EARTH PRIME (The Earth Girl Aftermath Stories 1)

Now available worldwide in Ebook.

Paperback release is aimed to be in time for Christmas 2021 but there are delays getting proof copies due to Covid/Brexit. I’m working on this!





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Earth Prime

Earth Prime is the first of what is planned to be two collections of stories set in the Portal Future after Earth Flight and during the preparations for the expedition to Fortuna.

The Earth Girl trilogy was told solely from the narrow viewpoint of Jarra. These collections include stories told from the viewpoints of other characters in the Earth Girl trilogy, and reveal personal details and information that Jarra didn’t know.

Earth Prime focuses on Jarra, Fian, and the other archaeologists.

(Best read after the Earth Girl trilogy.)

Approximate length 460 pages.

Contents list:-

The End, and the New Beginning – Jarra Tell Morrath (Revised collected edition of the serial previously published on this website.)

I Will Be Right Here Waiting – Fian Eklund (Novelette)

Twenty Seconds in Ark – Dalmora Rostha (Short story)

Full Circle – Lecturer Dannel Playdon (Novelette)

Raw Material – Krath Karman (Short story)

Balance of Power – Amalie Roche (Novelette)

The Real Jerez Rivera – Jerez Rivera (Novelette)

Year End 2788 – Lecturer Dannel Playdon (A related short story set eleven months earlier.)

Cover Design (C) Janet Edwards 2020, Cover Design by The Cover Collection.

Books In Brogan “This is a not to be missed addition to the Earth Girl series.” See review

Brainfluff “If you have read and enjoyed the Earth Girl trilogy and would like once more to dive back into that world, this collection comes highly recommended. And if you haven’t and want to know what all the fuss is about, then it is an ideal place to start. It reminded me all over again just why I became such a fan of Edwards’ writing.” See review

A huge apology for paperback readers that Earth Prime won’t appear in paperback until autumn 2021.

When I publish an ebook, the paperback usually follows about two months later. In the current world situation, I can publish ebooks relatively normally,  and my existing paperbacks seem to be available to buy with longer than usual delivery times, but publishing new paperbacks is a problem. Some steps in my usual paperback process are likely to take much longer than normal, while others may not be possible at all.

My deepest apologies that I’m therefore reluctantly delaying publishing the paperback of Earth Prime. Should it affect anyone’s decision on whether to wait for the paperback, this book is even longer than Borderline. I expect the paperback length to be at least 460 pages, and paperback printing costs depend on the number of pages, so this will be another higher-priced paperback.

51 Responses to EARTH PRIME

  1. Bookaholic says:

    I’m so happy to get something new to read from you. I wasn’t expecting Earth Prime so soon. 😍

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    • Maria says:


      When I saw that you had published it I knew immediately that I had to buy it. I’m so so in love with this series and all of its characters. Thank you so much for bringing them to life and I can’t wait to see what happens in the second half! Are we going to see fortuna in the second half or are you going to publish a series on fortuna itself with Jara in there? Thank you ☺️💖

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  2. EarthGirl says:

    Is the book going to be out on Kobo? I’m so excited!

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  3. Khris Y. says:

    I started on the portal future books a couple months ago, and this whole new universe been a wonderful escape from the pandemic. Thank you so much for bringing these characters and universe to life! Earth Prime is one definitely going to be a highlight of this month for me 😀 I hope you’re doing alright and are having a better second half of the year 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m pleased that you’ve been escaping the pandemic by hiding out in the Portal Future. 2020 still seems an ongoing disaster of a year, so I hope reading Earth Prime gives you some relief.


  4. EllTorr99 says:

    Hello. Can you tell if google books version would be available?
    Thank you for your books. They are really inspiring, and they help me to get through the whole pandemic thing.


    • I’m glad to hear the books are helping you during the ongoing nightmare of 2020. Earth Prime has cleared the publishing stage on google books so should hopefully be available to buy there soon.

      … And in fact the general search still seems to be loading but I’ve updated a direct link that seems to work.


      • EllTorr99 says:

        Thank you very much! It seems like the problem was the search. The book gave me a lot to think about, but also more questions have arisen. I’m really looking for Military part 2 in hopes of leaning more about Beta


  5. Ulrike R. M. says:

    Hello 🙂
    Just wanted to say that I´m super excited for this! Usually I wait for paperback, but considering the situation I´ll just go for e-book first and get the paperback later xD
    Love the Earth Girl series a lot, so I´m actually very happy the aftermath story collection will be in two parts :3 Also looking forward to hearing from other character´s point of view!

