Well that didn’t go according to plan

EARTH PRIME EBOOK COVERI was really confident that the serial novella was going to end this week with part 16, but Jarra is reluctant to leave the stage. There was a long argument, which I lost, so the novella will actually end next week with part 17.

Once again, I’m giving the warning that the completed novella will only remain here for two weeks before being removed, trimmed, and polished ready to be published in the Earth Prime collection with some other stories set after Earth Flight.

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You can read The End, and the New Beginning Parts 1 to 16 here.

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4 Responses to Well that didn’t go according to plan

  1. Lauren says:

    I stumbled across this last week and have loved being able to dive back into the Earth Girl world. I love the futuristic archaeological digs, how did you come up with that idea? It’s so vivid. I’ve never read anything like it and the way you write is so immursive. Can’t wait for the final installment (even if the characters rebel again to postpone the end!). Thanks for writing and sharing, hope you and yours are keeping safe during these troubling times 🍀


    • This will sound weird but everything started sensibly enough. I had a concept of a future where humanity used interstellar portals to travel between hundreds of worlds, but some people had an immune system that meant they could only survive on Earth. I then played around with the idea of that future Earth for a while, and suddenly Jarra came stomping into my head.

      That’s where everything went completely out of my control. A girl that didn’t have a chip on her shoulder, but an entire forest, was screaming her story at me. Jarra was obsessed with history, she told me all about how different archaeology was when every city on Earth was in ruins, and she came up with a wild plan to join a pre-history class and prove she was better than them at just about everything.

      And although I know that all of this comes from the creative side of my own brain, it’s very much like I’m hearing Jarra’s voice, seeing the view from her eyes, and trying to channel that viewpoint for my readers. I’m so glad that has worked for you, and I hope you and yours are keeping safe too. 🙂


  2. Ian Birchenough says:

    Jarra’s not finished with the Earth yet!

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  3. She’s a menace. 😀


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