Happy 2023, and a Hive Mind Story here on the website

In 2022, I completed the Drago Tell Dramis sequence, set in the year 2781 of the Portal Future of Earth Girl. The plan is that I’ll be focusing on the Hive Future in 2023. That focus begins with my traditional New Year story being set in the Hive Future this time.

The first part of Candidate is  on my website now, and the second and final part should appear on 8th January 2023. You can read Candidate here.

As always at the New Year, I’d like to  thank my long-suffering Beta readers, and everyone who has supported my writing by buying my books, borrowing them from libraries, rating them, reviewing them, and recommending them to their friends.

Most of all though, I want to everyone for reading my books and sharing the adventures of my characters in their future worlds.

As Amber would say, New Year Fortune to you and your loved ones.

Janet Edwards

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1 Response to Happy 2023, and a Hive Mind Story here on the website

  1. Joanna says:

    Happy new year and thank you so much for the new years story! Love the hive series ❤️


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