HURRICANE (Hive Mind 3)

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ISBN: 1795266384 ISBN-13: 978-1795266383

US Trade Paperback, Size: 6″ x 9″

Page Count:399


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Now also available as a case laminate hardcover from limited outlets

ISBN-13: 979-8484320646

Page Count: 399

Note that the cover art is printed directly onto the book. There is no separate paper cover. The book is only fractionally larger than the paperback and has a virtually identical interior.

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Set in the Hive Future

Being a telepath means there is always a new challenge.

Eighteen-year-old Amber is the youngest of the five telepaths who protect the hundred million citizens of one of the great hive cities of twenty-sixth century Earth. Her job is hunting down criminals before they commit their crimes, but this time a simple case leads on to something far bigger.

This is a case where Amber’s team have to face the unknown and break all the rules they usually follow. Lucas must take centre stage, while Amber has extra burdens she can’t share with anyone. She has a personal mystery to solve, and questions she wants answered, but curiosity is a dangerous trait in a telepath.

Hurricane is the third book in the Hive Mind series. Cover depicts Lucas.

Cover art (C) Janet Edwards 2018, Cover Design by The Cover Collection.

Books In Brogan I absolutely loved it, the mystery and the twists that the book takes will surprise both the characters and the reader.” See review

Brainfluff “I’ve found myself thinking a lot about this book since I’ve finished reading it – always a sure sign that it’s something a bit special that’s delivered above and beyond the engrossing story that held me throughout. Highly recommended for fans of enjoyable YA science fiction, this is the best of the series so far.” See review

Birmingham Science Fiction Group (Carol Goodwin) “This is an eminently readable SF story that will appeal to a wide age range beyond just YA. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next instalment. ”  See review

SF crowsnest “Anyone wanting a fast paced, joyous YA book would enjoy this series” See review

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28 Responses to HURRICANE

  1. Jennifer Tucker says:

    I just went on Amazon to look to see if this book had come out yet. I saw it and starting screaming Yeah! I haven’t even read a page yet and am excited about it. Thank you for getting this book out before Christmas. You have made my year! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday!


  2. Hi Jennifer.

    Yes, at this moment Hurricane is in the complex release stage, which takes a few days and involves a fair amount of screaming from me. Currently, Amazon worldwide has loaded the book for sale and is sorting out some of the extra things like listing the book on my author page. Hurricane is already in the loading stage on a multitude of other outlets, and I have to start two final outlets loading today. It takes a varying amount of time for the book to appear on different outlets, and things are especially unpredictable at this time of year, but I’m hoping it will be available for everyone before Christmas.

    I hope you enjoy reading Hurricane, and have a great Holiday!



  3. ANDARIAL says:

    Just purchased for my Kindle 🙂
    Many Thanks

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  4. Kris Y. says:

    Like Jennifer, I screamed too!! As agonising as it is, I’m going to wait a few days to read Hurricane. It’s going to be a finishing-exams present to myself. Thank you so much for writing, and I hope you have a great holiday!


  5. Sarah says:

    I’m dancing in my chair. SO happy! My evening plans just changed 🙂


  6. mosome2 says:

    I LOVE HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. mosome2 says:

    The best hive mind book ever!!!!!

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  8. Sarah says:

    I didn’t comment the first time through – but i just got back to it on my reread, and the seagull is still awesome.


  9. Susie Johnson says:

    I have finished the first 2 book and am going to start Hurricane tomorrow on my Kindle. I hate to start and finish this one knowing it is the last of the series. Will there be more in this Hive Minds series? Thanks, I really enjoyed the first 2. I may try another series next.


    • I’m glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the Hive Mind series. Hurricane is the third book in the series but I have more planned. If all goes well (it doesn’t always) book four will be out either December 2019 or January 2020.


  10. Sarah says:

    D’you mind if we ask random questions?
    I’ve been wondering what the Hive policy is on pets. A lot of apartments don’t like them – they can be destructive – but some pets are well suited to life in small spaces (gerbils for example), while others do better if they have space to run (dogs especially but I’ve always let my cats go outside as well – though I can see where free roaming might not be preferred…. maybe limit access with collars / chips?).
    There are the parks … dogs have never been mentioned but that’d be a good place to take them, or there could be dog parks.
    Amber might not even know about the options if her family never had pets; it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were (implicitly or explicitly) discouraged on Teen Level (if nothing else, then because pet food can get pricey).
    Alternatively they might assume that parks are enough … but pet companionship really *is* different … (as I write this, I’m wondering if that THUMP was my cat knocking something off a table).
    At the sea farm, cats and dogs could both be working animals … but we were never in a good place to see that …
    Anyway. Just some musings.


