Reviews of Earth Girl

Earth Girl voyager cover medium“Tired of bitter, angst-ridden heroines and their associated dark dystopias? Look  no further than Edwards’ refreshing debut, set in the darn-near-utopian universe of 2788 and starring a confident,  motormouthed, giggly 18-year-old named Jarra.” Booklist starred review. See review

“In her debut novel, Janet Edwards has created an authentic futuristic world with enough history and adventure to keep readers captivated” Editors’ Pick – Young Adult Book of the Month August 2012

“With a dash of action, sprinkling of romance, some teenage angst and a couple of collapsing skyscrapers, this novel contains everything you could possibly want to grab a teenage reader and keep them utterly enthralled.” Starburst Magazine Review by Cara Fielder. See reviewEarth Girl USA cover art

“The ‘person against nature’ conflict with unstable dig conditions and  solar flares makes a refreshing change from ‘person against paranormal’ or ‘person against government’ conflicts currently popular in many YA  books.” — School Library Journal 

“Action, rich archaeological detail and respectfully levelheaded disability portrayal, refreshingly free from symbolism and magical cures, make this stand out.” Kirkus starred review. See review

Earth Girl delivers a shiny future you’ll actually want to live in—perhaps the first true utopian YA. Refreshingly original with big ideas and even bigger surprises, this thrilling novel is firmly grounded in complex and compelling characters. Edwards deftly guides us through a universe rich with history and inventive technology, while always reminding us to respect the past, other cultures, and, most of all, ourselves.” —E. C. Myers Author of Quantum Coin

Not Yet Read “Earth Girl wasn’t just an amazing read, it was completely engrossing. Within a few short pages I was so captured by the unique premise, world building and spunky character Jarra that I couldn’t bring myself to put it down until I was finished.” See review

On Starships and Dragonwings “If you enjoy sci-fi, then you really can’t miss Earth Girl!” See review

Buried Under Books “This book is chock-full of great characters with a plot that is interesting and engaging.” See review

The Bibliosanctum “Thank you, Janet Edwards, for breathing some new life into YA for me. Earth Girl was a very enjoyable read and I’m looking forward to the next book.” See review

Head Stuck in a Book “I liked this book so much, the concept sounded so appealing being set in the future, add in the intriguing characters and great dialogue and you end up with this fabulous story.” See review

Books for Birds “Earth Girl is an altogether stunning debut novel” “I promise you’ll love me for recommending this ;)” See review

238 Books in 238 Days “there is romance, action and drama, but at the heart of it is a girl with a strong character development and a world you might want to experience if it wouldn’t mean seeing the places you love destroyed.” See review

Revisionary’s View “This is speculative fiction as I love it, offering a story that compels, in a universe I have never before imagined. ” See review

Write What You Know “There are so many things I could say about this wonderful book. It held my attention from beginning to end, and I’m not even of the generation this book was meant to reach.” See review

In Love With Handmade “this book had the right recipe for me to love it.” See review

Uncorked Thoughts “A fun, captivating science-fiction book, I couldn’t get enough of it and an looking forward to reading about more of Jarra’s adventures in Earth Star! See review

Charlotte’s Library “My little reading heart was just zinging away as I read the first few chapters of Earth Girl” See review

Pinkindle Earth Girl has easily made its way onto my all-time favorite books list! It is absolutely everything that I love about reading! I laughed, I cried, I stopped breathing, I smiled so hard that my cheeks hurt! The plot and the world are both incredibly unique, well developed, and compelling. It has a fantastic cast of characters, and a great message.” See review

Above Average Below Special “I absolutely adored the world building and the character development! I can’t wait to read Earth Star!” See review

A Slightly Nerdy Bookworm  “I really enjoyed this book which had amazing writing, world building, interesting plot,  charming ending, and was just delightful.” See review

