Delay due to Amazon technical issue

I’m having to delay the release of the Earth and Air novella due to a technical issue at Amazon making some ebooks (particularly new and recent releases) either become invisible to buyers or visible with no buy button.

My deepest apologies about this. I hate having a last-minute delay, but I was caught up in a different issue with the paperback of Defender, which kept publishing and unpublishing for a week or so. Worse still, all the books affected had a recurrence of the problem a month or so later. I don’t want to risk something similar happening with the ebook of Earth and Air, and I can’t announce a release until the ebook is loading on all the main sales channels.

Amazon’s engineers are working to solve this issue so hopefully the delay won’t be long. I’m watching their announcement regularly for updates, and checking reports from other authors. I’ll get the release moving as soon as the situation is resolved.

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7 Responses to Delay due to Amazon technical issue

  1. Acola says:

    Any news yet on when this will be resolved?


    • The problem isn’t officially cleared yet, but I stopped seeing new reports of problems a few days ago, so started releasing Earth and Air. There are a lot of jobs involved in a release, and I’ve still got some to finish today. That means the main announcements won’t happen until tomorrow, but Earth and Air should be available on most outlets now.


  2. ANDARIAL says:

    Thank You 🙂
    Just purchased for my Kindle.Nice reading for me tonight! 😀


  3. ANDARIAL says:

    Finished it last night 🙂
    Loved it as i expected to
    Problem now is waiting on the next Jarra Book 😀 😀 😀

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