More news on Earth Prime

EARTH PRIME EBOOK COVEREarth Prime was planned to be a collection of scenes and stories set after Earth Flight, told from the viewpoints of various characters in the Earth Girl trilogy and revealing a few things that Jarra didn’t know.

As always, I hugely underestimated the number and length of the stories. Rather than throw stories away, and leave out some favourite characters, I’ve decided this will have to be split into two collections. This will also give me the chance to include two Portal Future stories that have only appeared on my website and one that appeared in an anthology with stories by other authors.

Earth Prime should hopefully be published in ebook in August of this year, estimated length 440 pages. It will focus on Jarra, Fian, and the other archaeologists during the period after the events of the Earth Girl trilogy, and before they head to excavate the alien ruins on Fortuna.

The second collection will be published in the first half of 2021 and will focus on scenes and stories from the Military and Jarra’s family.

Earth Prime will contain the following stories set after the Earth Girl trilogy:-

Jarra – The End, and the New Beginning – originally published as a first draft 19 part serial story on my website.

Fian – I’ll Be Right Here Waiting – Novelette

Dalmora – Twenty Seconds in Ark – Short story

Lecturer Playdon – Full Circle – Novelette

Krath – Raw Material -Short story

Amalie – Balance of Power – Short story

Jerez – The Real Jerez Rivera – Novelette

I’m also taking my chance to include a story set a year earlier and featuring many of the same characters.

Lecturer Playdon – Year End 2788

A huge apology for paperback readers that Earth Prime won’t appear in paperback until early 2021.

When I publish an ebook, the paperback usually follows about two months later. In the current world situation, I can publish ebooks relatively normally,  and my existing paperbacks seem to be available to buy with longer than usual delivery times, but publishing new paperbacks is a problem. Some steps in my usual paperback process are likely to take much longer than normal, while others may not be possible at all.

My deepest apologies that I’m therefore reluctantly delaying publishing the paperback of Earth Prime until early 2021 when I hope everything will be back to normal.

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25 Responses to More news on Earth Prime

  1. Star says:

    Oh Yea!!!! My sister and I were just discussing this book and figured it would probably be August. I’ve already set up my other wiki, Speculative Fiction Wiki, to feature Portal Future for August so that works out well. I didn’t put a release date for Earth Prime there, just that it was coming soon. Is the title for sure going to be “Earth Prime”? When you release it, I will update the site. I’m assuming that you are talking about “The Wolf, the Goat and the Cabbage”? if so, those that haven’t read it yet, will be pleased. I’m very excited to hear that there will be a volume 2, of course anxious for more short stories about other characters but I know you have to stop soon and work on Hive Mind 5, which I’m also anxious for, so win win as far as I’m concerned.

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    • Yes, the title for the first collection should be Earth Prime. And yes, the anthology story is The Wolf, the Goat, and the Cabbage. That will be in the second collection, since it’s definitely Military rather than archaeology. The website story going into the second collection will obviously be Your move, Drago.


    • Yes, Yes, Yes! I was just re-reading Earth Girl and am hungry for more. I’d seen references to The Wolf, the Goat and the Cabbage, but haven’t been able to find it and you’re going to give us 2 volumes! Wheee!

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      • Yes, one of the advantages of having two volumes of the short stories was that I’d have space to tidy up a few extras. The Wolf, the Goat, and the Cabbage is set far earlier than the rest of the stories, but the cabbage is Ramon from Drago’s team, and a couple of other regular characters appear. 🙂


  2. gerbilfriend says:

    This just makes me so happy. You have no idea how happy I am. I keep reading everything I have on Jarra and just wanting more and this is just so exciting!

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  3. Newnew145 says:

    Great to hear to hear that we will receive a new book from you so soon! But just a question, do you publish your ebook at any non-DRM outlet, or even non-Amazon?
    I will buy the book regardless, but it would be great if I can avoid Amazon.


    • Sarah says:

      I usually buy her books from the Barnes & Noble ebook store. It’s not DRM-free but it’s also not Amazon.
      And I prefer the Nook format to the Kindle format.


