Ebook Release of Earth Prime (The Earth Girl Aftermath Stories 1)

Earth Prime (The Earth Girl Aftermath Stories 1) is available now in ebook.

Earth Prime is the first in what is planned to be two collections of stories set in the Portal Future after the Earth Girl trilogy.

This collection is set immediately after Earth Flight, and focuses on Jarra, Fian, and the other archaeologists before they head to excavate the alien ruins on Fortuna.

Approximate length 460 pages. Full details here.

A huge apology for paperback readers that Earth Prime won’t appear in paperback until early 2021.


Cover Design (C) Janet Edwards 2020, Cover Design by The Cover Collection.





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13 Responses to Ebook Release of Earth Prime (The Earth Girl Aftermath Stories 1)

  1. Harriet says:

    2021 is looking better already! (And I’m not surprised Jarra managed to push this out to two collections)


  2. Star says:

    Janet, this was a great collection! We’ve been having some lively discussions about it on the wiki, which is probably why you have gotten fewer comments then usual. When I saw the list of POV characters, I just couldn’t image what there was for Jerez to say, Wow! what a surprise in both her’s and Playdon’s stories! but isn’t Playdon going to need a Deputy Team Leader? So happy that Amalie got everything settled on Miranda and she’s got her self confidence back! Looking forward to the next collection and whatever else you publish! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

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  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the collection, and that you’ve got some good discussions happening on the Wiki. 🙂 There’ve been quite a few comments sprinkled around the different social media, and a lot of people will still be working their way through such a long book, but in-depth discussions are obviously easier on the Wiki.

    I know a massive amount about the Portal Future that I either haven’t written about yet, or have partially written but not published. That means there isn’t just standard foreshadowing of future events in an unfolding series. I automatically scatter a lot of what are sometimes called Easter eggs and links to future series when I’m writing books. Those things often don’t become obvious until the relevant related book gets published. From my experience, people sometimes correctly pick up the foreshadowing hints I include, sometimes go off on wild tangents, and sometimes spot an Easter egg and speculate about it. I can’t really comment on any of those things without giving spoilers.

    I can’t comment at all on team organization for Fortuna because spoilers. 😛 I can say that both Earth Prime and the second collection will include assorted foreshadowing and Easter eggs. I actually expect one blatant reference in the second collection to leave everyone scratching their heads in bewilderment for a year or two.


  4. Star says:

    oh now you’re just being cruel! I love speculating and looking for Easter eggs, I don’t even feel like I have to be right as I am rarely disappointed if I am proven to be wrong by a new story or plotline and just as happy if someone else’s theory is the correct one! it’s all just fun … but you know, now I have to go through everything again to see if I missed anything. 😛 😁

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    • I am cruel and evil. 😀

      Yes, it’s better if I leave people to have fun speculating in peace. I strongly doubt you’ve missed any Easter eggs that are active at this point. There are still a few latent references around, which won’t have an obvious meaning until a related story is published. Like Jarra noticing Dalmora looking depressed in Ark. I’ve been waiting years to write what was really going on there, and finally got the chance in Dalmora’s story in Earth Prime. 🙂


  5. Jennifer says:

    I loved Earth Prime!!! I can not get enough of Jarra and Fian. Please..Please continue to write their story.

    You are a remarkable author. I buy all your books because your stories stay with a person long after you have read them.

    Stay safe and healthy. I look forward to the next book you publish.

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  6. Lila says:

    I adore all your books, but especially the ones about the portal future. I have re-read Jarras story dozens of times already and will continue to do so. Earth Prime was lovely and I already can’t wait for part 2. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful work!

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  7. A H Smit-Arriens says:

    While still stuck in prehistory, it is exciting to be offered the glimpse of a future – and sobering to learn all our great cities will be ruins, more dangerous than the ones we may visit today. Scientists have cloned a Przewalski horse with 40 year old DNA. Will they try the cave bear next? For now I will rely on safe doors and windows and retire with a good read!

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    • 2020 is the sort of year that makes me feel that I’d like to move to Jarra’s future. I think when it comes to genetically salvaging species, I’d prefer to meet a moa than either a cave bear or a sabre cat.


      • A H Smit-Arriens says:

        A moa, and desert reclaiming plants, please, we need to salvage our earth. And yes, to escape our present dangerous muddle… Looking forward to join the expedition to Fortuna! Maybe I have seen its sun, stargazing on a clear night. I used to have an adjustable cardboard map of the skies, made for use near the equator. There would be huge bats trekking to their feeding grounds, black shapes against starlit space.

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