You can read part 2 of New Year story now

I’ve just posted the second part of the New Year Story on the website. There is more to come.  I’m meekly writing down what Jarra tells me to say, so I’ve no idea where this story is going, but I have a feeling that it could turn out to be quite long.

You can read The End, and the New Beginning Parts 1 & 2 here.

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3 Responses to You can read part 2 of New Year story now

  1. Star says:

    Sooo good! and interesting! so many possible path the story can take, looking forward to the rest.

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  2. Camille says:

    Amazing !!!!! Do you know how long the story will be ?
    I’m sad about the part of Jarra and the general. I really want to read about it.
    Like always its a pleasure to read one of your stories. Makes me want to read all your books once again but I already did that in December so I will wait before doing it again 😝


    • I have no idea how long the story will be. The problem with writing anything involving Jarra is she takes over the story and sends things in totally unexpected directions.

      There were a lot of moments when I was writing the Earth Girl trilogy when I stared dumbfounded at my computer screen and said “What the chaos is going on here?” For example, the moment in Earth Star when Nia Stone is giving a briefing and Jarra suddenly started talking about Ark.

      Did I know Jarra was going to do that? No. Did I know Ark existed? No. Did I know what Ark was? No.

      When I describe the Earth Girl trilogy as being character driven, I mean it. Jarra makes all the decisions, while I am merely the bewildered author.


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