Dark Matter (Rebecca Muir) “The characters in this book are vivid and engaging. Jarra is smart, courageous and likeable.” “I found it hard to put down and sat up reading it far later than I should have!” See review

Corralling Books “Earth Girl is a book that reminds people of their love of reading.” See review

Between Dreams and Reality “Wonderful world-building and a strong female protagonist kept me awake long after midnight.” See review

Elitist Book Reviews “Right from the start of EARTH GIRL, you’re struck by Jarra’s first person PoV voice–smart, young, and maybe a little crazy.” See review

Bookistry “Highly recommended, and I greatly anticipate the next book in this series.” See review

Sammy the Bookworm “a great YA read that is sure to capture your heart” See review

Samantha Writes “I’m not even a Sci-Fi fan and I loved it.” See review

Haunted Orchid “Earth Girl- A fascinating sci-fi adventure.” See review

Writing and Books “A gem of a book!” See review

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat “Janet Edwards gives us a book to lose ourselves in, from a well-crafted backstory of Earth’s depopulation to the coming-of-age romance of an off-kilter archaeology nerd.” See review

Sci-Fi Fan Letter “The author does an amazing job of making Jarra feel real.  One minute you’re laughing out loud and a few pages later you’re crying.” See review

Blogcritics. Earth Girl is young adult science fiction at its best.” “Most science fiction fans, young adult and older, will thoroughly enjoy this impressive debut novel.”  See review

The Power of Story “Janet Edwards’s Earth Girl reminds me of all the reasons I used to love reading YA sci-fi.” See review

Notes from a Readerholic “It’s one of the best I’ve read all year! I’ve already read the second book–Earth Star–and want the third book now.” See review

PixelatedGeek “You don’t have to be a teenager to enjoy Jarra’s “I’ll show ‘em all!” plans. And Janet Edwards has created a very richly detailed future, filled with many fun elements.” See review

Bookishly Brilliant “It’s a clever YA novel that pairs a bitter and capable teenage protagonist with excellent worldbuilding, and absolutely deserves all the hype it’s been getting.” See review

Night Owl Teen “this is a very enjoyable, well written book that is appropriate for teens and adults.” See review

Litpick “It has a great storyline with developing characters, secrets, and friendship.” See review

SciFi Chick. “The drama, adventure, and character development made this novel impossible to put down. Jarra is a fascinating character whose world view is completely changed by her experiences, taking her to the brink emotionally. And Jarra makes an unforgettable impact on her classmates as well. I highly recommend this fantastic science fiction novel.  Earth Girl will certainly be on my list of favorites this year.” See review

The Book Smugglers “The debut novel from Janet Edwards, Earth Girl is an impressive, richly detailed work of science fiction. I mean, wow.” “Similar to Indiana Jones, cowboying it up in his death-defying quest for the Ark of the Covenant, Sankara stones and the Holy Grail, Jarra is a member of an elite group of science fictional historical excavators who venture out into Earth’s dangerous and crumbling infrastructure to find sealed relics of the past for research and posterity. And like Indy, Jarra’s job is freaking awesome.” See review

My Bookish Ways “A rich, detailed, far-future world, and a strong, determined young protagonist make this a standout debut for teens and adults!” See review

The Social Potatoes “when I finished the book and turned the last page, plastered on my face was a bright and satisfied smile.” See review

The Book Monsters Earth Girl is hands down one of the best science fiction
reads that I have come across in sometime. I devoured this book in a couple of
hours, and left feeling satisfied.” See review

Bookyurt “Sci-fi, archaeology, college kids getting a peek at the larger world and coming head to head with their prejudices, and a spunky, impulsive, smart girl lead – I mean, what’s not to love?” See review

Blogcritics “Edward’s debut novel Earth Girl shines; it’s a refreshing and often humorous sci-fi YA about normalcy, being the odd one out, discovery, and second chances. From the sassy voice of the first page to the sweet tones of the last line, this book had me smiling. (I also gripped the book at times, cried out warnings no one would hear, and fought back tears).” See review