    • People are welcome to ask random questions. My replies vary between long and rambling detail to zero information, simply because I have a long list of potential books to write in all my universes and don’t wish to give spoilers for things likely to be covered in those books.

      While pets aren’t likely to become the major focus for a Hive Mind plot, minor mentions are going to pop up fairly soon, so I’ll keep this brief. Firstly, cats and dogs are generally very much part of sea farm life, though less so among the people who work on board fishing boats. Secondly, Hive policy is zero pets, but the reality (as with the issue of going Outside) is far more complex.

      I should point out that I’m personally strongly in favour of both pets and going Outside. 😀


      • Sarah says:

        I assumed you were :-p Otherwise Amber wouldn’t keep going Outside!
        It’s interesting all the little details you pick up on rereading … i noticed in this one that “veterinary clinic” was new to them (that’s what triggered the thought about pets) but apparently “vet” is known (I think that was book 1) – and in many ways that makes sense, someone has to take care of the park animals if nothing else – but I bet they know who the owners of “not a pet” are!)
        I wouldn’t expect it to be a major focus point … if I did, I’d wait to see how you handled it 😉


  11. Kris Y. says:

    May I also ask a couple random questions about the Hive Mind series?

    1. I’ve been wondering how large apartments are in the Hive. To establish a couple benchmarks, approximately how large would Amber’s room on Teen Level have been? How about Amber’s parents’ apartment on Level 27?

    2. I’ve read your blog post on how Jarra narrates each Earth Girl book to a particular audience. Is Amber narrating to a particular audience? My current speculation is that Amber is narrating to herself after-the-fact to help make sense of her experiences.

    3. How are identity numbers assigned? I see that the first four digits are a person’s birth year, but what about the other seven digits? Is it generally sequentially for each baby born?


    • Hi Kris,

      Of course you can ask about the Hive Mind series.

      1. Amber’s room on Teen Level would be about 2.5 metres by 4 metres (8 foot by 13 foot) including the floor area taken up by the miniscule bathroom unit. Her bedroom in her parents’ apartment would have been a bit over 4 metres by 4 metres (13 foot by 13 foot) with a separate bathroom. The Hive wants to keep its population up, so apartment size doesn’t just depend on someone’s level but also the number of children they have, and no you don’t have to move to a smaller apartment when the children go to live on teen level. A Level 27 couple would have an apartment consisting of three standard rooms the size of Amber’s bedroom, plus one double sized room as a living area, plus bathrooms. Since Amber’s parents raised two children, they would have an apartment with an extra three standard rooms. Although they’d probably been using one of their rooms solely for playing bookettes, they aren’t high enough level to have a room with the full features of a dedicated bookette room.

      2. Yes, Jarra is specifically narrating each Earth Girl book to a particular audience. (It’s an interesting fact that the Tell clan maintain an archive of such stories narrated by clan members through history, including Blaze’s Scavenger stories, and have sufficient influence/security clearance to get their hands on copies of Jarra’s stories to add to the collection.) You’re fairly accurate that Amber is more thinking through events to make sense of her experience.

      3. The first four digits of a Hive identity number reflect a person’s birth year, but using the Lottery year rather than the standard year. There should be a little more on Lottery years in the next book, but effectively it means anyone born after the Lottery of 2514 but before the Lottery of 2515 will have an identity code of 2514 and be a candidate in the 2532 Lottery. The other seven digits are a combination of a classification code system and a sequential number,


  12. Kris Y. says:

    Hello, here with a few more questions about the Hive Future!

    1. We’re told that the Hive is essentially a closed loop environment. At the same time, the Hive surely generates a massive and diverse amount of waste in terms of products: old clothes, outdated dataviews, medical equipment, furniture, etc. There doesn’t seem to be different kinds of trash bins (i.e. compost / landfill / e-waste / etc) either. Is everything “recyclable”? Does everything just go through incinerators and the raw materials collected afterwards?

    2. What profession do you think you’d be in the Hive? Of course Lottery processing is complicated, but there can be some indicators (i.e. Forge is athletic and risk-taking, Atticus is meticulous and can work well with his hands, Linnette loves animals). To better rephrase the question, what profession do you think your Lottery result would lean towards?

