Part 10 of the New Year Story

EARTH PRIME EBOOK COVERPart 10 of the New Year Story (actually a novella), The End, and the New Beginning, has been posted. The end of the story isn’t here quite yet, but I think it may be coming into view on the horizon!

The plan is that this novella will eventually be published as part of a collection of stories set after Earth Flight. The provisional title of the collection is Earth Prime, and I even have a provisional cover, though I’m not estimating a publication date yet.

You can read The End, and the New Beginning Parts 1 to 10 here.


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  1. says:

    Hello, so much better this time! 😊 Excited to hear about Earth Prime, I just have to ask thought is there going to be a story about Gemelle and what she is up to? Because I just know that it isn’t what Jarra thinks it is about, I have an idea so anxious to know if my idea is correct. She is the one character that I have been hoping for a short story about, I would actually love a Novella about her life once she was recruited in as the youngest Security Officer, how she coped and her training…. But I’ve never bugged you about it because you are so busy with plenty of ideas of your own so I figured you might write it some day or something better 😁 thank you for all of the wonderful stories!

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