Two weeks to go for the Earth and Air novella

EARTH AND AIR EBOOK COMPLETEI’ve had a few people asking me for news about Earth and Air, the second of the Earth Girl prequel novellas featuring Jarra. I expected this to be out in May, but it’s running a little behind schedule. I expect Earth and Air: An Earth Girl Novella will be published about two weeks from now, in early June. Anyone who has signed up for my newsletter will get an email alert when it starts appearing on Amazon and other sales sites.

The good news is that one of the reasons Earth and Air is running behind schedule is that it turned out to be longer than planned. For those of you who have read the first novella, Earth and Fire, I was originally planning for Earth and Air to be about the same length, but it’s actually 50% longer than that. I hope that 50% extra Jarra counts as good rather than bad news for most of you!

While I’m on the subject of novella lengths, I’ll grab my chance to explain that technically a novella is defined as a story that is between 17,500 words and 39,999, while over 40,000 words is a novel.

Since Earth and Fire is 42,000 words long, it’s technically a short novel. Frontier and Perilous are much longer at about 55,000 words, and Earth and Air is around 62,000 words, so these are definitely short novels. I’m still putting the novella label on them though, because I don’t want anyone to be confused between these shorter pieces and my full-length novels.



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3 Responses to Two weeks to go for the Earth and Air novella

  1. ANDARIAL says:

    Can`t wait 🙂

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  2. Clara says:

    Love all the Portal Future stories! Can’t wait for the next edition! Also, Gradin is hilarious, probably the funniest character in the series. I hope Jarra’s history teacher makes an appearance, I’d love to know more about the man who taught Jarra all her dig site skills. Thanks for adding 50% more story.

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