up for my newsletter get an email alert when anything new gets published. I’m currently checking the paperback proof copy for errors, so you shouldn’t have to wait more than another two weeks.

      The Portal Future is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle in my head. The Earth Girl trilogy is one of the pieces in that jigsaw puzzle. When I wrote the trilogy, I was often mentioning bits of past history, or including/referring to characters. I knew that many of those had stories which were other pieces in that jigsaw puzzle. I wasn’t plotting every bit of those stories in advance, but I knew some things about them and how they linked together, and included a few links in the trilogy.

      So yes, there are link references in the Earth Girl trilogy to the Scavenger Exodus series. A couple of links between the trilogy and Scavenger Alliance are the fire and flying lizards. You may spot other links when you read Scavenger Blood. In fact, there are links scattered through everything I write in the Portal Future, including the novellas and short stories. I remember at least one link reference to the Scavenger Exodus series in Frontier, but including these things is so automatic that I’m not always aware I’m doing it, and many links are to stories I haven’t written yet.

      And finally, I know exactly what you mean about Tad getting a nasty shock, but I’ve got a significant amount of the third book written and . . . I can’t think of a way to answer your question other than to say that it’s complicated.


  7. Aelis Martell says:

    Okay, so I’ve read both Scavenger books twice in the last week. 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️ I needed a Jarra fix and these two books were ones I hadn’t read yet. Needless to say, I find them rather amazing. Blaze, Jarra, and Drago all have this… energy to them that I’m just drawn to like a moth. And I can help but want to know more about them. Jaxon and Gemelle intrigue me as well, and I hope we get stories from their side as well.

    Rambling aside, there is just soooooo much information in these two book. And there are so many references/connections to the other Portal future books. And I’m badly badly needing more to the story! 🙏🏻 I wanna know how they make it out of NY, and where they end up. But I know your working on it so I’ll just have to have some patience. I do have a few questions though.

    1. I know based on information from the trilogy and Earth Prime that Tellon Blaze is a decendant of Sean Donnelly. But am I right in assuming that it is Blaze he is decended from and not her brother? Because there was a Wallam-Crane mentioned in that genealogy too. And since Tad and Blaze are a couple, it makes more sense for the Tell clan to be decended from them rather than from the brother.

    2. In Earth Prime you meet healers/doctors from the Betan Blaze clan who say they are a sister clan to the Tell clan. I’m assuming that that is the clan Tellon was born into, correct? Because that would explain why they refer to themselves as a sister clan. If so, then they are also decended from Blaze and Tad, right?

    3. The Fidelis Project is mentioned in at least one other book, I forget which one, but will we get to learn more about that? I remember Lolmack (I think?) being proud of the fact that it was Beta Sector and the Fidelis Project in particular that saved humanity’s worlds. I’d be highly interested in finding out more about that “event in history”. Is it possible that that “event” will be happening in one of the future Scavenger books?

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    • Yes, I’ve got this huge portal future sequence in my head, so all the books set in the Portal Future have a lot of interconnections and references to the others, some sitting like unexploded bombs until the book with the matching piece of the jigsaw puzzle is written and published. Which leads me to saying that the next release in the Portal Future, Sol 2781, will include a lot more about Jaxon and Gemelle. I’ll be giving a full update on Sol 2781 soon.

      The third Scavenger book will give you a lot of answers. As for the questions you list.

      1, You are perfectly right.

      2. Tellon Blaze was born into the Blaze clan and founded the Tell clan. The healers/doctors in Earth Prime belong to the Kar clan. I suspect that you’re thinking of a paragraph in Earth Prime where one of the Kar clan doctors says: “We aren’t just a Military medical clan and part of the Military alliance. We’re part of an older alliance as well. One that binds us to the four original leading clans of the Military Alliance, as well as the Tell clan and its sister Blaze clan.” There’ll be more about that in the third Scavenger book.

      3. Yes, there will be more about the Fidelis project in the third Scavenger book. Once Sol 2781 and the fifth Hive Mind book are safely out of the door, I must take the time to complete that one.


      • Aelis Martell says:

        I definitely have a whole bunch of theories about what’s coming based on hints I’ve caught in the current books that you have published. And I’m excited to see if I’m right about any of them. And knowing how Blaze, Tad, and those from the Tell clan tend to operate, explosive surprises in future books are kind expected. I’m also glad to hear that we will learn more about Jarra’s siblings in Sol 2781. That’s pretty exciting.

        1. YES! I was hoping so.

        2. Yeah, that was the part I was remembering. Apparently I remembered wrong. 😆 but I’m glad to hear that will be more explained in the next Scavenger book.

        3. Awesome! I’ll just have to wait for that next Scavenger book then to have confirmation on my other Fidelis related questions.

        Thanks for answering my questions!

        Also, I went back into the original trilogy to try and figure out some things that were bothering me. And I gotta say, I’m super super super concerned for Tad in the next year. The poor kid is gonna practically fall apart isn’t he? But he’ll obviously succeed in getting portals working again. You probably can’t answer this as it is probably a spoiler, but does Tad get portals working before the Earth data net fail?

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      • I’m afraid you’re right about that one being a spoiler. 🙂


    • Star says:

      Hi Aelis, you may want to visit the Portal Future wiki, discuss forum … we are always up for a discussion on new theories or anything else related…. we haven’t been too active for the past few months, mostly waiting for new material to discuss and speculate on 😄 but I’ve just re-read the scavenger books so am working on some new articles. The link to the wiki is up in the “fun extras” area …

      Sooo excited to se Janet’s reply about the 3rdt book 😁 …

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  8. Marilyn Swift says:

    I have really missed your books, so much so, that I even bought Reaper which I thought I would not like, not being into gaming. However, I really loved the book. Re-reading for the umpteenth time the Scavenger books and it would be lovely to have another of these as well as the Hive books. Without wishing to put pressure onto you, I hope you release a few full length books soon, I am so missing new books since this Covid virus disrupted everything. I love your books.


    • Covid has definitely disrupted everything including my planned release schedule. I’m glad you enjoyed Reaper despite your qualms. You’ve actually missed a new book coming out in the Portal Future, because Hestia 2781 was published at the start of this month. That wasn’t what I expected to happen before Covid, but it was what the creative side of my brain was able to focus on.

      If you want to make sure that you don’t miss any new releases then you can go to the Newsletter page on this website and sign up to get email alerts. Please check my Coming Next page for details of what I hope will be my next two releases. Given that it’s an uncertain world, I’ve given up predicting what will happen after that, but Scavenger Exodus 3 is on my to write list.


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