A New Free Short Story for New Year’s Day

Earth 2788-400x600The New Year posts started going up on everyone’s websites yesterday, and I can see that all the informative, deep, and insightful things have already been said. I’ll settle for just thanking everyone who supported my Earth Girl books in 2014. Whether you reviewed them, rated them, contacted me to tell me you loved them, told a friend about them, voted for Earth Girl to be a Teens’ Top Ten title for 2014, signed up for my newsletter, or just quietly sat down to read the books and enjoyed them, then thank you! It’s been amazing knowing that people around the world were reading books that I’d written.

EarthGirlXmas from AlexSo my special thank you to you all is a bonus story for the Earth 2788 short story collection. Zeta Sector 2788 features the devastatingly handsome Major Drago Tell Dramis who appears in Earth Star and Earth Flight. This is definitely the final story for Earth 2788. Not only have I run out of sectors, but I need to focus on writing some longer things now.

You can read the full set of stories here.

As my characters say in the 28th century future of the Earth Girl trilogy, you are all totally zan! Happy Year Day 2015 to you!

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