REAPER (End Game 1)

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ISBN: 1542611784  ISBN-13: 978-1542611787

US Trade Paperback, Size: 6″ x 9″

Page Count: 346

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Set in the Game Future

In the year 2519, people on Earth don’t grow old and die any longer, their bodies are frozen and they start a new life in the virtual reality of the global game.

Jex is almost eighteen, working twelve hour shifts, and dreaming of when she’ll be legally adult and begin her long-planned idyllic life in one of hundreds of wildly differing virtual worlds. When a bomber attacks a server complex, one of the virtual worlds crashes, and eleven thousand immortal players die during emergency defrost. Death has struck for the first time in centuries, and Jex is questioned as a suspect in the bombing.

With this on her record, Jex will never be allowed to enter the global game, but then a 400-year-old legendary player offers her the chance to join his investigation into the bombing. Jex must help Hawk catch the true bomber to protect the global game and save her own future. She joins a chase that will lead through real and virtual worlds, but the bomber has good reason to call himself the Reaper, and the heroic Hawk has his own secrets to hide.

Books In Brogan “Loved everything about this book.” “This one has it all, a great story, characters, plenty of suspense and drama  with a little romance mixed in so it will appeal to readers of all ages.” See review

Brainfluff “This thriller is a real page-turner, as there are all sorts of plot twists. I also very much liked the unfolding romance which works well. There is plenty of humour when we see the ideal lantern-jawed hero transformed into a geeky teenager who ran headlong into a game rather than cope with real-life relationships.” See review

Read sample chapters here.

Cover art (C) Janet Edwards 2016, Cover Design by The Cover Collection

6 Responses to REAPER

  1. kairi341 says:

    Just finished the book and loved it. Very reminiscent of ready player one but still unique. The excellent world building has continued with the new series and I look forward to future novels


    • I confess I haven’t read Ready Player One (the problem with writing books is you have less time to read them), but the book description sounds like it’s a good book in a similar genre with virtual worlds.

      I’m glad you like the world building. Reaper actually had a close brush with death itself. I wrote it when Earth Girl was going round publishers, then I had to focus on the Earth Girl trilogy for a couple of years. When I tried looking at Reaper again, I found the word document had been corrupted. Fortunately, I had a lot of very old backups, was able to find an uncorrupted version of the book, and rescued Reaper from the abyss.


  2. Rachel says:

    This is my absolute favorite of all of your books. It was so amazing. Are you planning a on writing a sequel, or at least something else in this universe?


    • Hi Rachel. I’m glad you enjoyed Reaper. I do have ideas for more books in the Game future, but I’m afraid there’ll probably be a long wait before any of them get written. At the moment, I’m focusing on more books in the Exodus and Hive Mind series.

      I have so many ideas for books that I really need several clones of myself to help write them.


  3. Martin says:

    Where is Book 2??!!


  4. I’m afraid I’m having to focus on a couple of my other series for the moment, but I aim to write more about Jex and Hawk eventually.


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