Look what just arrived in the post!

Earth StarLook at what just arrived in the post!

EARTH STAR, book two in the EARTH GIRL trilogy, will be available in the UK and Commonwealth on August 15th.

Arriving in the USA early in 2014.

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2 Responses to Look what just arrived in the post!

  1. Julie says:


    You just made my day! Finished Earth Girl yesterday and loved it. Can’t wait until 2014 so I’ll be ordering from Amazon UK. By the way I much prefer the UK covers, I cannot imagine Jarra behaving like the droopy chained girl on the cover–rather she would be yanking that Earth ball and chain around as she stormed off to DO SOMETHING!


    • Hi Julie,

      Great to hear that you loved Earth Girl. Yes indeed, storming off to DO SOMETHING is very much Jarra’s style. I hope you enjoy Earth Star just as much.

      Thanks for commenting here. It’s a huge help and encouragement to new authors when readers take the time to contact them, comment, or write reviews, so always appreciated.



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