Paperback Release of combined Hera 2781 and Hestia 2781

The combined paperback, Hera 2781 and Hestia 2781, is available now.


Full details of the combined paperback of Hera 2781 and Hestia 2781 are here.

I don’t want to bombard people with a lot of newsletters, so the plans for this release were included in last month’s newsletter about the paperback release of Earth Prime appearing in paperback. The next newsletter will go out at the New Year, covering the New Year story appearing on my website, and other plans for 2022.

Other physical book news.

The paperback of Array 2781 is expected Jan/Feb 2022.

Laminated hardcover versions of the combined Hera 2781 and Hestia 2781, Array 2781, and Earth Prime are planned for early in 2022.

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