Best Wishes and Sol 2781

As a science fiction writer, 2020 has felt increasingly like I’m living in a dystopian novel. I know that many of you won’t be spending today how you planned. Wherever you are, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, my very best wishes to you. I hope that the sequel story to 2020 is far more cheerful for everyone. 

Trying to be creative in 2020 has been like wading through especially thick mud. Since Adversary (Hive Mind 5) won’t be ready to be published until well into 2021, I especially wanted to have a new short story on my website for Christmas/New Year. I chose to write Sol 2781, a sequel story to Hera, featuring Drago Tell Dramis. While Jarra has a tendency to run riot the moment I hand her the microphone, I thought Drago could be trusted to behave, but sadly he’s nearly as bad as his second cousin.

So this year’s Christmas/New Year story is also the first chapter of what will be a novella-length Sol 2781. I’m hoping to publish the full novella in ebook around the end of January.

You can read the preview first chapter of Sol 2781 here.

Sol 2781 Cover Design by The Cover Collection © Janet Edwards 2020

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8 Responses to Best Wishes and Sol 2781

  1. Beverley Wyld says:

    Merry Christmas!!

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  2. Beverley Wyld says:

    Finally had the chance to read this- loved it!! Can’t wait for the next chapter. Happy Year Day x

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  3. Rabea Weiler says:

    You coudnt publish on 22 January? Would be the best Birthdaygift. It would be totally zan XD
    Im so addictet to the portal Future ^^” we had twin boys last year and now i not only have Fian, but Keon an Riak aswell. And, true to the charakters we named them after, Riak allways kicked and turned im my belly and Keon was quiet all the time. And they keep showing this behavior till this day XD i guess we picked the right names ^^


    • Hi Rabea, Fian, Keon, and Riak!

      I would love to publish Sol 2781 on your birthday, but sadly I think I’m only about two-thirds of the way through writing the story, I’m currently poised on the brink of what will hopefully be the thrilling end sequence.

      My belated congratulations on the arrival of your twins. I think Riak sets a fairly good example for his namesake, apart from when he set off a distress flare inside a dome. I hope your Keon turns out as bright as Keon Tanaka, but not quite as legendarily lazy. 🙂


      • Rabea Weiler says:

        Worth a try 😉
        If my Keon is really as bright as Jarras Keon im happy with him beeing just as lazy ^^ We picked those names because we thought that if our children are a bit like the Charakters we would be very happy. I can handle a stubborn child like Fian if he is just as loyal an loving. Or riak, always on the run if he is just as reliable and fair.
        For that reason, if i ever have a daughter, i would never name her Jarra XD it would scare the living hell out of me ^^” she would be named amalie 🙂


      • A good decision. Sharing a house with Amalie would be fine – if necessary she’d build the house for you – but the idea of living with Jarra is definitely scary. You’d be constantly worrying about crashing spaceships! 😀


  4. Kris Y. says:

    I really enjoyed this chapter! It was fun to see Madrigal “on-screen” for the first time (how Dragon got so lucky is also beyond me), as well as seeing more of the Tell clan’s workings. Looking forward to the full story (when it’s ready of course 🙂 )

    Hope your new year is going alright! 🙂

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    • On the personal side, the New Year is going reasonably well. Except that I’ve come to the realization that I have no control over my characters at all. Especially those who belong to the Tell clan.

      I’ve given up all hope of shutting up Drago at this point. Given his determination to make Sol 2781 as long as he can, it isn’t totally impossible that we learn more about how Dragon was lucky enough to marry Madrigal.

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