Ebook Release of Sol 2781, the final book in the Drago Tell Dramis 2781 sequence


The Drago Tell Dramis 2781 sequence is now complete in ebook with the release of Sol 2781. The paperback release is expected in October.

To fully appreciate the series, please read the first three parts of the sequence before starting Sol 2781.

Part 1 –Hera 2781 (novelette-length short story)

Part 2 – Hestia 2781 (novel-length)

Part 3 – Array 2781 (novel-length)

Part 4 – Sol 2781 is an extra-long novel, a bit over 50% longer than Hestia 2781, Array 2781, and the books in the Earth Girl trilogy. Please schedule yourself plenty of time to eat and sleep when reading its 56 chapters!

Major Drago Tell Dramis is celebrating the fact that the saboteur has been caught, and the Earth solar arrays will be safe now. The arrest of a member of the main board of Hospital Earth has consequences though. As Drago hits orbital levels of fury, and declares his own personal war against Hospital Earth, he’s hit by even more unexpected problems.

There’s a joke that says one birth member of the Tell clan attracts trouble, two birth members of the Tell clan invite minor disasters, while three is the critical mass that triggers cataclysmic events. As the danger mounts, the question is whether Drago and his two cousins, Jaxon and Gemelle, can prove an alternative theory. Are three members of the Tell clan really the critical mass that resolves cataclysmic events?

Cover depicts the combination ship.

Cover Design (C) Janet Edwards 2020, Cover Design by The Cover Collection.

Full details of Sol 2781 here.

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