ARRAY 2781

ARRAY 2781 (Drago Tell Dramis 3)

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ISBN-13: 979-8415459667

US Trade Paperback, Size:6″ x 9″

Page Count: 314

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Array 2781

Set in the Portal Future

Array 2781 is a full-length novel and the third part of a four-part sequence featuring Drago Tell Dramis as a newly qualified fighter pilot.

The full sequence is:- Hera 2781 (A Drago short story), Hestia 2781 (A Drago novel), Array 2781 (A Drago novel)and Sol 2781 (A Drago novel).

Drago has now learned the secret that his Betan clan has been hiding for almost a decade. He’s currently alternating between moods of pitying his second cousin and fighter team leader, Jaxon, and wanting to strangle him.

They both have to put their feelings aside though, and concentrate on using lumbering solar array transport ships to help with the repairs of the five Earth solar arrays, because Earth is critically short of power. Fortunately, repairing solar arrays is perfectly routine work, so Drago definitely can’t get into trouble.

Cover depicts the solar array transport ship, Antares.

Cover Design (C) Janet Edwards 2021, Cover Design by The Cover Collection.

Brainfluff “. . .  a well crafted story with charismatic characters, moments of humour and a cracking plot. Very highly recommended for science fiction fans who appreciate science fiction that isn’t painted in shades of dread.” See review

Books In Brogan “This one will keep readers absorbed with intriguing hints and developments that link the future Earth Girl timeline characters and the Exodus series with a lot of possible mysteries and secrets. See review

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9 Responses to ARRAY 2781

  1. Emily says:

    Just purchased my copy! So excited for more Drago!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Emily says:

      Just finished! Hilariously entertaining as always. I adore Drago an unhealthy amount. There is also a 98 percent probability I will sustain significant injuries from spontaneous combustion if this great secret of the Tell clan is not revealed in Sol 2781. Speaking of which, can we get a ballpark for the release date?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hopefully, Sol 2781 will reveal enough to save you from spontaneous combustion. 😀

        Given that all my predictions have been hopelessly wrong this year, I’m only saying that Sol 2781 will be out as soon as possible, which is bound to be later than either of us would like.


  2. aelismartell says:

    Last night I finished my first read through if Array 2781 and today I plan on doing a second read. This book was so entertaining in so many different ways and it had me laughing so hard at different points. Drago may have runaway with the controls and the mic, but I feel it was well worth it. Such a good book and it makes me excited for the next one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Array 2781 so much, and feel it was worth letting Drago run off with the microphone. The way this series has evolved from a planned novella into a three book series has caused a lot of confusion – especially to me – but Drago kept taking advantage of my rule that I should do whatever makes the best story.


      • aelismartell says:

        I’m sorry that Drago has caused you so much confusion, but the chaos that he brings with him is one of my favorites. He and Jarra are so similar. And it’s not because they are family. 😁

        I do agree with Drago. I’m glad that he kept chattering and making you obey you rule. 😂 Your books are amazing and I love getting to see inside Drago’s head. Any other tidbits I get from his perspective in the future are automatically gonna be an instant favorite of mine. One that I’m really looking forward to is the continuation of that chat he had with Renton Mai in December of 2789.


  3. Ah yes. Drago’s chat story is one of the pieces that keeps bouncing around in my head. One of the tricky things about the Portal Future is making sure that key events are told from the most effective viewpoint at the most effective time. I don’t want to give repeat descriptions of events unless the new viewpoint character has a lot more information/totally different perspective than the previous one.

    There’s also the issue that the truly major reveals have to be covered in the full-length books for continuity. The novellas and short stories add a huge amount of extra background and understanding, but I’m aware that some readers will just read the full-length books. Additionally, my concept for the Portal Future is that each series has to stand alone as well as fit together with the others like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to form the bigger picture. Basically, weaving plot strands is complicated.

    I think that Drago’s chat story stays ending at the current point, but that plot strand gets picked up in a short story from Marlise, and eventually we’ll see the subsequent events unfurl from Jarra’s viewpoint.

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    • Sara says:

      Marlise? (She was just such a fun character in her few moments and I’m so excited that we might get to see more of her)

      Liked by 1 person

    • aelismartell says:

      I understand. Having to write the same scene multiple times doesn’t sound like a great idea. So I like that you try to keep it to one person unless there is reason to see a new perspective. Very logical.

      Honestly I love all the short stories and novellas. They add so much depth to the Portal Future world. I get that not everyone will read them, so big revelations have to be kept to full length books, but I feel like I’ve learned just as much from your novellas as from the full books.

      Ooooooo!!!! From Marlise!!!! Thats gonna be exciting!!! She’s gonna be so proud of him, but will want to murder him as he won’t be able to tell her why for nearly a month. I’m excited to see that whenever it drops. And I figured that Jarra would notice at some point as well. She’s gonna feel both relieved and proud of Drago I think. Especially if Fian and Raven talk sense to her.

      Liked by 1 person

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