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    • Going for the ebook will certainly save you a long wait. I hope you enjoy the first collection about the archaeologists. There are some interesting things to come in the second collection about the Military as well. 🙂


  6. gerbilfriend says:

    Just got the chance to read earth prime.

    It was a joy.

    I feel bad for the security agents. They try so hard.

    (loved the betting pool and thanks for another awesome book!)

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  7. I’m delighted you enjoyed it. 🙂


  8. An says:

    Loved it! Thank you so much and am looking forward to the 2nd part! as well as any other books that you can get published before it. After reading Earth Prime I had to reread the Scavenger books!😁

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  9. Joel says:

    I have loved your books and reread most of them at least a dozen times over several years. I’ve always felt cheated when I learn I new book has been published, only to discover it turns out to be a groups of short stories. I prefer longer books as they usually are more detailed, opening enough side doors within the world that I can enjoy exploring, getting lost in and wondering about several times over. I was very excited to continue the Journey but my dislike of short stories left my bar of expectation low often most teens could high jump it during athletics carnivals.

    Earth Prime was Gold.

    I picked it up yesterday thinking I’d read one of the stories and became completely hooked. I loved the flow from one story teller to the next and the richness you revealed about the characters we’d had the chance to meet through the lens which Jarra saw her world.
    Somewhere through The End and The New Beginning my wife had to be quite determined to draw me back into our world to make and eat dinner. I stepped Briefly back into the Portal future before going to bed. I discovered the archeologists time zone problems were catching after stepping back into my world. Somehow it was after dawn. Unfortunately I didn’t even have any of out of the biorhythm adjustment meds Jarra hates.

    I think it has been my favorite of your books to read. I was enchanted by the way you spun the story.The richness of personality Earth Prime created as I listened to your characters open doors into their minds and motivating forces was captivating. You uncovered delights, intrigues & skeletons that had been hiding in the murky peripheries of how Jarra interpreted life. I have related to and loved the way Jarra is focused on and consumed by the story she sees playing out before. The different angles and scenes chosen for us to enjoy this story through has created a connection to this group of stories that captured my imagination. I can’t wait to read whatever project the creative side of your brain pushes to the front of the queue next.


  10. What can I possibly say! I know from personal experience the pure joy of being totally sucked into a book so you lose all track of time. I’m glad that your wife made you stop to eat though, because Earth Prime is rather long. 😀

    It’s interesting to hear your thoughts on the collection. The Earth Girl trilogy was written solely from the narrow immersive viewpoint of Jarra. I set out to write a collection of stories that would give the reader a brief, wider look at the situation after Earth Flight from the viewpoint of a variety of characters.

    My aim was the rather ambitious one that each story would show an important moment for the character, reveal personal information or events that Jarra couldn’t know about, and also be part of an overall arc moving the situation forwards.

    It was great fun finally getting the chance to write about some of the things that I knew but Jarra didn’t, such as exactly why Dalmora looked depressed in Ark. However, it soon became clear that the collection was far too long for one book, so I’ve had to split it in two.

    I’m delighted that the overall arc of the stories still worked for you despite this only being the first book. You should hopefully like the way that arc continues in the second book.

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  11. Star says:

    I have some questions that I don’t think are very important over all, but I may have misjudged your intentions. I really don’t expect much of an answer, just yes, no, no comment or a very brief answer as I don’t want to take you away from your creative process. The questions are mostly just to fill in blanks on the wiki.

    1. What is Drago’s Mother’s name? In Hera 2781 she is mentioned as “the awe-inspiring Madrigal”, so one of your fans took that to mean that is her name, but I took it to mean a title or nickname, like Berrymore’s “the Great Profile” or Emily Dickinson’s “The Belle of Amherst” ….. is that what you meant?

    2. Is Drago an only child?

    3. The original Jarra Tell Morrath and Draco Tell Dramis’s parents were Male Dramis and Female Morrath, which one was a Tell?

    4. Is Bard Tell _____ last name a spoiler? If not, can you share it for the family tree? We already know from Kappa Sector 2788 that it isn’t Galad.

