Scavenger Alliance has a new cover


I’ve put a new cover on the ebook of Scavenger Alliance, and polished up the book description a bit. I hope you think it’s an improvement.

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4 Responses to Scavenger Alliance has a new cover

  1. Yasmina says:

    I’m a little sad, cause I liked the old cover! Until now I’m not sure what to think about the new one. 😯
    What’s with this planet in the middle of the picture? Or is it the sun? 😮
    Kind regards.


    • The new cover still has the same fiery colour scheme as the old one, it’s just a slightly different image. The old cover showed a city image with a rather confusingly massive and weird looking version of our moon that was blurring into the sky background. The new one has a close up city image with what’s again supposed to be a weird looking version of our moon, though this one is a more sensible size.

      The main reasons for the cover change were to get rid of the blurring problem, correct the anomalous size of the moon, and make it clearer to people that the book was science fiction by making the weird moon more visible.


      There is a reason for the weird looking moon. I haven’t managed to find a spot to say it in any of the published books yet, but during the period before the invention of drop portal technology allowed humanity to reach other star systems, the Wallam-Crane family were backing several massive projects to improve conditions on Earth. There were the Eden, Atlantis, and Ark projects, and also extensive mining of the moon for resources that changed its appearance.


      • Yasmina says:

        Oh now I understand more. I thought the big thing on the old cover was the sun, cause it played a part in the book, didn’t it? And actually I liked the city and the blurring.
        I must admit I’ve read the spoiler part, too. I couldn’t help it. 😂
        I’m so excited to learn more about the Portal World! Are you planning to include these moon mining facts in the Exodus 2 novel? Or in other novels or novellas?
        *so happy* 😁


      • I’m hoping to sneak it into Exodus 2. 🙂


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