Set in the Hive Future

Prequel Novella – PERILOUS


Amber is one of over a million seventeen-year-olds in one of the great hive cities of twenty-sixth century Earth. She’s worried about her future, fearing her lack of any obvious talent will mean she’s sent down into the depths of the hive, but her friend, Forge, is addicted to taking risks. When he chooses exactly the wrong moment to put himself in danger, Amber must stop worrying about the future, and concentrate on surviving the present. (Optional series extra. Read before or after Telepath.)


Telepath Amber is one of over a million eighteen-year-olds in one of the great hive cities of twenty-sixth century Earth. She’s about to enter the Lottery of 2532, which will assess her abilities and decide her hive level, her profession, her whole future life. When Lottery discovers Amber is a rare and precious telepath, she must adapt to a new life protecting the people of the crowded hive city.



HIVE MIND 2 DEFENDER COMPLETEBecoming a telepath was hard. Being a telepath is harder. Amber’s job is hunting down criminals before they commit their crimes, but this time her team arrive too late. Someone is already dead. Someone that Amber knows. Amber is determined to catch the murderer, but she doesn’t realize who she’s up against, or the true danger of opening her mind to the thoughts of others.


Set in the Game Future



In the year 2519, people on Earth don’t grow old and die any longer, their bodies are frozen and they start a new life in the virtual reality of the Game. Jex is almost eighteen, and dreaming of when she’ll begin her long-planned idyllic life in Game, when a bomber attacks a Game server complex. Eleven thousand immortal players die, and Jex is questioned as a suspect in the bombing. With this on her record, Jex will never be allowed to enter Game, but then one of the legendary founder players of Game offers her the chance to save her future by joining his investigation into the bombing.


Set in the 25th Century Portal Future



2408. Humanity has travelled to the stars through interstellar portals, but the rebels and criminals were left behind on a ruined Earth. Eighteen-year-old Blaze is one of the last seven hundred people scavenging a living in an increasingly lethal New York. She’s survived this long by being too unimportant to kill, but the alliance is on the brink of starvation, and an old enemy is trying to seize power. When an aircraft carrying three off-worlders crashes in New York, Blaze is forced to step into the spotlight. (This can be read either before or after the Earth Girl Trilogy.)


Set in the 28th Century Portal Future

The Main Earth Girl Trilogy

Earth Girl voyager cover mediumEarth Girl USA cover artBook 1 –EARTH GIRL

The year is 2788. Humanity uses interstellar portals to travel between hundreds of colony worlds, but Jarra is one of the unfortunate, despised few born with an immune system that means she can only survive on Earth.


Earth Star coverEarth Star USA coverBook 2 – EARTH STAR

Earth is in danger, and Jarra is caught in the centre of the maelstrom. Earth is the only world where Jarra and the others born with her immune system problem can survive, but will the rest of humanity consider their home world worth fighting for?

Earth Flight Cover it's time to risk it allEarth Flight USABook 3 – EARTH FLIGHT

Jarra’s actions have repercussions that spread further than she ever could have imagined. Her life, and everything she’s fought for, is in danger. It’s time to risk it all!


Prequel Short Story Collection – EARTH 2788

Earth 2788-667x1000

A lot of readers told me they’d like to know more about the backgrounds of the other characters in the Earth Girl trilogy as well as Jarra.

(These stories will be of special interest to people who’ve read at least the first book in the main Earth Girl trilogy.)

Prequel Novellas featuring Jarra

Novella 1 – EARTH AND FIRE

Earth and Fire 3000x4500Tortured by the knowledge the stars are forever out of her reach, Jarra dreams of learning to fly a plane so she can at least make the skies of Earth her own. Go into the fire with Jarra! (Can be read either before or after the main trilogy. New readers will get a first introduction to Jarra and her 28th century future earth, while existing readers will learn more about Jarra’s past and what made her into the girl they met in EARTH GIRL.)