    5. Is Marack Tell Galad an only child?

    6. In The End, and the New Beginning – Capri says that there were 4 original Military Betan Clans, in the Earth Girl Trilogy the Ray and Tar Clans are mentioned so, along with the new clans mentioned, Bran and March, were Ray and Tar clans the other two original military clans?

    7. Will we ever hear from or about Captain Koulsy Mobele (Frontier) again?

    8. What is the problem with earth rabbits on Tethys?

    9. What size is an Asgard butterfly? Dinner plate size, size of a hand, or ?

    10. Any additional information about volcanoes of Pyrrhus? Are they still active in the 28th century? Do/did they effect the continent that humanity settled on? Or will there be a book/story where more details will or may appear?

    11. How long did the Runners and Changeling era last? c. 2420 to ——–?

    12. When was the ability to bounce signals over long distances without going through cross sector portals created / invented? Approximate century, decade or year is good enough? Used for pre-empts, military, medical and babies with Immune Syndrome (It was in use for the end of the 2nd Roman Empire in 2658)

    13. Type 4 portal intolerance: is there a Type 1, 2 and 3 portal intolerance?

    14. Does the Asgard Rabbit have paws or hoofs?


  12. Hi Star,

    I had to laugh reading your questions because so many of them are going to be covered either in the next collection or other future books so have to be classed as spoilers. In at least one case, it’s more at the level of SPOILERS!!!!!!

    I’ll answer the few remaining ones.

    1. Madrigal is Drago’s mother’s first name. She has always used only her first name as a composer and is staggeringly famous. Most of humanity has heard of Madrigal.

    2. No. More details will appear in future publications.

    5. No. More details will appear in future publications.

    7. I hope so.

    8. It’s the same problem as rabbits in Australia.

    9 Big dinner plate.

    14. Asgard rabbits are alien creatures so they technically have neither, but the appearance of their feet is closer to a hoof. Not that you can usually see much of the hoof because they have shaggy feet like shire horses.


    • Star says:

      Ha, I totally misjudged 😊 Thank you for you quick reply and what answers you could give. I am so looking forward to reading about the other answers!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • EllTorr99 says:

      OH MY GOD! I’m so excited!!!!!
      I’m so in love with Tell clan, and more of them to come. I can’t wait for new books to come.
      Thank you for creating such an amazing universe! It’s wonderful, and you don’t want to leave it. Returning to portal future books feels like coming home! Thank you very much!


    • Kris Y. says:

      Hello! I’ve a question regarding Betan clans, if you don’t mind me asking:

      How is Betan clan membership passed down? Jarra is of the Tell clan since her father’s clan is ranked higher than her mother’s clan. But what would have happened if Jarra’s parents’ clans were of the same rank? Or if Jarra’s parents were part of a triad marriage? What if one genetic parent’s clan – as in Lolia’s case – is only a clan cluster, but other genetic parent is of a higher ranked clan?


      • If one clan is higher ranked, then it’s normal for the children to belong to that clan, but this whole area gets spelled out in painstaking detail in the betrothal contract. Jarra gave up reading hers after clause 3, or she’d have discovered clause 9 specified exactly what would happen to her and Fian’s children in all possible circumstances including divorce, remarriage to each other, remarriage to someone else, divorce to allow remarriage to each other AND someone else, etc. Fian did read clause 9 and spent some considerable time making sure he understood it.

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      • Kris Y. says:

        Ah, that makes sense that clan membership would be spelled out there. And no wonder Fian is a good tag support! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Sara says:

    So I read Earth Prime when it first came out, but I haven’t actually written anything here because I wanted my response to be more than “Yaayyyyy!! I loved it so much,” which is still very true. I love the way you intertwined different character’s stories and connected events across series (or, well, hinted). Parts were so funny I laughed out loud the first time I read it, just like when I first read the Earth Girl trilogy. (There is a theme that Rono is hilarious, but its not just him.)
    It is also great to see a different view of the characters from what Jarra sees, and a different set of knowledge about your world. Even when I want to yell at the characters just to talk to each other, because Jarra has told the readers something she hasn’t told Fian, its great fun. Also, Portal Universe is intricate, I love it. I am so looking forward for whatever new perspectives, information, and chaos Earth Prime 2 brings.
    I also want to say how meaningful the discussion of disability, and more broadly societal oppression, was in The End and the New Beginning.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m delighted that you loved the intertwining character’s stories of Earth Prime, and can quite understand you wanting to yell at Jarra. I often want to yell at her myself. 🙂

      The Portal Future is definitely intricate and there should be a lot more intertwining and mysterious hints in the second aftermath story collection.

