Advanced review copies of ‘Earth Girl’ are out now!

Not only are the advanced review copies of EARTH GIRL out, but the first review has appeared at lightning speed!

Possibly time for a new web page with details of those…


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3 Responses to Advanced review copies of ‘Earth Girl’ are out now!

  1. EponaReviews_x says:

    I’ve been reviewing YA dystopian fiction novels on my blog and I’ve requested a review copy of your novel from Waterstones! I will be so gutted if I don’t get one! Can’t wait to read and review this!


    • That’s great, I hope you get a copy. I see that Eponareviews is a new blog, so lots of luck with that and I hope it’s a lot of fun for you.


      • EponaReviews_x says:

        Thank you! I really hope I do too! And yes, I’ve just set up but have already had responses from several authors such as Moira Young (author of Blood Red Road), Morgan Rice, Macalea Smeltzer and a few others! Things are going well and I’m truly enjoying myself! I’ll send you a copy of my review of “Earth Girl” when I’ve completed it (probably around the end of July/start of August IF I win a review copy) if it will be of any use to you. 🙂


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