(Scavenger Exodus 1)

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ISBN: 1546640223  ISBN-13: 978-1546640226

US Trade Paperback, Size: 6″ x 9″

Page Count: 342

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Set in the 25th Century Portal Future

2408. Humanity has travelled to the stars through interstellar portals, but the rebels and criminals were left behind on a ruined Earth. Eighteen-year-old Blaze is one of the last seven hundred people scavenging a living in an increasingly lethal New York. Her mother died six years ago. Her brother turned traitor. She believes her father is Donnell, the leader of the uneasy alliance between the remnants of the Earth Resistance and the old criminal gangs. She’s not sure what Donnell believes because he’s barely spoken to her since her brother betrayed him.

Blaze has survived this long by being too unimportant to kill, but now the alliance is on the brink of starvation, and an old enemy is trying to seize power. When an aircraft carrying three privileged off-worlders crashes in New York, it adds more fuel to an already explosive situation, and Blaze is forced to step into the spotlight. Can the traitor’s sister convince Donnell, the warring divisions, and the off-worlders to work together to leave the death trap of New York? Blaze thinks that failure will mean the death of everyone she knows, but then she discovers the off-worlders’ secret. The stakes here are far higher than just seven hundred lives.

Scavenger Alliance is set in the same future timeline as the Earth Girl trilogy, but takes place several centuries earlier, and features an ancestor of the trilogy’s main character, Jarra.

Books In Brogan “Another amazing, addicting story with turbulent ups and downs that had me undeniably hooked throughout the entire thing.” See review

Brainfluff “If you like your science fiction with a gritty edge, plenty of action and a readable protagonist then go searching for this one. It’s one of the best science fiction adventure tales I’ve read this year.” See review

SF crowsnest “One writer that has captured the essence of the Y/A subset is Janet Edwards.” “Blaze is an ideal Y/A protagonist, wilful and prey to her emotions perhaps but ultimately not prepared to take what others say as gospel.” See review

Birmingham Science Fiction Group (Carol Goodwin) “a good mixture of action, menace and character development and one which I really enjoyed”

Read sample chapters here.

Cover art (C) Janet Edwards 2018, Cover Design by The Cover Collection


  1. Star says:

    Hello Janet, hope you are well? and busy? 😉 I’m re-reading the Scavenger series and decided to write an overview of Exodus Century for the wiki, there are so many hidden gems in all of the books, but no really good place to add them without all of the info being stung all over the place. I thought one article would make a good overview/refresher for anyone that needs it. I only have one question that I am pretty sure isn’t a spoiler, but I usually get it wrong…😁 just let me know if you don’t feel like you can answer it… hopefully I will do my best not to ask any more questions unless I am pretty sure that they aren’t overall important or will come up again.

    When was the “Suicide Decade”? I think it has to be around 2340 to 2360?????

    No rush, I can always go back and add it later or leave it in that time frame … thanks! Star

    Liked by 1 person

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