      I’m especially glad the discussions of disability etc in The End and the New Beginning worked for you. I was in extreme danger of getting heavy-handed and letting too many personal issues into the bit about the official name issue. When I chose the official term to be Handicapped, I was thinking about an old real-life official term, educationally subnormal (ESN), which I hoped had been left in the past. When I was writing The End and the New Beginning, I was really annoyed to discover old material using that term was now appearing as ebooks. I’m relieved that annoyance didn’t mess up the relevant passages in The End and the New Beginning.


  14. Bina Barnabas says:

    Loved EARTH PRIME, looking forward to the second collection, as also to SOL 2781.
    Your creation of the world in which Jarra lives is intricate and complete – truly amaz.
    Atmosphere, character, pace, plot (thank you, Jasper Fforde!) – your books have them all.
    Thanks for the many pleasurable hours 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I’m glad you loved Earth Prime, and that you feel my books have a generous helping of the four opposing forces of atmosphere, character, pace, and plot. Hopefully, Drago will let me finish Sol 2781 soon, and you’ll have more pleasurable hours with that.


  16. Bina Barnabas says:

    I see that SOL 2781 will likely be out in May; any news about the second Earth Prime collection?
    Hope you’re staying as safe, sane, healthy and happy as possible!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it’s important to prioritize the sane, healthy, and happy side of things in the time of Covid. 🙂 The second collection is going to have a family theme, including stories from Jarra’s Earth family, the Tell clan, and closely linked members of the Military family. I’d expected the collection to include a lot of references to events on the Tell clan side around Jarra’s birth and while she was growing up as a ward of Hospital Earth. As it turns out, Sol 2781 is sweeping up most of those past events. The length of Sol 2781 means that I won’t be able to do much work on the second collection until after Adversary(Hive Mind 5) is published, but it also means I’ll be able to make it much more future-focused.


  17. Kory St. Aoro says:

    That is great news the book is going to be released in paperback. Just curious though, do you have any date of publishing? I looked online and couldn’t find it so I assume it hasn’t been published yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Kory,

      My apologies that the note about the paperback release was out of date. Sadly, the world wasn’t as back to normal at the start of 2021 as I’d hoped, but I should be starting to release paperbacks again by autumn 2021. I’m not sure if Earth Prime or my next book will be the next paperback released though.


  18. Janelle Thiessen van Esch says:

    I love reading your books and I look forward to each and every new one. I don’t get around to reading books on computer, so I wait patiently for their paperback release. I have a special shelf on my bookshelf just for your books. Thanks for updating us with the new release date and thank you so much for continuing to release them in physical paperback versions. I know it’s a bit old-fashioned but I just love the feel of books!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m delighted that you love my books so much, and honoured that you’ve given them a special shelf on your bookcase. Covid has caused some temporary delays, but I’ll definitely be keeping doing new releases as physical books. I perfectly understand there are readers who have a strong preference for either physical books or ebooks, while others have conditions that physically limit them to reading books in a specific format.


  19. Gemma says:

    I don’t know how people in Jarra’s world read everything on lookups! I much prefer a physical book. I don’t think I can wait till fall to read Earth Prime, though (especially since I just finished rereading all three of the Earth Girl books), so I’m going to have to get the e-book to tide me over till then! You’re currently the only (still publishing) author writing stuff I really love to read, and anything you write I know is going to be good – I don’t even have to read reviews. I’m also super excited for the third Scavenger book! I have to reread the first two books, as I remember Blaze’s brother chose the surname “Blaze,” so I’m thinking Tellon Blaze must be either Blaze’s brother from the Scavenger books, or his descendent, which is a really cool tie-in.

    As an aside – was there any particular inspiration for the Drago character? I always picture him as Captain Jack Harkness from Dr Who! Also, was it a conscious decision to not describe Jarra’s appearance? She’s the main character and I realized we don’t even know her hair colour, which I kind of like. Like, how they say “women can do anything men can do, as long as they look good doing it.” Not having a detailed description of her looks reminds people that they’re not important, which is a great message. Maybe they’ll be described in Earth Prime, though, and I’ll have just embarrassed myself…


    • Physical books are definitely a rarity in Jarra’s future, but I’d imagine that it would still be possible to get books printed if you specifically wanted them.

