Ebook Release of Array 2781 – featuring Drago Tell Dramis

The short story, Hera 2781, about Drago Tell Dramis was published back in 2015. I planned to finally write a novella-length sequel to it at the start of this year. However, Drago Tell Dramis has insisted on turning this into his own four-part series set in the year 2781 , with the first part, Hera 2781, being followed by three full-length books.

The status of the Drago Tell Dramis 2781 sequence is now:-

Hera 2781 (short story) pubished 2015 in ebook.

Hestia 2781 (novel) published June 2021 in ebook.

Array 2781 (novel) out now in ebook.

Sol 2781 (novel) coming soon.

Please start reading with Hera 2781 to fully appreciate the series.

Those who prefer physical books will be pleased to hear that I’m currently working on catching up with outstanding paperbacks.

Array 2781 cover art shows a solar array transport ship.Drago has now learned the secret that his Betan clan has been hiding for almost a decade. He’s currently alternating between moods of pitying his second cousin and fighter team leader, Jaxon, and wanting to strangle him.

They both have to put their feelings aside though, and concentrate on using lumbering solar array transport ships to help with the repairs of the five Earth solar arrays, because Earth is critically short of power. Fortunately, repairing solar arrays is perfectly routine work, so Drago definitely can’t get into trouble.


Cover depicts the solar array transport ship, Antares.

Cover Design by The Cover Collection © Janet Edwards 2021

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