The Second Free Earth Girl short story – Part one!

Spheres of Humanity SquareSometimes stories rebel and do something you don’t expect. The second Earth Girl short story has done that, deciding to be more novelette length than short story. I’ve posted the first part here and there are three more parts to come.

This story features Lolia, and people who’ve already read Earth Girl will spot that I’m working very hard not to give away any spoilers.

One more thing. Since the Earth 2788 collection of stories are effectively a tour of Earth and the different sectors of space in the year 2788, I’m experimenting with including some information panels for interstellar travellers. Let me know what you think of them.

The artwork here shows the image of the three concentric spheres of humanity (which gets described a couple of times in the Earth Girl books). This is by Alex Storer/ 

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2 Responses to The Second Free Earth Girl short story – Part one!

  1. EL says:

    The diagram of the sectors is incredibly helpful. Now that you’ve written more, and there are two new sectors that have been opened (or at least partially opened and then closed in the case of Zeta), could more of the sectors be added? I’m assuming that Zeta sector would be next to Epsilon and Beta, but where is the other?

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