      I’m delighted that you love reading my books. As a general rule, my characters aren’t specifically inspired by anything or anyone. They just stroll into my head and tell me who they are. In the case of Jarra, she stomped into my head and started yelling at me.

      It was a specific decision to not describe Jarra’s appearance in the Earth Girl trilogy. I wanted any reader to be able to imagine themselves being in Jarra’s situation. Also given the focus on prejudice, I particularly wanted to avoid anyone thinking that the prejudice was due to Jarra’s appearance.


  20. Kory St. Aoro says:

    I understand the delay and I patiently wait for the paperback. Though I am curious if you have any hint when I can pre-order the paperback? I don’t care for E-Books or Audio Books and prefer Hardcover though Paperback works, main thing is a physical copy that has the rich smell of ink, paper, and glue as well as the feel of the book.


    • I’m currently rushing through two Drago ebooks in hopefully very quick succession, and will be catching up with the paperbacks after that. I expect I’ll just be publishing the paperbacks when one is ready to release, rather than putting them up for pre-order, because there are factors beyond my control that may affect dates. Also, I’m currently unsure whether I should release the Drago paperbacks first and then Earth Prime or the other way around. Do you have any preference on this or are you just happy with whichever order gets the paperbacks out fastest?

      Paperbacks need separate formatting, cover art, and proofreading, so my best guess is the first one will appear near the end of October. If you’ve signed up for my newsletter then you’ll get an email when anything releases, and I try to make it clear in the subject line whether it’s an ebook or paperback release.


      • Kory St. Aoro says:

        I thank you for your effort and work, also glad for a tentative month I can get it. As for preference I personally would prefer Earth Prime before the Drago books. But if it delays the paperbacks until next year then Drago first. Once again like your work and that you do try to make your fans/readers happy.


  21. rowensage says:

    I wonder…. what did Playdon think of Jarra then when he actually met her before he believed the lie.


    • With the best of intentions, Candace had put a note on Jarra’s application warning that lecturers could face charges of professional misconduct if they gave personal information about Jarra to her fellow students. Since Playdon had high ethical standards, and wouldn’t dream of sharing personal information about a student, he’d found that note deeply offensive. When he first met Jarra, he was therefore mostly thinking of her as potential trouble.


  22. Kitty says:

    What was the Persephone incident? I assume it was something to do with genetic engineering but I’d be interested to hear specifics. Also, is Jarra going to do her accelerated Military Academy course in between the excavation work on Fortuna? She really needs to if she is feeling that Fian is more military than she is. How will Jarra learn more about her Betan heritage on Fortuna? Are Drago and Marlise also going to Fortuna? I understand you might not be able to answer some of my queries seeing as the answers may contain spoilers. I’d be delighted to read a series about Fortuna! I have a section in my budget specifically dedicated to any new releases. I think you are a brilliant author with the incredible talent to completely pull readers into another world with startlingly realistic, relatable, dimensional, and utterly likable characters. My best wishes to you.


    • It’s great to hear that you enjoy the Portal Future books and characters so much. As you guessed, it’s difficult to answer your questions without giving major spoilers. Especially since the plans for Fortuna will be affected by some unexpected events. There is some information related to the Persephone Incident in my next release, Sol 2781, and more to follow later. There’s also potentially a book about the Persephone Incident, which I’d dearly love to write, but I have a queue of books to be written. 🙂


  23. Charlie says:

    i read the earth girl trilogy ages ago when it first came out and loved it! i recently tried to buy it and was told it was out of print. i ended up buying retired library copies and i’m so happy to own them. can’t wait for earth prime to be published so i can buy it! and i’m so stoked for any future jarra stories, esp ones on fortuna.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m aware there are problems getting physical copies of the Earth Girl trilogy, but sadly that’s under the control of the relevant publishers rather than me. The Earth Girl trilogy should be available as ebooks though.

      I’m aiming to make sure all other books are available as both ebook and physical books. My apologies for the delay in releasing the paperback of Earth Prime. There are a few issues due to the combination of Covid and Brexit. I’m hoping to get the paperback of Earth Prime out in time for Christmas, but I’m dependent on getting proof copies from France, and my last order got lost in customs. Fingers crossed on this.


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