SOL 2781

SOL 2781 (Drago Tell Dramis 4)

Available Worldwide in Ebook and Paperback





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ISBN-13: 979-8366312813

US Trade Paperback, Size:6″ x 9″

Page Count: 486

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Sol 2781

Set in the Portal Future

Sol 2781 is a extra-long novel and the fourth and final part of a four-part sequence featuring Drago Tell Dramis as a newly qualified fighter pilot.

The full sequence is:- Hera 2781 (A Drago short story), Hestia 2781 (A Drago novel), Array 2781 (A Drago novel)and Sol 2781 (A Drago novel).

Drago Major Drago Tell Dramis is celebrating the fact that the saboteur has been caught, and the Earth solar arrays will be safe now. The arrest of a member of the main board of Hospital Earth has consequences though. As Drago hits orbital levels of fury, and declares his own personal war against Hospital Earth, he’s hit by even more unexpected problems.

There’s a joke that says one birth member of the Tell clan attracts trouble, two birth members of the Tell clan invite minor disasters, while three is the critical mass that triggers cataclysmic events. As the danger mounts, the question is whether Drago and his two cousins, Jaxon and Gemelle, can prove an alternative theory. Are three members of the Tell clan really the critical mass that resolves cataclysmic events?

Cover depicts the combination ship.

Cover Design (C) Janet Edwards 2020, Cover Design by The Cover Collection.

Brainfluff “I always finish one of Edwards’ books feeling uplifted and more cheerful. This time around was no exception, apart from the sense of loss when you get to the end of a series featuring an engaging and enjoyable protagonist. Highly recommended for sci fi fans who appreciate regular dollops of humour alongside their futuristic action.” See review

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8 Responses to SOL 2781

  1. Helen Wheatley says:

    I think it may have been me who spotted it in the wild! Bought it early yesterday evening after checking Amazon uk early half hour…..Thanks so much Janet for this new adventure. I really appreciate the fruits of your inventive mind. I hope things will be easier for you and yours this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • For every release, I paranoidly check the book setup before starting the Amazon publishing process. I then hover anxiously watching for the book to appear on amazon, and instantly buy it to make sure there haven’t been any hiccups during publication.

      Every time someone manages to get in and buy the book a few seconds ahead of me. This time, I think there were four people, quite probably including you. 🙂


  2. hitek1208 says:

    Does Jarra’s mention about seeing the Tell genealogy mean she nows the Tell Clans 2nd secret? (Also are we as readers yet aware of what the 1st secret is? Definitely will be rereading again to see if I can spot it)


    • Kitty says:

      I’m also intrigued and shocked. Do we ever learn the Tell clan’s greatest secret? And are the details of the Persephone incident clear? Is Persephone Incarnate the result of an illegal experiment by Cioni’s Apprentices?


      • Kitty, I’m afraid that any additional information on Persephone would be a spoiler. The plan is that readers will learn the Tell clan’s greatest secret when Jarra goes through the Tell clan coming of age ceremony.


    • Hitek1208, Jarra crucially did not see the version of the Tell clan family tree that is restricted to adult clan members, just the censored public one. Therefore she doesn’t know either secret. The plan is to cover her coming of age ceremony, including her learning both secrets, in a future book.


      • Emily Ralsang says:

        Is Jarra going to have her coming of age ceremony before she and Fian leave for Futura? And is she going to be taking her accelerated military training course while on Futura in between excavation work?


      • The Tell clan and the Military are planning for those things to happen. Their plans for Jarra haven’t always worked out in the past though.


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