Test Release of Telepath Case Laminate Hardcover

A bit of a surprise experiment. While I am desperately busy working on future book releases,  I had the chance to try a case laminate hardcover release of Telepath. This crucially took up very little of my time since I just needed slightly modified cover art and the existing paperback interior.

There was a delay while I got the proof copy but the hardcover is now available on limited outlets. Note that the cover art is printed directly onto the book. There is no separate paper cover.

The following photo shows my proof hardcover next to the paperback. As this is a proof hardcover, it has a proof banner printed across it. That banner obviously won’t appear on the standard sales copies. The hardcover book is only fractionally larger than the paperback and has a virtually identical interior.

Full details here.

Photo of my proof copy of the hardcover together with the paperback of Telepath.

My proof copy of the hardcover of Telepath next to a paperback of telepath.

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3 Responses to Test Release of Telepath Case Laminate Hardcover

  1. Rachel G says:

    So excited for this! May I ask a question that’s always puzzled me? Who is meant to be depicted on this cover? Amber and Adika are obvious, but is the third person supposed to be Lucas or Forge? He doesn’t quite fit either of their descriptions.

    When Perilous was released, I decided it must be Lucas, because the Forge in that cover looked very different. But then there he was again on the cover of Hurricane, appearing to pull on what looked to me to be a Nosy costume. This makes sense if it’s supposed to be Forge, but if it’s not, what’s the symbolism of Lucas pulling on a grey hood?


    • Hi Rachel. The cover of Telepath is supposed to depict Amber with Adika and Lucas as the two team leaders protecting and guiding her on her missions. The cover of Hurricane is Lucas. He isn’t pulling on a nosy costume, just pulling up the hood of his outdoor clothing, so the symbolism is heading out to battle the twin foes of their target and the storm.

      I’ve added a note to the book pages to say who it’s supposed to be on the covers.


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