Reviews of Earth Star

Earth Star coverKirkus starred review “A fresh and thrilling adventure…. Nitty-gritty archaeology details are vivid…. Edwards shows that speculative fiction needn’t be dystopic, conspiracy-filled or love-triangled to be riveting and satisfying. Amaz—simply amaz.” See review

Booklist “What a palate cleanser was the near-utopic sci-fi Earth Girl (2013)! Giggly, futuristic 18-year-old archaeologist-in-training Jarra is back in this similarly bubbly outing… ” “Serious themes are lurking beneath the confident world building—prejudice, the idea of preemptive military action, the concept of acceptable human losses—but Edwards’ light hand is what continues to make this series so smart and breezy.” See review

School Library Journal “Nuanced, realistic characters, action-packed sequences, and a government that acts in the best interest of its people successfully work together to engross the reader.”

Sammy The Bookworm “The first book in this series stole my heart and book two does it again for all the same wonderful reasons.” “It would be very easy for me to say that Jarra is one of my favorite fictional heroines of all time.” See review

Kate of For Winter Nights “Janet Edwards is to be applauded for producing a second novel that is every bit as good as her outstanding debut novel Earth Girl. I loved every page.” See reviewEarth Star USA cover

238 Books in 238 Days “What I loved about “Earth Girl” was the history, the different cultures, Jarra’s military “experiment”. I was sure that this would be lost in the second book. And I was happy to see that I was wrong :).” See review

Head Stuck in a Book “Janet’s imagery and descriptions throughout this series has brought this world to life, with great characters and fabulous world-building, I’m eager to get my hands on the third and final book in this trilogy. Highly recommended.” See review

In Love With Handmade “Earth Star doesn’t suffer from the middle book syndrome, instead it gives the overall plot of the series a new twist and rises the stakes up a notch!” See review

The Book  Smugglers “Overall, Earth Star is another captivating and wonderful entry in Jarra’s ongoing story.” “Absolutely recommended – if you haven’t tried out this series yet, you should get on board immediately.” See review

Howling for Books “I have nothing but praises for Earth Star. It exceeded all my expectations, made me devour it and love all the characters even more than before (how it was even possible?).” See review

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Chat review by Michelle Ristuccia  “Find out if Jarra can live up to her newfound hero status in this excellently written, fast paced, hard scifi adventure.” See review

Shattered Ravings  “I simply cannot put into words how much I love this series. I am thrilled that my own daughter is a fan of this series (and Jarra) as well. ” See review

Uncorked Thoughts “An absolutely brilliant to sequel to what was an amazing first book! This book was even more captivating than Earth Girl, with the characters given even more depth and an introduction to some truly wonderful characters.” See review

On Starships and Dragon Wings “Earth Star had me gripping the covers with white knuckles and reading as fast as I could. It is full of edge-of-your-seat excitement and tension, even while Jarra is working at an archeological dig site.” See review

SciFi Chick “This sequel is just as exciting and dramatic as before. Edwards’ characters are vivid and engaging. And she has created a fascinating future of instantaneous travel between worlds, where the unlucky “handicapped” are unable to leave Earth. I certainly look forward to the next in this exceptional series.”  See review

Night Owl Teen “This one doesn’t suffer from book-two-itis at all, it was wonderful!” See review

Dark Matter (Rebecca Muir) “I loved Earth Girl, so I leapt at the chance to read and review Earth Star, and I wasn’t disappointed.” “Earth Star has a nice blend of action and drama, great characters, thoughtful exploration of some of the issues and a dash of romance.” “I highly recommend it.” See review

Buried Under Books “I say well done to Janet Edwards, you’ve created a future that any young reader would love to delve into.” See review

Brainfluff “In addition, the story in Earth Star is pacy, event-filled and engrossing such that I didn’t put the book down until I’d finished.” See review

Terror Tree “A thoroughly enjoyable YA book that will appeal to adults too.” See review

Revisionary’s View  Earth Star not only delights me but it enlarges my own imagination.” “Edwards’ trilogy is the liveliest imagining I have read in many years.” See review

Portland Book Review “Janet Edwards has created a tough and likeable character in eighteen-year-old Jarra. The book and its characters wrestle with the age-old problems of fitting in, and learning your own self-worth, albeit in a futuristic sci-fi setting.” See review

Not Yet Read “The wealth of nifty science fiction treats had me barely coming up for air between pages. Now mix in the sci-fi alien technology and it was a one sitting read.” See review

Bookyurt “I swallowed it whole, went back ’round to re-read the first book immediately after, and then found myself reading this one all over again – so yes, I freaking love this series, and I can’t wait to see what crazy situation Jarra lands herself in next. Bring on the next Earth adventure!” See review

Blogcritics “Ms. Edwards writes with a particular grace and heart that weaves a world that is at times marvellous, terrifying, silent, chaotic, and beautiful in an otherworldly way. I could alternate from giggling to gripping my book with anticipation in a matter of pages,” See review

Pinkindle “…full of tension with the looming alien threat, and a lot of solid world building!” See review

Jax Blunt of LiveOtherwise “All, in all, this is a rollercoaster ride, which I highly recommend for all readers from younger teens up. And I can’t wait to get my hands on the third instalment.” See review

JeanzBookReadNReview “So did I enjoy the book? Enjoy is an understatement . . . when can I read the next one?” See review

Looking For the Panacea “I personally think that the Earth Girl series is a series that deserves a lot more hype. It’s incredibly original and unique and I don’t think I’ve read any young adult books even remotely similar.” See review

Don D’Ammassa’s Critical Mass “This is much more complex and inventive than the first book – probably a sign of growing confidence on the part of the writer – and what sounds like a simple, straightforward plot is in fact much more nuanced than it appears.” See review

The Bibliosanctum “Not only is there an important message, I also love the universe Janet Edwards has created, and here she expands the idea further by throwing humanity a curveball – the possibility of aliens on Earth’s doorstep.” See review

Curiosity Killed the Bookworm “There were some lovely scenes with the supporting characters and I loved the new locations on Earth.” See review

Litpick “What a great book- one I will recommend to others!” See review

Bull Spec – A Magazine of Speculative Fiction “This is definitely a series which could be enjoyed by all ages. It is my favorite SF adventure series so far this year.” See review

Dark Matter (Nalini Haynes) “Jarra and Fian’s Worf-and-Jadzia-style relationship is excellent.” See review

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