      • Yes, the ebooks are available on Nook, Kobo, Apple and a lot of other places. I don’t specify DRM myself, but the main Earth Girl trilogy may have publisher DRM, and many outlets seem to put their own minimum DRM on the ebooks they sell as well. Note that there’s individual variation on how long a new book takes to appear on outlets, so you may need to wait a few extra days for a preferred sales outlet to do its internal processing.


  4. Kim says:


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  5. MaxManuka says:

    Unfortunately I just accidentally closed my browser and forever deleted a very excited pretty long comment before posting it.

    I didn’t memorize it so let me just say that I am very excited for all the stories, especially the ones with Playdon, Fian, Amalie and Krath.

    I can’t wait for the reaction of everyone in that Epsilon colony going from hating her to “loving” her. I hope along with the increasing pressure she now has increased clout to change some things there for the better because I would never want to be in her shoes back in her prequel short. Yikes. I also hope her awesome teacher gets a scene.


  6. An says:

    This is very exciting news! Some of the story titles seem to indicate that a few of them will be taking place earlier, such as Fian and Delmora’s stories, so Year End 2788 should fit it perfectly. I’m looking forward to Amalie’s story especially, she has been a favorite character since reading “Frontier”.
    Have you considered including “Home for Christmas” in the second volume? Just an idea – It would be fun to end that vol. with another “Home for Christmas – 2789” Regardless that will be an exciting collection too.
    Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the world situation will be better, but will be worse when winter comes. We all have had to and will continue to have to adjust are lives and expectations to cope so having exciting new releases of favorite series certainly help.

    Thank you for your hard work and creativity. I doubt anyone is complaining about a larger than expected collection of stories.


    • I see exactly what you mean about the titles, but actually the new stories are all set after the end of the Earth Girl trilogy. You’re perfectly right about ‘Home for Christmas’. That is down to be included in the second volume, but I managed to forget it when I wrote the post. I think that should catch things up so that all the current Earth girl related stories are available in a collection.

      Sadly, I suspect you’re also perfectly right about the situation getting even worse next winter. I know people who’ve been having a much harder time than me, so I’m absolutely not complaining, but there have already been a series of pandemic related crises impacting my writing schedule. That means I’ll be even vaguer than usual about predicted release dates as we near the end of the year, in case there are more unexpected problems, and apologies if anything runs a bit later than planned.


      • An says:

        Hmmm, now I am really intrigued by the possibilities in the new stories.. Looking forward to them and anything else that you will publish.

        I don’t think you should worry overly about giving out publication dates in advance. I think the majority of Indy authors, at least the ones that I follow, never really give out advance dates, maybe some a vague probable month. Most just either post on their blog or facebook or send an email out that “Hey, here is my newest book” or other type of notification once it’s published. I like unexpected surprises from my favorite authors. 😁

        PS I am really looking forward to the unexpected surprised release of “Scavenger Exodus” 😉 Do you happen to know yet if that will be the final book in the scavenger series or if there will be a 4th book to bridge to Tellon’s story?


      • I’m still not sure if there’ll be a fourth book in the Scavenger Exodus series. Probably there will. My uncertainty may seem weird, but it will make far more sense when you read book three. 🙂


  7. Star says:

    Oh Yeah! It’s out now at US Amazon, just bought it and now I am going to hide away! sooo excited and it is perfect timing as I was out of anything to read and just getting ready to look for something new!


  8. Henriette Arriens says:

    I enjoyed it so much, I want more… Fortunately your books fall into the category of favourite rereads, so that, after the return to earth prime tonight (now for a slow immersion), there will be no complaints about periods of anticipation perceived as way too long. Thank you for the wonderful storytelling.

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  9. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed Earth Prime, and I hope it become another of your favourite rereads. 🙂 There will hopefully be a second volume of Earth Girl Aftermath Stories next year.


  10. Birdie says:

    Any update on this? I am obsessed with the Earth Girl universe and love part one of Earth Prime, but I can’t find any evidence of part two. Very sad, as the military is one of my favorite parts of your world-building.


  11. The second collection is still on my list to be written, but this year is dedicated to completing the Drago Tell Dramis 2781 sequence with Sol 2781, and then the long-awaited fifth book in the Hive Mind series, Adversary. I’ll have to wait until after Adversary is published to decide what I’ll be focussing on next year.


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