Available Worldwide in Ebook (Paperback to follow)

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Estimated paperback release date March 2017


Set in the Game Future

In the year 2519, people on Earth don’t grow old and die any longer, their bodies are frozen and they start a new life in the virtual reality of the Game.

Jex is almost eighteen, working twelve hour shifts, and dreaming of when she’ll be legally adult and begin her long-planned idyllic life in Game. When a bomber attacks a Game server complex, one of the virtual worlds of Game crashes, and eleven thousand immortal players die during emergency defrost. Death has struck Game for the first time in centuries, and Jex is questioned as a suspect in the bombing.

With this on her record, Jex will never be allowed to enter Game, but then one of the legendary founder players of Game offers her the chance to join his investigation into the bombing. Jex must help Hawk catch the true bomber to protect the worlds of Game and save her own future, but the bomber is far more dangerous than anyone realizes.

Read sample chapters here.

Cover art (C) Janet Edwards 2016, Cover Design by The Cover Collection

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4 Responses to REAPER (END GAME 1)

  1. Jennifer says:


    I have not read a book of yours that I have not loved!! I have all your books and I re-read them all the time. I just finished Reaper and loved it!! I have actually started to read it again. Look forward to your next book.


    • It’s great to hear that you loved Reaper so much. I’m always a bit nervous sending a book out into the world, especially one set in a different future. I’ve been comforting myself with chocolate. 🙂


  2. Xochitl Gomez says:

    I just finished Reaper and I loved it!!! I’m looking forward to read your next book. Happy Holidays!!


  3. Excellent 🙂 Happy Year Day 2017!


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