Looking back at book releases in 2021

I was going to call this news post the high points of 2021, but decided that high points was an inappropriate phrase to use about the last year. In fact, it was inappropriate for the last two years!


Looking back at book releases in 2021 then. The delayed paperback of  Earth Prime is now available.



Two full-length novel sequels to the novelette Hera 2781  are now available in ebook, Hestia 2781 and Array 2781, and there is one more novel to follow. The Drago Tell Dramis 2781 sequence features a 21-year-old Drago as a newly qualified fighter pilot and disaster magnet.


Hera 2781 was never released as a paperback because of the short length, so a combined paperback of Hera 2781 and Hestia 2781 is now available.

Also the Hive Mind series is now available as case laminate hardcovers.


There’ll be another post on New Year’s day, with news of what’s planned for 2022, and the first part of the traditional New Year story. This story is especially appropriate for a New Year story, since it’s an Earth Girl prequel story featuring Fian at New Year 2789.

Fian is leaving his home world of Hercules to go and study history on Earth, and has absolutely no idea how much drama lies ahead of him. Regular readers of the Portal Future may realise there’s more going on in the background of this story than Fian understands himself, and it will have important implications for the future.

Best wishes to you all!

Janet Edwards

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