The Lost Book Worm “I have read thousands of books in my life and very few of them have touched me in such a personal and profound way. If you are looking for a book that will challenge your way of thinking and help you to understand those who are different from you, but is also fun, interesting and adventurous. Then this is the book for you. ” See review

Stuff and Nonsense “In addition to all the quality friendship and relationship building drama Edwards has packed into Earth Girl, her hard SF elements are fab.” See review

City Book Review “This is one of the most enjoyable and high-quality books I have read all year; I highly recommend it.” See review

Teen Blurb “Earth Girl will have you laughing, crying, and rooting for Jarra on her
quest for equality.” See review

Young Adult Books Central “Jarra is one of my new favorite heroines.” See review

SJHigbee at Brainfluff “This debut novel is a delight – it is marketed as YA, but this adult science fiction fan found it completely engrossing, as did my husband.” See review

Bookpushers “EARTH GIRL is thought-provoking book with a rich tapestry like-world” See review

Astro Guyz  “But it’s the human story of Jarra and how she hopes to beat circumstance that captivates the reader. We’ve all been there; we’ve all wanted to say screw fate and our station in life and set things to rights.” “Do be sure to search this one out… it’s the best science fiction read that we’ve had thus far in 2013! See review

Esther’s Ever After “That pain Jarra felt was described so well that it was raw and truly resonated with me as a reader. I was in awe of how touching Jarra’s story was, and for this reason alone I’d recommend it to many, many readers.” See review

Casey Carlise “There were aspects of ‘The Brainship’ series By Anne McCaffery here, so if you liked that book, or her writing, then branch out to include Janet Edwards to you collection.” See review

Mighty Knitting Chick “This coming-of-age story was a really intriguing read. I loved the characters, even the ones I hated.” See review

Lovey Dovey Books “Edwards is a totally zan author who not only goes above and beyond expectations for an entertaining sci-fi novel, but she sets a whole new set of standards. She captures it all: romance, adventure, and intricate subplots that aid in creating a world unlike any I’ve read before.” See review

A Reader of Fictions “Science fiction fans, you’re going to want to get yourself a copy of Earth Girl ASAP.” See review

In All Series-ousness “Earth Girl is brilliant.” “Just tell them Jarra is like Katniss in space but way awesomer.” See review

Monsters and Critics “The world and character building are imaginative, the storyline inventive and the action will hold your attention to the last page.” See review

Bibliophilia, Please “Earth Girl is truly unique and worth reading. Trust me.” See review

Verbosity Book Reviews “This was amazing. I have never read a book about archeology. Especially not a futuristic science fiction style of it.” See review

Shiny Book Review “Bottom line: this is an excellent read (a debut novel, no less) that teens and adults will love.” See review

Bookstoned  “It might be categorized as a young adults book, but it’s definitely worth to
read even if you’re an adult. It’s a book you just have to have in your bookshelf and it definitely is the best book of 2012.” See review

Endlessly Bookish “The whole book is very captivating and I was almost compelled to read on and on into the night.” See review

Becca at Lost in Thought “This book just blew me away. Captivating, original and compelling, Earth Girl is an intelligent science fiction novel full of emotion and drama.” See review

Neal Asher at The Skinner “This I reckon would be the perfect gift for teenage relative you want set on the slippery slope to the damnation of enjoying science fiction.” See review

Filled With Pages “Have you heard of Earth Girl? If not, go for it. It’s a fantastic read. See review

Pauline Morgan at SFcrowsnest “An excellent start to what, hopefully, will be a productive writing career.” See review

Geek Girl’s Book Blog “I can’t wait to see more of this adventurous universe.” See review

Book Series Addict “Jarra’s character is what makes this book.  She is so well-defined and so wonderfully and believably flawed.” See review