Novella 2 – EARTH AND AIR


The second in the Earth Girl prequel novella sequence. Jarra is spending the summer at New York Fringe Dig Site with her school history club, but sprawling ancient ruins of New York contain the lethal legacies of the past as well as its treasures.

Don’t breathe! (Read after Earth and Fire.)



A Military Short Story – HERA 2781

HERA 2781 EBOOK COMPLETELieutenant Drago Tell Dramis is a newly trained fighter pilot heading out on his first mission. This is the moment he’s dreamed of for years, but his dream is turning into a nightmare. (This can be read at any point.) 

Prequel Novella featuring Amalie – FRONTIER

FrontierJune 2788. Amalie’s the last unmarried girl in Jain’s Ford settlement. Amalie turned seventeen six months ago, and she’s had nineteen perfectly respectable offers of marriage. Everyone is pressuring her to choose a husband, or possibly two of them. When Amalie’s given an unexpected chance of a totally different future, she’s tempted to take it, but her twentieth offer of marriage is one she can’t possibly refuse. (This can be read either before or after the main trilogy.)

8 Responses to Books

  1. Ali Morey says:

    I absolutely loved this series, it’s proudly displayed on my shelf right next to my other favorite, Harry Potter! My question is, will we ever find out about the possible remaining chimeras? I get frizzed just thinking about them, and I hate to think they’re lurking out there ready to infest humanity’s worlds again!


    • I’m honoured that you have my books right next to Harry Potter!

      Fortuna and the remaining chimera are on my list of things I want to write about, but logically it makes sense to go back into the past and write some other things before that. Like Exodus and the chimera wars. Make sure you keep an eye on my website or get the newsletter, because I’ve a lot of things planned:)


  2. Megan says:

    Will you be doing a second short story collection in paperback like earth 2788? You already have Hera 2781 that isn’t a part of a printed volume and I would love to know more about the world it’s set in. Maybe one that explains humanity’s views on the know late that God or deity exists.
    I love the series, I have all 6 books and I’ve loved every one.
    I plan on buying your over two books as soon as possible.


    • Strangely wordpress didn’t tell me about this comment, so I’ve only just discovered it existed. I am thinking about having a second Earth Girl short story collection in the future – if you’ve signed up to get my newsletters then you’ll have seen me discussing that in the last newsletter I sent out. The second short story collection would be in ebook and paperback, but it would be new stories and not include Hera 2781. I hope to eventually write a sequel to Hera 2781 and put those two stories together to make a paperback.

      And I’m delighted that you’ve loved all the books.


  3. kairi341 says:

    Just finished scavenger alliance. Another excellent book. I loved learning about the early days of the earth girl trilogy. A little disappointed in the ending seemed a bit abrupt but still enjoyed it and eagerly look forward to the sequel


    • I’m glad you enjoyed Scavenger Alliance. This one is a bit like Earth Star, in that it concludes one set of story lines, but it’s pretty clear that there’s more action to come. It’s also the case that I’ve currently included a sample first chapter of Telepath at the end of the ebook. Since I haven’t done that with any of my other ebooks, I’m wondering if that meant you unconsciously expected a few extra pages of Scavenger Alliance.

      Just to explain the reason I added the sample chapter of Telepath. In some cases, Amazon seems to be sending people to its website the instant their kindle ebook hits 100%, and that can be several pages from the end of a long book. It’s very disruptive for someone to be sent off during the closing pages of a story, and I’ve someone confused because they didn’t realise they’d missed the last chapter of a book entirely, so I added in the sample chapter of Telepath to try to make sure no one missed the short last chapter of Scavenger Alliance.


  4. Kory says:

    I love the earth girl trilogy, I just wish you would write a 4th one to go with it, The 4th one could perhaps talk more about what the alien world is like and the things discovered.


    • Hi Kory, I’m glad to hear that you love the Earth Girl trilogy. I do plan to write more about Fortuna, but that story builds on a lot of past events, so I need to write about Jarra’s ancestors’ adventures in Exodus century, and Tellon Blaze and the Chimera wars first. The first Exodus book was published a few months ago, and I hope there’ll be more next year.


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