Happy 2020, and a New Story on my Website.

Spheres of Humanity SquareHappy 2020! I’ve a tradition of posting a short story on my website to celebrate the New Year. This time the story is called The End, and the New Beginning. It’s set in the Portal Future after the events told in the Earth Girl trilogy and features Jarra. This story is packed with spoilers for the Earth Girl trilogy, so please only read it if you’ve read Earth Flight.

Since this short story is turning out to be a long story, I’ve only posted the first part, and the rest will be gradually appearing over the next few weeks.

You can read the first part of The end, and the New Beginning here.

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6 Responses to Happy 2020, and a New Story on my Website.

  1. Max says:

    I read the first part of this new short story yesterday and I loved going back into the Portal Future universe. In fact I reread the end of Earth Flight before and was still moved to tears at the end despite having read that book 4 or 5 times. Thank you and I’m looking forward to the rest of this short story. I bet there are going to be complications. Also Happy New Year to you.

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  2. Xochitl Gomez says:

    First of all Happy New Year!! My best wishes in 2020 and always. I would like to ask you: Can we consider this short part of the plans for a book about Fortuna?

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    • This is intended to be part of some interlude pieces, setting things up for the start of a new series. I’m currently thinking of this being part of a short story collection, and there also being a novella, but nothing is set in stone until it’s written.

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  3. ANDARIAL says:

    Thank you for more Earth Girl stories 🙂
    Been a hectic time of year and not got any reading of the stories done 😦
    Many thanks
    Any idea how many parts there are going to be?


    • I’m posting this as I write it, so all I know is that I’ve posted three parts and there’s a worrying amount of story left. There’s a limit to how long a story I can reasonably post on my website, so I may end up stopping at what looks like being a nicely sensible point in the middle, and eventually add the rest of the story before publication.


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