Sean P Chatterton “In short: Thoroughly enjoyable.” See review

Dark Matter (Nalini Haynes) “I highly recommend Earth Girl to fans of post-expansionist science fiction, science fiction in general, Young Adult readers, those interested in sociology including disability issues and more.” See review

Phoebe North at Strange Horizons “This world building is conducted effortlessly.” See review

Sandy at Magical Manuscripts “a book I couldn’t put down.” See review

Chinoiseries at Always cooking up something Earth Girl turned out to be a very enjoyable and well-developed story that wouldn’t look out of place in an adult’s science fiction collection” See review 

Pen to Paper “This is such a beautifully rich and deeply gripping science fiction novel, and I absolutely urge you to try it – you won’t be disappointed!” See review

Book Whales “Earth Girl fully absorbed me in. I never wanted to leave.” See review

M Kircher “What I loved about this book was how it made you fall in love with Earth, rather than a fabricated science fiction planet..” See review

Mist at Bookaholics “I was seriously hooked right the way through” See review

Paul of The Eloquent Page “This is a great debut and I’m looking forward to Edwards next novel already.” See review

Mieneke Van Der Salm of A Fantastical Librarian “Edwards swept me away with her story and made me fall in love with her world and her heroine. Whether you are a teen or an adult, Earth Girl is a lovely read” See review

Precious of Fragments of Life “Everything about it was perfect and well-thought out: history, technology, plot, language, vibrant characters, character development and interaction and culture!” “If you see this in a bookstore, grab a copy asap!” See review

Tatty’s Treasure Chest “an almost uncanny ability to give the reader what they want” See review

Pages of Starlight “This book is amazing! From first page to last, it was so much fun!” See review

Kayla’s Reads and Reviews “Usually I hate science fiction, but I loved this book.” See Review

Jax of LiveOtherwise “I was dragged in to the action and absolutely mesmerised by what was going on.” See review

Kate of For winter nights Earth Girl might be promoted as a Young Adult novel but it deserves a far larger readership than that. I cannot praise this novel enough. Janet Edwards has done a marvellous job in combining threads from a range of genres.  With no doubt at all, this is the best YA novel I’ve read this year and I am confident that it will be one of my contenders for novel of the year.” See review

Misbehavin’ Librarian “Author is a gifted storyteller, I was sucked in by the story almost immediately.” See Review

Sarah of Feeling Fictional “a highly enjoyable novel” See review 

Plano Teens Connect “Edwards packs a lot of action and fun without the depressing darkness that so many dystopian and apocalypse novels seem to need.” See review 

Matthew Scott Baker of Shattered Ravings Website “Vastly entertaining and immensely enjoyable” See review 

Ellie Warren of Curiosity Killed The Bookworm “Overall it’s an utterly believable world with engaging characters and a dash of humour.” See review

June issue of “Brilliant! Reminiscent of early Clarke and Asimov, this is unfettered, untrammelled, sensational sci fi such as I thought I would never get to read again!”. See review

JeanzBookReadNReview “This book has secrets, lies, suspense,
bravery, courage, friendship and love too.” See review

Laura Lam author of Pantomime. “Recommended read. A well-realised world, lots of action, and some fun characters.” See review

The Dilemma of Reading. “This was an incredibly well crafted book based in the future with a really gorgeous premise.” See review

Radioactive Book Reviews. “I really enjoyed this book. Definitely check it out” See review

Marked by Books. “I loved Jarra.” “So, if you like a “real” character who grows, plus scifi on Earth, this book’s for you!” See review

Annabelle of Read, Write and Read Some More. “A stunning debut novel which keeps the reader wanting more.” See review 

Weekend Notes. “I find her to be a unique protagonist, likable for her cheerful attitude, good humour and steadfast determination, and her flaws easily forgivable.” See review 

Andy Angel of Ebookwyrm’s review blog. “This is a really well thought out story, with believable science that doesn’t require you to have a phd in astrophysics.” See review

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Earth Girl

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