The New Year story, Candidate, is now complete

I’ve now posted the rest of Candidate  on my website. I hope you enjoy it.

You can read Candidate here.


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1 Response to The New Year story, Candidate, is now complete

  1. Bev Wyld says:

    Loved this. Does this mean that you will be writing the histories of Amber’s main characters, as you did with Jarra’s?
    Also- have you or your publisher ever thought of getting your work into senior schools? Specifically the Earth Girl series. The prejudices that Jarra overcomes, both her own and other peoples, the struggles and personal growth of the characters. The way that one person’s actions changeb alter other people’s lives. The recognition that even if it is benevolent, the lack of say that people have in Earth’s government, means that it’s still oppressive. And that the biggest battles and greatest victories don’t have to be won through violence, but that enough people taking a stand can literally change worlds. The books give a very inspiring message, but told in a way that is fun and entertaining to read. As the grandmother of two teenagers, I think that these are lessons that should be learned.


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