    3. What kind of jobs would Level 96 citizens have? I’m mainly curious what might be classified as “lower” than Level 93 Pipe Technicians.

    4. What are crunch cakes like? I keep thinking of them as rice cakes, although I have the feeling that they’re somewhere in-between a biscuit, a(n American) cookie and a granola bar, haha!


  13. Hi again Khris.

    1. Amber’s Hive actually specializes in recycling. All its own manufactured goods are designed with recycling in mind. There is no separation of waste by people in their apartments. The Hive view is that separating waste correctly requires too much specialist knowledge and effort to be done correctly by random Hive citizens, so all waste goes through a later separation process.

    2. I would like to think Lottery would assign me to writing bookettes.

    3. One of my planned future books for the Hive Mind series involves what happens at the lowest levels of the Hive, so I can’t answer this question without potentially giving away spoilers. It’s not nearly as predictable as you might think.

    Oh and I don’t know what number that book will be in the series. Basically, I have a set of concepts for future books. A few need to happen at a certain time, but most can happen anywhere in the sequence, so it just depends what the creative side of my brain decides it wants to write next. From bitter experience, I know that it’s never a good idea to argue with the creative side of my brain.

    4. Crunch cakes are available on even the lowest levels of the Hive. In Megan’s opinion, Amber should be eating something much higher level, but the telepath gets what she wants. In fact, what the Hive calls crunch cakes exist right now, and are (where I live) one of the standard cakes for small children to make. Search for ‘cornflake cakes for kids’ if you’d like recipes.


    • Kris Y. says:

      1. Fascinating! It’s normal to separate trash where I live, so throwing data cubes into the same chute as food waste was a little shocking to me, haha!

      2. Very fitting 😀

      3. Ooh… that is very interesting. Count me curious. Wild speculations: maybe “securely confined” people live on those levels. Or maybe Outside workers to keep them from promoting their shameful “other” activities to the rest of the Hive. Or maybe extra Telepath Units just in case the Industry 1 ones fill up. Or… or… …I’m excited to find out, but of course your creative mind knows best 🙂

      4. Thank you for clarifying! Unfortunately I’ve never made them myself, but they look fun to make! I can see why Megan would think them as too low level for Amber.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Sarah says:


    Every time I read this, I keep thinking that the long-ago strike teams reacted in line with their nature … and completely incorrectly. *Obviously* the correct answer would be for *both strike teams* to stun their own telepath. That’s the one they can reach, stun should hurt less than the situation they’re in … *maybe* the defenses go down on the attacked and *definitely* the attack stops from the attacker … regardless of who was at fault.
    I blame the tactical commanders. Though I can see where making the decision to stun *your own telepath* would be hard.
    The Hive’s reaction that it’s not worth the risk does still make sense, even if someone realized that afterwards ……..

    I also end up wondering what happens when a telepath runs into someone who will be a telepath after Lottery … but I somehow suspect that’s something that might come up in a later book 😉


    • (SPOILER. IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE BOOK DON’T READ THIS COMMENT.) It’s entirely possible both Tactical Commanders did agree to that plan, but neither of them would go through with giving the order to the Strike team.

      The problem is that stun takes time to take effect (which is why the team use kill setting to take down a target in extreme situations) and the length of that time varies depending on several individual factors including body mass. In Defender, the team shoot someone on stun a dozen times and still had a long fight to take him down. So, even if you simultaneously shoot two people on stun, there’s only a tiny chance of them losing consciousness simultaneously.

      Basically following that plan meant whoever lost consciousness first would be helpless and annihilated by the other. The best tactic for each Tactical Commander was to try to trick the other side into following the plan while not shooting themselves. That way their person would automatically win the fight.

      And for reasons you’ve guessed, I can’t comment on the last bit. 😀


      • Sarah says:

        Yeah, I can see them not saying anything even if they did figure it out … conflict between what’s best for the hive (saving at least one telepath) and what’s best for the unit … if nothing else.

        Or even if they *do* both try, the outcome as given could have been the result. Sometimes, the best choices still result in tragedy.

        And Amber wouldn’t know, either way … no reason for other people to learn / pass on full details, especially the way Morton is. After all, he wants to discourage her curiosity.

        Doesn’t really matter, in the end ….. even if there’s a better way, keeping telepaths apart is still safer and the consequences of failure are so high, the Hive might have chosen that even if both telepaths had survived and been only a little damaged. When something’s that vital, you don’t accept the risk.

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