Ebook Release of Hestia 2781 – featuring Drago Tell Dramis

Hestia 2781 has now appeared on the major sales outlets, so I can officially announce its release worldwide in ebook.

Hestia 2781 is the first of two novel-length sequels to the short story Hera 2781. See full details here.

For those who prefer paperbacks, I’m hoping to start catching up on paperbacks in the late summer/autumn. Hera 2781 isn’t out in paperback yet because it’s too short. The plan is that it will be included in the paperback of Hestia 2781.


The Drago Tell Dramis Sequence Set in 2781


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6 Responses to Ebook Release of Hestia 2781 – featuring Drago Tell Dramis

  1. Monika says:

    Aww, you totally made my day!
    I’ve been waiting for the new release for a while now and am totally looking forward to this new book – thanks a lot for giving us more to read about Drago 😉


  2. Amanda says:

    That was great fun. Drago is fascinatingly different inside his own head.

    I have a number of spoiler-laden questions about why Jarra is (apparently) never told certain details we find out in this book. It also occurred to me to wonder why we haven’t met Bard’s Honor Child. Surely he has one? (Presumably via one of Marack’s siblings).

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  3. I’m glad you enjoyed Hestia 2781.

    In most cases, the answer to why Jarra hasn’t been told certain details by the end of the Earth Girl trilogy is simply that the clan has such a huge amount of things to tell her. They have to focus on the basics, like getting her to understand Betan culture and become a clan member, before moving on to more difficult issues. Progress on that is slowed by several factors, such as Jarra being caught up in shattering events, stuck in a tank, or just running away from emotional conversations.

    As for Bard’s Honour Child, there is a fleeting mention of him in Hestia 2781. If you want to ask any spoiler-laden detailed questions, then you’re welcome to use the contact form to do it.


  4. Zarqa says:

    I was so excited to read this book! It now makes me want to reread the original trilogy because it puts things in a different perspective.

    Janet, please keep writing and coming out with new books because I love your work! You are an amazing author and the worlds you create are so immersive! I have never read a book by you I didn’t like and I’ve read all you books many times! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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