For those asking about a sequel to Telepath.

HIVE MIND 1 NEW COMPLETEWithin a couple of days of Telepath being released, people started asking about a sequel. I’ve already started work on Hive Mind 2, but I’m afraid that it’s likely to be about a year before it’s published. Sadly books take a lot longer to write than to read.

The good news is that I’m hoping to get another book out before Christmas. More news on that in a month or two.

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1 Response to For those asking about a sequel to Telepath.

  1. Yasmina says:

    I’m a really big fan of your Earth Girl trilogy !!!
    I’ve read it about hundreds of times and although German is my mother tongue I barely noticed that I’m reading English because I was so absorbed in your affecting story.
    And like I loved Jarra, Fian and all the other people in the Earth Girl trilogy
    your new characters in this thrilling hive-future captivated me from the first chapter.
    Now I’m eagerly looking foward to the sequel of telepath.
    Naturally I get excited about all your releases! 😉
    A german fan

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