Reviews of Earth Flight

Earth Flight Cover it's time to risk it all“Well-done world-building, an unforgettable protagonist, and an even-paced plot will satisfy sci-fi fans.” — School Library Journal

A Literary Mind Earth Flight is fast-paced, action-packed and exciting from beginning to end.” “I’m definitely not the ‘target market’ for sci-fi YA but who can say no to an easy-to-read, action-packed, Hunger Games-esque read.” See review

Portland Book Review Earth Flight is an amazing followup to Earth Star, and packs much more than a teenage love story between its covers. Overall, this is a fantastic Young Adult trilogy that science fiction readers should add to their reading list, but is also a series full of heart that less genre specific readers will also enjoy.” See review

Bookyurt “It was a delight to return to this series, these characters, this world, and I was 100% caught up every step of the way.” See review

For Winter Nights “Jarra’s first person narrative brings us even closer to our heroine and it’s a wonderful place to be. I can imagine how much young readers would enjoy reading the adventures of this inspirational female figure. As a slightly older reader, I can confirm that I loved every page and every step of Jarra’s journey.” See reviewEarth Flight USA

Books in Brogan “I series.” “You should read the entire trilogy to truly enjoy all the books but each book does stand on it’s own.  But be warned they are kind of like potato chips if you read one you will want to read them all.” See review

Jax Blunt of LiveOtherwise “if you’re an SF fan, you really can’t go wrong with getting stuck into this trilogy.” “Great fun, great characters, lots I didn’t see coming, but nothing that didn’t fit. More please :) .” See review

The BiblioSanctum “Bottom line? This third installment Earth Flight is fantastic, a beautiful and heartwarming conclusion to a trilogy that is deserving of so much love and attention.” See review

Night Owl Teen “The ending of this book gives us everything we asked for. Fans of this series will be screaming for joy at the end. I don’t think it could have been better if it tried. I really love how far each character has come since the start of this series. “ See review

Little Library Muse “As I read the last sentence it literally brought tears to my eyes. It wasn’t so much sadness but joy for Jarra’s journey.” “Overall, this book is emotionally packed with heartache, love and adventure.” See review

On Starships and Dragon Wings “Earth Flight is a solid conclusion to a really stupendous trilogy.” “If you enjoy unique sci-fi, even if you tend not to like YA, you need to read this trilogy. It is everything that YA sci-fi should be.” See review

Waking Dreams “Janet Edwards brings the reader a future humanity that is as complex and unique as its present, with characters whose love for life make them burn bright as flame.” See review

The Bookaholic Cat Earth Flight was everything I was expecting it to be. All questions from previous books were answered in a very satisfactory way. It was simply the perfect ending to a great series. If you like YA Sci-Fi this is a series you must read.” See review

Brainfluff “Both Earth Girl and Earth Star bowled along at a fair clip – but in this final slice of Jarra’s adventure, Edwards notches up the pace and the story is a real roller-coaster ride.” See review

Howling for Books Earth Flight was perfect ending for the Earth Girl trilogy.””It was rollercoaster of feelings, varying from joy and happiness to tears, and I loved every moment of it, every twist and turn (and there’s lots of them, Edwards sure knows how to tell a gripping tale).””Go, and pick this trilogy up. It’ll blow your mind.” See review

In Love With Handmade “a great way to end this trilogy.” “A book that was a fun and quick read but with a deep message, quite an unlikely combination that worked so very well for me! Science fiction at its core, using the future to make us think of the issues of today!” See review

Books n Dreams “This was such an incredible ending to this trilogy; I couldn’t have pictured it any better if I tried.” “you get answers, you get resolutions, you get a glimpse of the future without seeing it, you get all the little things in between as well and again I absolutely loved it.” See review

Reflections “An amaz conclusion for a totally zan series!” “if you’ve enjoyed the others it would be nardle to miss this one because it’s a totally zan conclusion.” “I’d love another book ” See review

Notes from a Readerholic “I love this series! The book have been such fun to read. I’m sorry to see the trilogy end, but this is a good ending to it.” See review reviews. reviews.

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