The bonus story vote and a new web page.

Earth 2788-400x600I decided to do an extra bonus story for the Earth 2788 collection of free stories, and this time I asked readers to vote on which character from the Earth Girl trilogy they’d like me to feature as the main character. Voting closed at the end of November, so I’ve been counting the votes and . . . (insert drum roll to build the suspense)

The winner is the devastatingly handsome Drago Tell Dramis! I should have guessed he’d win, though there was some strong support for Playdon too. For anyone who has only read Earth Girl, and is wondering who Drago is, he doesn’t appear until the second book, Earth Star. Drago also appears in the Kappa Sector 2788 novelette, and I’m aiming to set the bonus story just after that ends. The story should be on this website in time for you to read it on Year Day 2015!

There’s another extra too, this time an extra website page. The new page is all about things that aren’t writing, featuring a painting and some music by talented readers inspired by the Earth Girl trilogy. If you’re feeling especially brave, you can also listen to me reading aloud from Earth Girl.

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2 Responses to The bonus story vote and a new web page.

  1. Uly says:

    Well, if you ever get bored I guess you can do Playdon as well 😛


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